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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

EVE is too hard

I've mentioned Scott Manley and his daughter Skye once before on the blog, but their latest video is too cute not to share.

Guys, don't AFK ice mine.  You might get yourself killed by a 7-year-old girl.  ;-)


  1. Ice harvesting makes 7M ISK/hr max. Why anyone does it is beyond me.

    Ice harvesting is far too boring to conduct while at-keyboard, and not profitable enough to be conducted while at-keyboard. If you're going to sit at the computer and pay attention to d-scan (and thus be mashing the button as fast as you can), you may as well be doing PvE missions in a combat ship, or running incursions.

    Suicide gankers are actively selecting for bots.

  2. But isn't drilling your kids to do your work for your almost as bad as botting?

    At least I felt like that when I had two kids mining with me ;)

  3. I giggled... Personally, I feel he should've talked his daughter into dressing up as a pirate for the occasion.

  4. Just when you think the younger generations are are full of deadbeats and wastes of space you find a real gem like this. Guess the future of EvE isnt looking all that dim!

  5. How can anyone not say "Awwwwww," to this?

  6. And people say the Goons are all bad.


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