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Friday, December 30, 2011

Junk drawer (Dec 2011)

Just some quickies.

If you haven't noticed already, I'm taking a week off from doing my regular "of the week" postings.  Those features will pick up again next week.  It's been pretty quiet in New Eden this past week, so there's not much to talk about on the QOTW or KOTW scores.  I'll be hard-pressed to come up with a QOTW for next week as it is.  ;-)  For the FOTW, as one person was sharp enough to notice and comment on, I'm going to be changing my approach a bit to how I post those fits, and wanted an additional week to think about it.

A couple of months ago, I wrote a thing in which I asked for suggestions for lesser-known EVE blogs to add links to.  I made it clear that I was looking for bloggers who would be able to post more than once a week, said I'd be watching, and I have been.  I'm happy to report that Corelin at Mad Haberdashers has picked up the challenge, and as a result, I'll be linking to his blog.  If you enjoy my snarkier posts, then Corelin will make you very happy indeed.  ;-)  I don't always agree with what he posts, but he always has an interesting take on the things he does post about.  So go out and give him a read.

I'm also keeping an eye on shaleelianne's sovereigntywars blog.  Despite the name, this one's about Faction Warfare.  I predict FW's going to be a big topic in 2012, so I'll be looking for people to read who have interesting takes on it.  shaleelianne's uniqueness in the EVE blogging community is a heavy reliance on interviews, which is another interesting approach.  If this one has a weakness for me, it's that the blog is mostly a mix of these interviews, polls, and the occasional guest post.  What's missing?  shaleelianne's own opinion, of course...  Still, gonna keep an eye on this one.  I found the interview with Norrin Ellis quite interesting, for instance.  I was only very vaguely aware of the EVE racing circuit while it was going on, so the insight into it was fascinating.

I'm also linking The Ancient Gaming Noob.  This is one that I'm finding increasingly interesting for his take on the MMO industry at large.  He did a really terrific year-end wrap-up post today that's really, really worth your time.  Seriously, go read it.  It's filled with a great overview of a lot of different aspects of the industry.  Wish I had the visibility into the industry to write a post like that one.

I'm still looking for one or two more blogs to add, so if you think you're doing good work, link it up in the comments.

Finally, I'm having an interesting convo with RockCalledSteve on Twitter today, for those not following me there.
RCS: #tweetfleet Look up Wyvern on public contracts, make sure nulsec is ticked.
RCS: #tweetfleet The simple existence of this contract is the result of the same reason we can't sell highsec caps anymore.
Teg: @RockCalledSteve Huh, interesting! Grandfathered from when you could ask a GM to dock a super-carrier to insure it, I assume? #tweetfleet
RCS: @RipardTeg Actually for one to be in station at this point, it would have had to have been reimbursed into it. #tweetfleet
RCS: @RipardTeg The GMs simply reimburse into the station your clone is in, which is why they banned highsec cap sales. #tweetfleet
RCS: @RipardTeg In a nutshell, people were selling reimbursed caps that happened to be in highsec for ludicrous isk. #tweetfleet
RCS: @RipardTeg Does unfortunately mean that people who have legit gained Grandfathered caps are also banned from selling them =( #tweetfleet
Teg: @RockCalledSteve Interesting stuff! They were accepting requests to dock moms to insure them, back when they were called moms, though
RCS: @RipardTeg I remember. Never cashed in on it, always felt it was a cheat.
Doesn't rate a full blog post, but interesting nonetheless.

And that empties the junk drawer for this month.  I think I'm gonna make this a regular feature for 2012: stuff that piles up that's worth mentioning, but not worthy of its own post.  ;-)


  1. Huzzah Hurrah! Thank you for linking me Ripard!

  2. Shalee's blog is great, and well read by the Faction War community.

    Thanks for posting these blogs. Sometimes, it's easy to forget there's more out there then the blog pack. ;)


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