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Friday, December 2, 2011

KOTW: Out with the old, in with the new

Let's go with a matched set of kills for the KOTW this week. Here's the last fun kill of the pre-Crucible era:

Yep, that's Pandemic Legion celebrating the loss of Titan sub-cap DDs by using them for the last time against one of their own Machariels. PL was a master of using the sub-cap DD, and unless I'm completely mistaken, were the first ones to use DDs en masse against Guardians and Command Ships in large fleet battles. They got to doing it so often that you can -- in my opinion -- practically call the nerf of sub-cap DDs the "Pandemic Legion Memorial Titan Nerf".  ;-)

The funniest thing about this kill to me is that -- again in PL tradition -- is a hell of a shiny PvP Machariel. If you got some kills against PL and held the field, you could always assure yourself of some good drops. Even if you didn't hold the field, you could console yourself that the ISK value of a single PL ship was probably worth two or three of your own ships. When I was in Pure Blind, we'd win the ISK war against PL using just this horrid, grinding, attrition-based math.

So it's funny to me that when this PL Machariel was destroyed, every shiny mod on it except one dropped as loot. Heh. Glad Shadoo got his stuff back.   ;-)

Let's move on to the first fun kill of the Crucible era:

Now that's a hell of a shiny... ummm... kill.  ;-)  Despite super-carriers and Machariels and dead-space fit warships of all kinds roaming null, as of the first day of the new expansion, I think I can safely say that the most expensive kills in the game might very well now happen in high-sec. The night before Crucible dropped, I was part of a Rote fleet that killed a Proteus, then podded the pilot. He congratulated us and let us know that we had managed to kill his high-grade Slave clone.

We grumbled that we had killed him 24 hours early.  ;-)

I can see a couple of effects coming out of this. First, I think we're going to see a lot more high-sec poddings than we did pre-Crucible, particularly against Exhumer pilots and high-end L4 missioners. The chance to pop some expensive mining implants, or a set of Crystals, and reap a multi-billion ISK pod kill is going to be hard to resist for a lot of people. So if you have such a clone, watch out.

Second and more importantly, I think we're going to see a lot more pod ransomings than we did pre-Crucible. If you have a pod nicely bubbled in null, it's instinctive now to pop that pod and send the pilot home without much thought.

I suggest you start thinking about it.

Send that pilot a ransom demand. I think a surprising number of EVE players are going to start taking you up on it, either to prevent the loss of particularly expensive implants, or to save themselves the embarrassment of being killed with just the wrong implants installed. It's something you should keep in mind, particularly if you're looking for a new income source.  And hell, who isn't?

I'm enjoying watching engine trails turn into explosions, and I hope a lot of you are, too. Happy killing.  :-)


  1. there are some interesting comments on the battleclinic link.

    about having a new skill called 5% chance to harvest implants from a body.
    would make pod killings and pvp even more incentive.

  2. @ Anon 10:27

    Fun idea, but kind of wonky since implants are pretty much "used up" when a person plugs them in... if I can't remove implants and use them another time or on another clone, having them drop as loot makes no sense.

  3. Good ol' suddenly violence!

  4. Confirming Suddenly Violence is enjoying these pods implant killmails.


  5. "Second and more importantly, I think we're going to see a lot more pod ransomings than we did pre-Crucible."

    I think you're right about that. I was killed in my mission Myrm the other night and the killers attempted to ransom my pod. They said "ransom...stop moving or die" and I responded "hmmm...I choose die then...worthless jump clone anyhow" and I instantly popped.

    That was the first time someone had tried to ransom my pod. Thankfully I was smart enough to use my jump clone before venturing into lolsec because I knew my chances of surviving were just about 0%.


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