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Monday, December 19, 2011

Strength and weakness

I was asked by an anonymous commenter what my source was for an off-hand comment I put into my "Meta on meta" blog post.  The off-hand comment was this:
Each meta module represents an improvement made to the module by one of the major four races for their own use.  Example: I'm pretty sure the "Regard" Energy Transfers are Amarr, and the "Partial E95" ones are Caldari.
The answer to this question is that I've read this a couple of times over the years, but went looking for a reference when I wrote the "Meta on meta" blog entry and couldn't find one.  I'm still pretty sure of my facts here, though.  I'd appreciate it if someone has the source at their fingertips, though!

In the meantime, I'm sure that all the "model number" type names are Caldari ones and reflect their "not poetic, just practical" nature.  So the J5 and J5b point/scram are theirs.  All of the blue ECM mods are also theirs.  This would make missile launchers like the TE-2100 theirs also, as well as the N-Type armor hardeners and C5-L shield boosters.

Amarr names, by contrast, are the most flighty and poetic.  Look at Amarr ECM mods and you'll see they go from 'Penumbra' to 'Gloom' to 'Umbra', reflecting increasing levels of darkness.  The "Fleeting" warp disruptors and scrams are theirs, and all of the Warp Core Stabs are theirs.  The "Solace" armor reppers are also theirs.

Minmatar names are just descriptive of what the module does, like they're trying to include a manual right in the name.  ;-)  The "Faint" scrams and points are theirs, as are the "Supplemental Barrier" shield extenders and the "Inefficient" armor and hull reppers.  All of the meta ABs and MWDs are of Minmatar origin, as are all of the meta Target Painters (check the acronyms of their names, if you haven't already).

The Gallente names are just goofy. If you can't figure out what the name of something is trying to say, that's the Gallente one.  I like to imagine the mod names were all mistranslated from the original French and make total sense in that language.  In English, not so much.  These are things like "Compulsive" jammers and "Azeotropic Ward Salubrity" shield extenders and "Carapace Restoration" armor reppers (OK, that one makes a small amount of sense).  I'm pretty sure all of the Projected ECCM mods are Gallente.

Finally, which race gets the meta 4 mod for each type of mod usually makes pretty good sense, too.  The meta 4 (Solace) armor reppers are Amarr.  The meta 1 (I-a) armor reppers are Caldari.  The meta 4 hull reppers are Minmatar, of course.  The best shield extenders, shield boosters, and shield transporters are Caldari.  Sometimes, as I've already noted, a given race makes all the meta gear for a particular type of mod.

But no, I don't have a written, canon source for any of this.  I just remember reading it a couple of times.  Can anyone point to a source?


  1. Semi-interesting followup question: I wonder whether the module drops from rats follows a distribution that is correlated with the empire space they derive their tech from.

  2. "Azeotropic Ward Salubrity"


    Let's see here:

    azeotropic: Of, pertaining to, or employing an azeotrope


    azeotrope: A mixture of two or more substances whose liquid and gaseous forms have the same composition (at a certain pressure); the substances cannot be separated by normal distillation.

    I don't even know what the fuck.

    salubrity: The quality of being salubrious or invigorating.


    salubrious: Promoting health or well-being; wholesome. Especially related to air.

    Well at least that makes sense. I can only imagine the mechanism of Gallente shield generators involves azeotropes somehow.

    Weird that the Caldari make the best armour hardeners. And don't make the best Missile Launchers.

  3. When weapon 3D model previews were first implemented, they showed the race for the meta turrets. For example, the 125mm 'Scout' Railgun showed something like 'Minmatar Hybrid Turret' or similar. This disappeared in later patches but you could occasionally see it flash when the preview opened.

  4. Actually, probably the best way to figure that out would be based off of what pirate rats they drop off of and work back from there.

    If you find some other source, I'd definately like to see the link as well.

  5. "...as well as the N-Type armor hardeners..."

    I find it hard to believe that the meta 4 armour resist modules are Caldari, the race who says will most frequently be found saying; "there's health behind the shields??"

    Nit picky I know but it had to be said.

  6. If pirate rats drop modules from the faction(s) that they are associated with, then identifying the race of each module leads to some interesting trading possibilities.

  7. Nice bit of logic on the Gallente modules! You're right of course. As monster stated above, take "Azeotropic Ward Salubrity." In French, it translates to Salubrité Ward azéotropique according to Google Translate. Salubrité can mean safety but usually in the food and health arfena. However, like Germans, the French (whose root language is Frank, a German dialect before Charlemagne ordered it mangled) are loath to make up new words. They'll bend an existing word into a new meaning first. This makes perfect sense to them and it makes perfect sense for a shield module that doesn't yet exist. It enhances the safety of a ship. Then there is azéotropique - the mixing of two or more like items in a manner that cannot be separated easily. It takes what you have, shields, and adds another thing you have, power, and mixes them to enhance safety. Makes perfect sense - to a Gallente. LOL

  8. A small correction, but you need to ask the really old (+6 years) players about the origin of the meta's

    Afaik, their origin is actually related to the pirate factions, not the empire ones.

    Pirate factions improved on the standard "licensed" t1 modules, the arms race was further advanced by the release of T2 modules by the empires once mercoxit was discovered deep in null-sec, and then the "navy" versions, then "pirate" versions and finally the officer versions.

    It's somewhere in the old archive for newsitems and lore.....but as always CCP does little to enrich their background prime fiction with such details.

  9. Looking back at the changes introduced in the various releases, it looks like Tech2 was introduced back in 2003.

    Were there originally only 4 pirate factions?

    I wonder if it is in some way tied to the items the factions have in their loyalty stores:


  10. This whole Meta thing is confusing for no reason. Lets look at some weird examples in the naming conventions for JUST turrets.

    1. Laser & projectile turrets share the same prefix (ie. Modulated) for both long range and close range weapons, Hybrid turrets have different conventions for long & near range.

    2. A 'Scout' hybrid railgun turret is meta 2. A 'Scout' projectile weapon is meta 4.

    3. A 'Modal' blaster is meta 4. A 'Modal' laser is meta 2.
    3a. An 'Anode' blaster is the same meta as an 'Anode' laser.

    4. 'Prototype' railgun meta 4. 'Prototype' projectile meta 3.

    This is just for turrets! Will CCP ever fix this insanity, NO!

  11. This is so cool! I love that I find out more and more about the history and links in New Eden all the timer :)


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