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Monday, December 12, 2011

QOTW: Stupid idea man

I was realllly looking forward to buying some torp Nagas, and was realllly disappointed when the Naga lost its torp bonuses in favor of its hybrid bonuses. On the test server, the Naga started out with bonuses for both large hybrids and for Siege Missile Launchers, firing torpedoes. It was fairly predictable that the Naga would be losing one set of bonuses or the other, of course. There was no way in hell it was going to be bonused for both torpedoes and hybrids. It was pretty clear that the devs were going to test out both options and go with the one they liked. That the one they liked was hybrids -- for a Caldari ship -- was disappointing.

I was really looking forward to torp Nagas for cavalry tactics or at the very least, as heavy-hitting anti-POS, anti-Customs Offices platforms. Can you imagine seven or eight torp Nagas hammering a POCO into its reinforce timer? I sure could. It would have been an easy, cheap way to inspire low-sec fights. Ah well. So now, my chances of actually flying my Naga are pretty much nil for a while. Rails weren't buffed enough, IMO, particularly medium rails. The Tornado and Oracle are much superior long-range platforms, and the Talos is a much superior short-range platform.

Still, Hana Lena on the EVE-O forums had another perspective on the torp Naga that I hadn't even thought about:
Okay let's try this then.

Dev one: we haven't made any missile ships In a while that's the Caldari thing right? Let's make the new battlecruiser a missile ship.

Dev two: Hey yeah that's a great idea.

Member of Team Gridlock: What dream world did you two just slip into? you want to make a new ship for large fleet fights use missiles? One the most server intense weapons systems we have?

Dev one: Oh Well then... Another hybrid platform it is.

Dev two: That was a really stupid idea man.
And yeah, put this way, I guess I have to agree. Good point, Hana. Damn you. ;-)


  1. Still not a good excuse. I think that the Torpedo Naga was a brilliant and worthy ship, much more powerful than the others in many ways, and I'm very disappointed to see it lost.

  2. Except that 90% of engagements anymore are centered around one fleet or the other going to grind one structure or another. Making yet another missile boat viable for these fleets as a large quantity ship would have been one more headache for Team Gridlock.

    I understand completely. Gridlock is still working on a way for draeaeks to not completely manhandle their servers.

    That being said. It does take away from the small gang warfare tremendously, which is always a shame

  3. Rail nagas are quite good btw. Very good damage projection, out to 100km, better than the other ti3s

  4. Yeah, I don't buy into the whole "it doesn't have torpedoes, so now it sucks" philosophy. It "sucks" for Caldari pilots who have never trained Hybrid skills because they chose to believe that Caldari ships are supposed to ONLY use missles, even though they have several ships that use hybrid weapons.

    As far as the "it's not as good as the other faction's counterparts" idea....you are a Caldari pilot- I would think you'd just be used to that by now.

  5. @Serpentine/@Anon1411: As I said, I don't feel that rails were buffed enough, and Rote isn't built around sniping at 100km in any case. We're using the Tornado as our long-range platform of choice, and I'm quite happy flying those.

  6. What would be wrong with tripling missiles to reduce gridlock? ie, 3x damage, 1/3 firing rate, 3x minerals and time to build. That would reduce the total amount of missiles flying in space to 1/3 of what it is now with similar damage.

  7. it honestly kinda broke my heart that they stripped the torps off the naga....that was my entire reason for wanting one. hell, I'd even take cruise missles, just to have a battleship grade missile platform that doesn't completely blow chunks. with the raven, tweaked out, I can hit the same dps as a drake loaded out with scourge furies....why does a bs, witht he capability to load a full 8 slots of missles, only get 4 or 6, unless you go for an overpriced naval issue? I mean we can warp space and travel faster than light, but we can't alter the pg and cpu of a ship the size of a small land mass to handle enough missile launchers to make it competitive with all the hybrids and slugthrowers...

    and despite what people say, I firmly believe missiles have their place in pvp as well...nothing like watching someone cry because their ship got melted in 3 salvos....and their only response 'but...but.. missiles SUCK'

  8. @Anon

    If you triple the damage and reduce rate of fire accordingly than you increase alpha potential drastically. Which sounds in my book fine for torpedoes at least, because they are slow to reach targets anyway.


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