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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Old school

When I got logged into my EVE corp chat this evening, this video was in the MOTD.  I'd never seen it before (and I've actually gone out looking for EVE trailers released before I started playing), so I'll bet a lot of you never have, either:

Pretty interesting style, don't you think?  Kinda reminds me of something.


  1. At about 2 minutes in is the most exciting shot of an Iteron EVER! That is the most impressive part of this video. And the lolwut Minmatar boobs...

  2. here's the reason why
    "EVE Never Fades was made by CCP Zond3 who is part of the trailer team who made this video."

  3. Actually the first minute or so reminds me of Homeworld's style of cinematic

    Also to be fair, they could of had worse inspiration for the video. :-) I did enjoy the 5 mins of trailer to the end, and that rarely happens.

  4. Wow, you've never seen this one before!? It's only THE BEST trailer ever made by CCP (and the soundtrack accounts for about half the reason why...such an amazing song). I saved this one to my drive years ago and have watched it untold times, always with the speakers up to 11 of course.

  5. @Anon0203: yeah, when I saw "all footage from game-play", and then that first image came up, my brain immediately thought "What game? Homeworld?"

  6. This video dragged me into the game :)

    Also, as far as i know, it was not by CCP but a fanmade video at time of its release. The producers got hired by CCP soon after, though.

  7. The first image was in old intro movie that got removed with Trinity IIRC? Given the narration at the time the image is on screen and the architecture depicted, I'd guess that's Caldari Prime during the first Caldari/Gallente war.


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