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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Overheating Guide Errata

First, a big thank you to everyone that read and commented on the Overheating Guide I published last week!  It was far and away my most technical guide, both in terms of the subject matter, and in terms of the work and testing that went into it.  Even so, I knew there were going to be things that were wrong, things that were unclear, things that were not emphasized enough, and things that were just flat-out missed.  So thanks to everyone who provided commentary, corrections, and clarifications!

I want to send a special shout-out to my alliance-mates and alliance buddies Rote Kapelle and Veto, members of both of which were particularly helpful in spotting bugs and suggesting corrections.  Thanks, guys!

I will be updating the Guide itself with these corrections in an edit.

Things I got wrong
  • It is possible to cancel repairs while they are incomplete.  To do so, right click the mod being repaired and select "Cancel Repairs".  If a repair is partially complete when it is cancelled, those partial repairs will be applied and the paste needed to complete that portion of the repairs will be removed from your cargo.
  • Different types of weapons receive a different type of bonus, though the effect of the bonus is always a 15% increase in damage.  Most weapons receive a 15% rate of fire bonus: this applies specifically to missile launchers and long range weapons such as beam lasers, artillery cannons, and rail guns.  Short range weapons instead receive a damage bonus, specifically auto-cannons, blasters, and pulse lasers.
  • Surprisingly, a passive module being repaired will continue to function normally while being repaired!  I had to check this one twice on Sisi before being convinced this statement was accurate, but it is.  Active modules will also continue to operate in a passive mode -- if any -- while being repaired (Invuls under repair will give their passive resist bonuses, for instance).

Things I should have added
  • You cannot overheat one module in a rack while another module in the same rack is being repaired, and vice versa.  You can repair a module in one rack while overheating a module in another rack, and vice versa.
  • If you manage to burn out a group of guns, chances are, you've only burned out one or two of the guns in the group.  However, this will cause the entire group to stop functioning.  You can un-group the guns to isolate the burned out ones, and continue to use those that are not yet burned out.

Things I should have clarified

  • I should have made it clear right in the Introduction that overheating causes module damage.  A paragraph stating this was included in the initial version of the document, but got deleted somehow in a later edit.
  • In addition to overheating base ECM mods, it is possible to overheat ECCM mods, with the same effect (the ECCM mods have a stronger effect on the affected ship's sensor strength).
  • You cannot overheat a Damage Control mod, despite it being an active mod.  I say this in a footnote, but that information needs to be moved out of a footnote and into the main text.

Things I should have emphasized more
  • Large guns have higher heat damage ratings than Medium guns.  Medium guns have higher heat ratings than Small guns.  Therefore, larger guns tend to be more expensive in terms of paste to repair than smaller guns, since they take more damage more quickly and more often.
  • Overheating one rack affects only that rack.
  • Strategic Cruisers are particularly resilient to overheating thanks to their base hull bonus.  I did mention this in the guide, but I should have emphasized it more.
  • There is a T3 Engineering subsystem for all four T3s called the Supplemental Coolant Injector that further increases the already impressive resilience of Strategic Cruiser hulls to overheating.
  • Overheating in a wormhole is doubly dangerous because if you burn out a mod in a wormhole, there are no stations to effect repairs.  The only way to repair a burned-out module in a wormhole is to replace it at an Orca, carrier, Ship Maintenance Array, or the like.
  • Cloaks and probe launchers are susceptible to overheating damage from guns in the same rack.  Be very careful about overheating the guns on either side of these modules.

Not too bad, all in all, for such a long and technical guide.  Thanks again to everyone who sent in comments and clarifications!  I'll leave this post up for a day or so to make sure I didn't forget anything (add it in comments if I did), then I'll update the Guide itself.


  1. One more nitpick: asyouknowBob, 15% ROF is 1/0.85=17.6% increase in DPS; 15% damage is 1.15/1=15% increase in DPS. So the ROF bonuses are slightly larger DPS boosts than the damage bonuses, but at the cost of the heat damage getting applied faster due to reduced cycle time.

  2. I do not remember seeing it mentioned, but it may be worth pointing out that your mods can be repaired whilst you are cloaked. As long as you begin the repairs before cloaking.

  3. Overheating in a wormhole? Just bring paste...?

  4. @planetary genocide

    the problem is not bringing paste... the problem is if you accidentally the whole farm by burning out the module completely (such modules can ONLY be repaired in a station)


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