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Monday, December 19, 2011

QOTW: Dude, your face

OK, I've got to pick this one.  I just have to:
An Official Response From CCP

Dude... your face?

(If this answer is not satisfactory you probably need to file a petition)
Why?  OK, that's kind of a long story...  ;-)

On the 15th, a player named Xenuria posted a relatively bland question in EVE General Discussion asking about using a post-processor to "enhance the graphical appeal of EVE".  There was only one problem.  The picture at right is what Xenuria looks like.

The first response?  "Dude, your face..."  And of course, EVE players being what they are, the "discussion" immediately devolved into a storm of degrading comments about this player's character avatar rather than the question being asked ("no amount of FXAA will improve that...").  The player plaintively asked "Can somebody answer my question?"

And that's when CCP Nullarbor jumped in with the "Official Response from CCP" above.  ;-)

This poor guy.  He asks a technical question, actually gets a response from a CCP dev (NOT the normal state of affairs on the EVE-O forums, I assure you)... and the response is a troll.  Hee!

This prompted Seleia O'Sinnor to correctly state:
Welcome to the Eve Community, where even the devs play in the major league of niveau limbo. Always expect reds, it's like PVP, they do it for the tears and mainly 'cause they can.
Ayup.  :-)

Still, this thread doesn't really take a turn for the surreal until page three.  At which point, the character to the left responds "Dude, your face...."  Yeah.  That one.  The one to the left.

Gotta love EVE players...


  1. Xenuria has also recently attempted to create a peace accord between his small alliance and goonfleet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=noQ-iXDgPUk

  2. LOL Yeah, saw this. RockCalledSteve on Twitter this morning (maybe jokingly, maybe seriously) put a 1 billion ISK bounty out there for this guy's corpse.


  3. From the test it sounds like Xenuria put up a new photo since the original post (at minimum removing a monocle). Anyone know what the original looked like?

  4. That video... WTF? Is this guy serious? One cannot literally not be that misinformed.

    But still, his corp was in HYDRA RELOADED, who are good, right?

  5. Reminds me of the original: http://www.eveonline.com/ingameboard.asp?a=topic&threadID=1021382

    Unfortunately the epic chin itself has been lost to time.

  6. I'm pretty sure that the original, original origination of this particular Eve meme was a character named "SkyFlyer" asking a similar reasonable question but his avatar was a set of eyeballs floating in a partial Darth Vadar helmet.

    original thread - http://www.eve-search.com/thread/517368/page/1#1

    You just have to sub in this image in your mind anytime you see him post in the forum thread.

    original image http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v238/jks23/skyflyer.jpg

  7. Xenuria is one of Eve's loveliest trolls, and is well known to the community team. In this instance the ccp response was probably justified.

  8. So funny you picked up on this. I thought it was so funny when I read the thread.

  9. Xenuria's portrait looked a bit different when most of that was posted. There used to be a monocle that made it look half bug-eyed.

    I think the hair may have been different too.

  10. That's hilarious, good stuff CCP!

  11. Like I said in that thread: "Dev-troll = best troll :)"

    But I don't find Xen's face at all objectionable, just a bit too "busy" with the tatties--easily ennough remedied.

    Those other...things...you mentioned, plus Ladie Harlot, on the other hand (/me shudders)--ugh. Just, ugh.

  12. Too lazy to search the whole thread, but on the SkyFlyer one, I seem to recall the amusing response of: "I Find your lack of face disturbing."


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