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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Best of 2011: 15 - 11

As I stated in my earlier post, I'm combining a "Best of 2011" retrospective with a good old-fashioned pledge drive.

If anything you've read on this blog this year has made you smile, made you laugh, made you some ISK, or otherwise gotten you through a boring work day, gate camp, tower bash, or fleet op, I'm here asking that you throw a little ISK my way.  It doesn't have to be a lot; just whatever you can afford.  Alternately, if you have assets scattered around that you have been too lazy to get rid of, those are just as valuable to me.  Contract them over and I'll figure out a way to find new owners for them, or I'll put them to work myself.

Either way, send your contributions to Ripard Teg.  And let me know in an EVE mail if you want the fact that you contributed to be public or not.  Thank you to LePak Muule and J Kunjeh, who both sent very generous donations, along with very kind comments about the blog.  Thanks you so much, guys!  Your support means a lot.

I'll be shaking the tin cup over the next few days in the "Best Of" posts, concluding with what I thought was my best post of 2011 on Friday.

And if you don't want to contribute, that's perfectly fine, too.  I blog because I enjoy it, not for profit.  Thanks for reading, and I hope you'll continue to do so.  :-)

Here's #15 through #11 in my Best of 2011:

#15:  Pebble
June 2011 will likely be remembered with horror in CCP.  And it all began with the pebble that started the avalanche: an issue of Fearless, the internal CCP company newsletter, was leaked.  This launched Summer of Rage II.  I myself was in full bitter-vet mode by this time, so it's ironic that my blog post about Fearless was one of the few calling for calm and explaining how inconsequential the typical company newsletter is.

#14:  The deadly hamburger
This was a fun post to write, combining bad 80s movie dialogue with the serious problem super-caps were inflicting on smaller sov-holding alliances.  I made it clear that I thought that any super-cap nerf that came would be at least a year too late, the beasts already having been used to crush virtually every small sov-holding alliance in New Eden.  Merciless, the example small alliance I focused on, is today a pale shadow of its former self.

#13:  -1 Jester
This was, by far, the toughest post this year to write.  At mid-year, frustrated by lack of activity in my TZ in EVE as a whole, and even more frustrated by CCP again and again nerfing my ability to even pay for PvP, I decided to unsubscribe.  It's obviously a decision that I changed later in the year, but some of the issues in this post -- notably the damage inflicted by the blob on small-gang and solo PvP -- still remain.

#12:  The realities of EVE
In the midst of my being unsubbed in June, the nature of the financial situation that CCP found itself in became clear.  The members of Failheap Challenge, using a little-known Icelandic law, got themselves a copy of CCP's financial statements.  I read through and analyzed them, and then wrote an almost off-hand post saying that by October, CCP was going to be in serious financial trouble due to lack of liquidity.

#11:  Join the blob!
My evil twin Garth is a terrible human being: profane, rude, condescending, and obnoxious.  And yet when he takes over my blog and posts in my stead, they are some of the most popular features around here.  Maybe it's because he's a reflection of the true nature of EVE Online itself, a cold dark universe.  ;-)  Most of the time, the stuff he writes is pure over-reaction... but not every time.  This post reflected Garth at his Garthiest.

Tomorrow:  #10 through #6.


  1. I grabbed this comment of yours from the "-1 Jester" post;

    [i]2) The ratio of veterans to newbies in EVE continues to rise thanks to EVE's inability to attract new players. We've seen this in both the stagnant subscription numbers and the average number of SP EVE toons have, which is rising rapidly. But the vets are doing a great job themselves in driving off the newbies. The level of nastiness in EVE is rising at an astonishing rate. Granted, EVE is a dark, cold, unforgiving universe, blah-blah-blah. Fine. But people are taking it to extremes that are troubling... even dangerous. It takes no time at all for a calm forum or Twitter conversation to turn ugly... often disgustingly so. DDOS attacks on enemy Teamspeak servers or enemy supercap pilots are now commonplace. And now a DDOS attack has been launched on EVE News 24 that's kept it all but inaccessible for weeks. This. Is. Wrong. And I'm honestly no longer interested in being part of it.[/i]

    Compare this to your recent "The first rule of EvE" and related posts.

    Has anything changed?

  2. @Anon1329: yes, the hostility level average has dialed back some since the summer, as have the personal and hacking-based attacks.

    It's still bad, don't get me wrong, but it's not as bad as it was.

    Maybe people were busy during late summer going after a common enemy (CCP)? Maybe because there's fewer EVE players overall, there's fewer jerks? I'd like to think that a lot of people woke up over the summer and realized that there are too few EVE players to blatantly attack those of us that are left. I'd like to think that, but no, I don't think that's it. ;-)

  3. Oh, and speaking to "EVE's first rule" specifically, that discussion was actually quite constructive, all in all. I don't mind people telling me that I'm wrong, even if they do it a bit forcefully. I can take it. ;-)

  4. I think the "first rule" discussion was very constructive.


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