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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

EVE is too hard, part 2

And that brings me to a surprise move that CCP made on the forums yesterday.

Each year around the holidays, CCP gives EVE players that have active accounts at that time a holiday gift or two.  Most are fluff throw-aways that aren't particularly useful.  I've never flown a Primae or an Echelon, even though I own several of both, and I've only flown a Zephyr once, to get a look at it when it was undocked.  Still, the one thing about gift-giving season that's been pretty consistent is that once gift season is over, it's over.  If you miss out on your gifts, well, sucks to be you.

Except for this year.

This year, stating that gifts "are supposed to be something nice and fun and not a tool of discord" and noting that "a large number of players" that should have redeemed their gifts didn't, CCP is stating that they will honor petitions from anyone who "missed out" on the holiday gifts "for any reason."

Interesting, don't you think?


  1. Oh, who gives a fuck?

    This is what we're doing now? We're bitching about CCP being lenient with the Christmas gift rules? Really?

  2. I can vouch for that - I petitioned since I missed the entire "choose your gift" thing and they were very responsive and helpful. In general, btw I am having nothing but good things to say about CCP's customer support.

  3. @Monster: it's interesting because it points to two things:
    1) a more newbie-friendly, "less dark" game-play experience out of game. In the past, after an unpopular decision that causes someone to lose out on in-game assets, CCP has tended to clam up or double down on the unpopular policy. In the last several months, they've reversed this.

    2) a more engaged GM team. As I've posted about before, I'm seeing gradual but considerable improvement in CCP's GM team.

    Both are worth commenting on, and this post on the forums emphasizes both. I stand by the post.

  4. ...alright, that was too harsh. I apologise; this season has not left me in the best of moods. That and I think I read your post wrong.

    So, apologies.

  5. I think I misinterpretted your post as well the first read through. I feel that if you miss out on something that is clearly marked multiple times and is on the forums and website, its your loss. You can play EVE without 3rd party tools, but who *doesnt* use EVEmon or EFT? And if you do use those, you at least check forums *somewhere* to get your daily dose of EVE updates. Even if its just a corp forum, someone still talks about giveaways like these.

    I mean, I created my original account back in 2004 or 2005 and I missed out on EVEs 5 year birthday reward due to not being subbed for 3 months because to RL issues. Did I bitch and moan and throw a tantrum like these newbs are doing nowadays? No, I hardened the fuck up and went on my merry way.

    These new noobs CCP is trying to attract are a scourge on all types of gaming, not just on the New Eden sandbox.


  6. I'd guess their motivation in this one is less about making Eve newbie friendly, and more about trying to keep the community on-side. With Crucible CCP is finally in the playerbase's good books again, but until they can build on them the gains are still fragile. Right now I expect CCP is doing everything they can to appear in touch with the community, and to avoid giving anyone a legitimate reason to claim 'CCP f#cked up again'.

  7. "Did I bitch and moan and throw a tantrum like these newbs are doing nowadays? No, I hardened the fuck up and went on my merry way."

    Many players in the game are doing the exact same thing ... going on their merry way to a different game.

    For CCP to go out of their way to provide people with a free gift is not some terrible pander ... it's a basic customer service technique that every fucking retailer in the world that's been in business for more than 5 minutes has mastered.

    HTFU applies to PVP ... the results of making it apply to basic customer service and development have never been seen more clearly than the response of the player base over the last year.

    "These new noobs CCP is trying to attract are a scourge on all types of gaming, not just on the New Eden sandbox."

    So who exactly should play this game? Who exactly makes up for the those that leave it? CCP desperately needs to listen to the most experienced players the game has on the needs of making FiS the best it can be ... they also desperately need to reject the BS attitude of the bitter vets.

    Bitter Vets === "I played EVE back in the day and by god we got PK'ed, lost everything and we couldn't even spin our ships --- I miss the good ole days!"

  8. Honestly, I can see CCP saying, "Oh well, too bad for you" IF the gift selection was on, I don't know, the character select screen. They already have the redeem items button there. Would it be that hard to put a pick your gift button in, pop up a standard ui screen with check boxes, select one, and be on your merry way? Why you have to go to account management to do this is beyond me.

  9. "Did I bitch and moan and throw a tantrum like these newbs are doing nowadays? No, I hardened the fuck up and went on my merry way."

    Who says they all bitched and moaned about it? I got my gift selected in time, but my wife did not because we mistook the time for Eastern US not Eve time (I know, stupid mistake) and she's not nearly as ear-to-the-ground with Eve as I am.

    So we petitioned it in a nice and non-whiney way, and CCP very kindly obliged as (in my opinion) was the right thing to do for their customer (I know I'm biased, but even if we hadn't been directly impacted I'd feel the same way about it for those who were). Had they denied the petition, we'd have accepted it and moved on.

    Doesn't make Eve any less "dark and gritty" in my book.

  10. Azual and Kobeathris - bingo friends, you get it.

  11. I want my...
    I want my...
    I want my E-V-E.

    Pew-pew for nothing and your ISK for free!!

    I need to write this song parody. Fairly sure I can make it fairly hilarious. :-D


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