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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

FOTW: Level 1 Mission Thrasher

I'm continuing Fits of the Week this month looking at fits that are easy to get into for beginner players.  And I haven't done a pure mission FOTW in quite a while.  So let's look at one that you can get into practically from your first week in EVE:

[Thrasher, Level 1 Missions]
Power Diagnostic System II
Gyrostabilizer II

Small C5-L Emergency Shield Overload I
Gistii B-Type 1MN Afterburner
V-M15 Braced Multispectral Shield Matrix

TE-2100 Standard Missile Bay, Sabretooth Light Missile
280mm 'Scout' Artillery I, EMP S
280mm 'Scout' Artillery I, EMP S
280mm 'Scout' Artillery I, EMP S
280mm 'Scout' Artillery I, EMP S
280mm 'Scout' Artillery I, EMP S
280mm 'Scout' Artillery I, EMP S
280mm 'Scout' Artillery I, EMP S

Small Ancillary Current Router I
Small Ancillary Current Router I
Small Capacitor Control Circuit I

Thrashers are so good at so many things.  There's no question that there will be other Thrasher FOTWs because of their versatility for both PvP and PvE.  This one is a pure Level 1 mission-runner for someone who's extremely new to EVE Online.  The toughest module to fit on this ship is the Tech 2 Gyrostab, and all that requires is Weapon Upgrades IV.  This is a skill that you're going to want to train in pretty short order in any case because not only does it allow the use of (excellent) T2 weapon upgrades that you'll use your whole career, it makes fitting weapons much easier as well thanks to reduced CPU.  All the other fitting skills needed to make this ship work are modest to say the least.

Once you're in this ship, there is no easier L1 mission boat in EVE than a Thrasher.  I literally taught my 8-year-old niece how to use this ship last Christmas during a visit.  Group the guns, fire up the afterburner, head for those frigate rats, and pull the trigger.  It's just that easy.  She was having herself a ball yelling "Boom!  Boom!  Boom!" every time the arty guns made a rat explode, and most of the time, it only takes one volley to do just that.  The dead-space afterburner adds more than 50m/s to the Thrasher's speed, and is a good investment since so many L1 missions separate their rat groups so widely.  The higher speed will quickly reduce your aggravation with the process.

Thrashers could easily sweep through L1 missions before the destroyer ROF nerf was removed.  Thanks to that DPS, they are so fast at sweeping up L1 rats that they don't need much tank.  For a lot of L1s, the Invul and the Thrasher's speed and small size is going to be all the tank you need.  Still, a small shield booster is good insurance.  Just pulse it when you need it.

There isn't much more to say about this kind of boat.  When I found myself needing to repair my badly-damaged Minmatar faction standings by grinding up some L1s, an hour or two a day with this Thrasher over a couple of weeks was all it took.  The ship is so idiot-proof that you can do it while watching a movie.  I sat right in Rens and pulled all the L1s available from every L1 agent in the system, blitzed them all, then returned to a station to turn them all in.  In that way, I'd get a L1 Storyline mission every 45 minutes or so.  My Minmatar faction standing was Data Center-ready before I knew it.  It's a grind, but it's an easy, brainless grind.

And it's a great way to get a brand new EVE pilot's ISK bank going.  Happy missioning!

EDIT (8/Dec/2011): This FOTW generated a lot of comments, and I've written a longer editorial post about it.


  1. Just to be a pain in the arse: Is it really a good idea to have a Gistii mod on a "beginner" ship? I only ask because to even learn about deadspace mods often takes someone else explaining what they are and how to get them via contracts. And although that mod is not that expensive, for someone one week into the game it may seem odd to buy a mod that is orders of magnitude more expensive than the hull and almost all the other equipment.

    /end complaining

  2. It's a valid complaint. I have to admit, there's going to be a certain amount of "help your friends get a leg up" associated with the FOTWs this week, in honor of the 60-day trial codes that CCP gave away.

    There's absolutely nothing wrong with fitting a meta AB to this ship instead.

  3. The first thing I said when I saw this was "this had got to be a troll."

    Then "You have got to be fucking kidding me."

    Seriously: the Giisti's bad enough, but an arbalest launcher, meta guns, and rigs, in a supposed 'beginner' fitting?

    If you intend it for a vet pimping out their 60-day buddy's new ship so they kick ass and get sucked into the game long-term, then you really ought to say so.

  4. The money for that single mod could buy a mission-fit cruiser. The rigs require more skills trained (especially skills that don't come for free out of the tutorial programme), and by the time you can train the skills, you'd want to be out of L1 mission territory.

    Drop down to 250mm artillery, leave the utility slot empty, and that rookie won't need to use the rigs. That thrasher will be just as capable for running L1s. In fact, the rookie might be able to replace the PDU with an overdrive injector.

    I know *I* would be thinking twice about giving a rookie any kind of shiny module to put on their brand new 200k hull, especially if they haven't learned about the risks of flying deadspace modules through Uedama on autopilot.

    When I want to give rookies a boost without throwing heaps of money at them, I follow them around with my fleet: 6-link tengu off-grid, me on-grid with a suitable ship (Tengu in most cases, Hawk in restricted missions).

    I can understand your thinking, but 280mm artillery is massive overkill and requires training that isn't really needed.

  5. And here I thought you might be checking to see if we read the overheating guide...

    Although I still haven't looked at heat damage on 1MN ABs :).

  6. Grimmash's comments also apply to the expensive (to a newbie) meta guns and launcher, though not quite as much as the AB.

  7. I think all of you would be pretty surprised what's in use for L1 missions these days, even for beginners. LOTS of players buy these mods, use them for L1 and early L2 missions, then turn around and sell the mods again, *getting the bulk of their money back, if not all of it*.

    This last part is a key to how missioners play the game.

  8. To be fair Jester, I agree with the criticism.

    An argument in your defense is that most new pilots coming across your blog will be well read and therefore more knowledgeable than most noobs. (most because they will have engaged in the EVE community).

    To the average "noob in the system" that fit is a bit much.

    (I deal with a fair number of noobs quite regularly :P)

  9. When starting EVE my first ship for level 1 missions was a rifter but quite soon I also changed to an arty Thrasher (only meta stuff though no t2 or rigs). It was a huge step for me and I was very happy with the ship.
    So thank you Riptard for bringing that one!

  10. Seriously? Active tanking level 1's?

    Totally pointless. Most level 1/2 missions do not supply enough dps for long enough to actually break a MSE+DC on a thrasher, before the thrasher can clear everything.



    TE II

    Tracking rigs if skilled enough.

  11. When I was very new to the game, two things happened.

    1.) I got picked up by a very nice newbie recruiting corporation.

    2.) They ran some L4 Blockades for me. Three Machariels would warp in and told me to wait 20 seconds, then warp in and just orbit one of them, killing any frigates that got in close (they never did... Machariels are awesome). I was high enough in Brutor Tribe standings that I could do L4's long before I had enough skills to even fly a hurricane.

    3.) They gave me 20M isk and a list of PVE ship fittings. My first true PVE ship was a rupture that ran L2s and L3s

    4.) I agree that most newbs are not going to see/know to buy a Deadspace AB. If it's a less-than-one-month toon, gear should be t1 while training into the t2 variants.

  12. Re: anbaric (active vs passive tanking) - I actually prefer the MSE fit, but the counter argument would be "a MSE tank for Lv1s? There's not enough dps in Lv1s to break a small shield booster so why would you waste 30 more grid on a buffer tank?"

    Both options work, but an active tank lets you fit arty. The only real disadvantage of an active tank is that you need to manage your cap, but for a newbie you could argue that's just good practice.

  13. Can you even fit a rig given "So let's look at one that you can get into practically from your first week in EVE:" ?

  14. I've written a longer editorial post about this fit. It was published today:


    @Mara: the 280 arty instead of 250 is mostly for the extra range. Again, L1 missions space the rats FAR apart and just getting to them can be a pain. However, the 10% extra damage from 280s is also a consideration.

    @Doyce: The rigs listed require Jury Rigging I/Mechanic III... and that's all. And they have no disadvantages, unlike other rig choices. The Arbalest launcher WAS a bit much. After reviewing the actual ship in my hangar, I downgraded it to a TE-2100.

    @Anabaric: most newbies aren't gonna have the skills for an MSE2 (Shield Upgrades IV) or the skills to fit it. Most newbies also want an "oh shit" button if things start going badly for them. Passive tanks only start becoming viable once you have a few million SP.

  15. @Jester - I used all t2 on the fit to prove with no fitting skills its still way under on pg/cpu. Obviously meta level stuff can be used.

    @Azual - Yes, I agree that a SSB can be used however for low skill players, tracking = dps, the majority of the dps from arty is actually wasted in lvl 1's lock/splat lock/splat etc, unless they ungroup the guns, and start firing split groups at different rats... The MSE is also better than an SSB due to the lack of cap managment required.

    When teaching eve fu, I've found it easier to teach people the least possible complex version, ie when your shield hits 10% warp to station dock/undock 100% shield again. As they become better at managing cap/aggro/shields then switching to more complex active fits becomes viable.

    Just my 2p worth :)

  16. From what I remember from running L1 mission in a catalyst, most rats get killed with one or two volleys. I don't really see the point of Meta 4 guns.

    Also with all level 2 agents available with 1.0 standing, after doing the tutorial mission (which gives faction standing), nobody needs to do that many level 1 missions long enough to pimp their ship that much. The price isn't that high, but I remember spending my first millions of ISK on upgrading my implants, not on ship mods.

  17. Besides the Gistii B-Type, that gyro this fitting should be my first Thrasher fitting ever. Oh, and at that time rigs did not existed.

    I was about 2 weeks in the game, a fresh expansion introduced those new destroyers and I bought those scouts from my "enormous" income my Hoarder generated with trading in low sec.

    It was a bit frustrating because it did not work as well as I did hope in l2s, and I still was primary training learning skills. Actually I did stop with them for a short time to upgrade to a cruiser from this thrasher.

    So, who is saying this is not a realistic starter setup? Pointless still it was, because cruisers worked so much better on level 2 missions and kill speed does not increase much with scouts over even standard 280mm ...


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