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Friday, December 16, 2011

KOTW: The new era

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the first kill of the new era:

Everyone and their dog knew this guy was ratting in this Titan.  After it was dead, a half-dozen people sent me screen-shots they'd gathered over several months.  Here's my favorite of the ones I was sent:(1)

Like I said, everyone knew about it.  Hell, a lot of people knew more or less precisely how the guy was fit, from using Ship Scanners on him.  The Titan pilot didn't seem to care.  After all, why should he?  The system itself has a station, is cyno-jammed, is at the end of a pocket, and is in a part of New Eden that simply nobody ever goes.  Only parts of Feyth and Cobalt Edge are more remote.  If, Heaven forbid, a gang actually roams through, fine.  There's plenty of time to log out before they arrive thanks to good intel.  Hell, this guy could keep ratting right up to the moment he was bubbled... then just log off for coffee.  15 minutes later, log back in, continue ratting.

He had the safest, easiest money-making scheme going in the game.  I was pointed at this kill at least a dozen times this week, and every person had a more outlandish tale about seeing and trying to catch this Titan than the last person.

Problem is, the game changed and this guy either didn't hear about it, or he didn't pay enough attention.  Now, you can log your super off all you want, and as long as there's a dictor point still on you, you ain't going anywhere.

So, as I said, this is the first kill of the new era, and I couldn't be happier about it.  The top damager here was a 220 AC Vaga.  With max skills, that ship does about 525 DPS.  In this case, it did 268k of effective damage after resists, which strongly suggests it took about 20 minutes to kill this Rag.

Logging off wouldn't have helped.  ;-)

More and more and more ships were brought in to add DPS, but still, only 72 DPS ships were involved in this kill, and only one of those was a battleship, none of them were capital ships, of course, and hell, a lot of 'em were Drakes.  27 dudes in Drakes got themselves a Titan kill.

But it gets better.

There's good evidence to show that once this Titan was locked down and dying, and once it was clear that his buddies in Vera Cruz weren't going to be able to save him, that this Titan pilot tried himself a little greenmail:

Guess how that worked out for him.  ;-)

Looking at the fit itself, we see why Shadow Serpentis Tracking Computers are so expensive lately.  There are no fewer than ten tracking mods on this Titan, including four -- count 'em, four officer-quality Tracking Computers at 2.3 billion ISK each.

Some people in this game just have too much freakin' ISK.

But of course, this Titan was an ISK-generating machine, probably producing dozens of millions of ISK per hour just by existing.  It had no tank... it didn't need any tank.  Sanctum battleships would likely die under this Titan's guns so quickly that the most time-consuming part of ratting in it was likely the warp time needed to get from Sanctum to Sanctum.

But it gets better still.  That wasn't the only Vera Cruz ratting ship that gang took out that day in E2-, it turns out...

There's only one reason that Nyx wasn't KOTW, and that's because the Titan kill was better.  ;-)  Well done to The Polaris Syndicate, Ev0ke, and Ewoks.  I salute you!  o7

(1) I like it because it includes an old friend of mine, Teljkon Nugs, in Local.  He glories in ratter-hunting.


  1. But the Nyx was flown by a pilot that Mittens scammed when trying to buy a Nyx... :)

  2. Wow, what a great roam to be on, 2 super caps?

  3. Even wormhole corps got their super cap kill this week:


  4. Yeah, I thought the Adhoc kill, with spur of the moment planning, twenty four pilots, one Bhaal, taking out ninety seven targets including four carriers over approx. ninety minutes for the loss of one Pilgrim could have pushed this for KOTW.

    I guess Titan killmails are awesome though.

  5. Yep, it was a great piece of work, but this Titan kill showed a truly new way of playing EVE. There are null corps and alliances with scouts out right now, looking for ratting Titans and super-carriers and making plans to bring them down with smaller gangs.

    That is a truly new thing.

  6. Adhoc? 97 targets?

    I want to see a video of that, tbh.

    Also, I loved this killmail when I first saw it. It was beautiful.


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