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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I want to add a little clarification to my post earlier today regarding Clarion Call 3 (see below).  I posted this in the comments thread for that post, but I want to make sure this point does not get lost.
To all those that say I shouldn't expect to learn something from a video called "Clarion Call": you don't call something a sequel to something else if you're not going to follow the same pattern as the previous iterations. You just don't. The previous two CCs were chock full of good fights, educational information, and specific tactics. If CC3 wasn't going to deliver on that structure, then RnK should have called it something else. Simple as that. When you go to watch Scream 4, you expect it to bear more than a passing resemblance to Screams 1, 2, and 3.

Let's use a very basic, easy to understand example: CC1 and CC2 gave specific tactics surrounding triage carriers and spider-tank carriers, respectively. CC3 could have easily explained the tactics regarding all-neut Bhaalgorns. It would have both fit the previous CCs and would have fit within CC3 just fine. Why wasn't this info included? What would have been more useful? All the filler crap that was there? Or specific combat tactics that you could put to work in your own corps?

That's why this objection is not a "straw man." The very definition of sequel is "a work that is complete in and of itself, but continues the narrative of a preceeding work." Clarion Call 3 does not qualify.
To that I would add that RnK has put out a non-Clarion Call video lately.  It's called Ironclad.  It has 6000 views on YouTube.  CC3 has nearly 80,000.  A cynical man(1) might be tempted to say that CC3 got that name because the producer wanted to make sure that people would go out and watch it.

(1) Hush.


  1. Maybe thats cause Ironclad is actually an old video, they simply made it one part instead of the 2 parts it was.

  2. Anon2124: Are you being deliberately obtuse? It's hard to tell.

  3. I'm going to rename my blog to Clarion Call.


  4. You are a pedantic man Jester. :P

  5. I think of it sort of like the Thin Man movies. The title made sense for the first one. However the later ones were sequels and were called as such, even though there was no Thin Man.

  6. If you thought R&K were risk-averse before, check out their new margin of safety with the new T2 Warfare Links.

  7. Jester you are stretching here. Sure the name is the same, but anyone who watches the videos can clearly say they are not o f the same vein. Just because it shares the same name in no way forces CC3 to follow in the footsteps of the previous 2. There is even an argument to be made that the first 2 videos were simply earlier versions of what they ultimately were trying to make with CC3.

    As for the movie sequel thing, we all saw Alien and Aliens. They both involve the same universe, characters and monsters, but one is a horror sci-fi and the other is action sci-fi. Nobody complains about that.

  8. @Anon1227: But you'd complain if there were no aliens in it, right? Reread my comment: "The previous two CCs were chock full of good fights, educational information, and specific tactics." CC3 did not deliver on that structure.

    If they'd called CC3 something else ("Nova", say), then I wouldn't have made this specific complaint about it.

  9. I think we are probably splitting hairs at this point, but I will say a few more things.

    CC3 is not completely different, it obviously favors a few more elements than the previous two, but saying it contained no Aliens is not accurate.

    Educational information- most players knew about the infinite gun scandal, but even for those that did, they did an absolutely great job explaining the tactic and its abuse.

    Specific tactics- obviously light on this, but the choice to bring in the two critical ships in the final fight might fall under this category.

    Good fights- the final fight is as good as any in the previous CC videos in my opinion. Captures the action and tension far better than they had previously done.

    So I can't say I agree with your claim there were no aliens. CC3 is simply another genre of eve film and they are entitled to use the name as they see fit. When we bring expectations to the table we typically only disappoint ourselves.

  10. Ironclad has been out for a year or more and probably has a LOT more views than Clarion Call 3 so far. The reason it has only 6000 views on youtube is because that's a re-release, it wasn't on youtube until recently, everyone saw it somewhere else.

    Judging by the reaction cc3 will probably end up the game's biggest pvp vid ever, and yes maybe the name helps for that. But if it bothers you just think of ironclad as clarion call 3.


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