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Friday, December 16, 2011

Pic of the Week: Adironic

I hit refresh on this eve-kill.net link at least one hundred times on my PC's web browser and couldn't get this ad to come up even once:

Using EVE Online's in-game browser, though?  This ad comes up constantly.  Oh, the irony.

Yes, I'm quite aware that eve-kill.net advertises other MMOs.  However, someone check me on this: aren't all the other MMOs they advertise F2P?  Has anyone ever seen eve-kill advertise a paid subscription MMO?


  1. People use the ingame browser and do not use an adblocker on their OS browser?

  2. Full disclosure: I happened to notice the ad when a KM was posted in a Fleet channel during a roam last night. I clicked the link in fleet using the IGB because of :lazy:. ;-)

    Saw the ad. Laughed. Decided I wanted to mock eve-kill.net.

    Started up MSIE (because I have adblock on FF) and tried to get the ad to come up so I could get a screenie of it. Couldn't, despite clicking refresh 100 times.

    In desperation, clicked on the Titan KM in IGB... and the ad came up in the very first try.

    Now you know the rest of the story. ;-)


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