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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Do they know what your POS password is?

So, here's a pointer to an EVE News 24 article about a Nyx that shouldn't have died.

If you haven't seen the new cyno effects, watch the first 30 seconds or so of the video.  The rest of the video probably is not worth your time.  It shows a Pandemic Legion battleship fleet bumping a Nyx outside of a POS using the POS password.  Once outside, the PL fleet spends five minutes burning it down to low armor before the Nyx self-destructs.  No KM for PL (though they got the pod).

There's a couple of interesting things going on here.

First (and more obviously), PL is still using the mechanic of using other people's POS passwords to get inside the shields and bump out supercaps.(1)  With the advent of Crucible, there is now no good reason for your corp's POS passwords to be public for more than a few minutes at a time when an op is on-going.  Jump bridge POSs in particular now no longer need public passwords for friendly alliances to use those jump bridges.  Therefore, every POS manager in every corp across EVE should be changing their public POS passwords right now, if they haven't already.  There's no reason not to.  Anyone silly enough to have a supercap in a POS not directly belonging to their own corp deserves to lose it.  Protect your own corp's supercaps now and change those passwords.

Please, won't you think of the supercaps?  ;-)

So, this Nyx dies and it's totally the pilot's fault for flying his ship into a POS with a public password. Still, the Nyx pilot does have the right to be very briefly aggravated at whomever didn't reset that password.

Second, if you zoom in on the video and watch the Local chat, you can see a couple of the PL pilots reminding enemies in Local of the new log-off aggression mechanic.  The affected supercap pilot apparently contemplates a logoffski when he sees the danger at hand but because he's bumped out of the tower and then aggressed, the normal "15 minutes and I'm safe" rule prior to Crucible no longer applies.  Now, in practical terms, PL is very, very good at destroying supercaps and it only takes them five minutes to reduce this one from full shields to structure.  The Nyx pilot hits the self-destruct button at that point.  So, the new aggression mechanics don't actually apply in this case.

But once the button has been pushed and the two minute self-destruct timer starts running, if you listen closely to the TS chatter, someone asks if a cyno should be lit and PL's own supercaps should be brought in to finish off the Nyx before that timer runs out.  The answer given is no, the FC is concerned about a counter hot-drop against PL's supercaps.

And isn't that interesting!

Put simply: to the FC, one Nyx kill is not worth the risk of having PL's supercaps aggressed, and therefore facing the new logoffski mechanics themselves.  As predicted, those new mechanics have changed the dynamics of small-scale hot-drops... even where PL is concerned.

(1) Entering the enemy POS password is one of the first things you see the Mach pilot do when he lands on grid.  You can even tell how many characters he enters.


  1. Thanks for the refreshing insight :)

  2. Shhh. No need to remind people about the passwords, they'll figure it out on their own in good time. :)

  3. Lolz... Only an idiot would park his Super, logged in, in a JB POS or really any POS that doesn't have a private password...

  4. @Dannar - Eve is full of idiots, and these days half of them have supers.


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