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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Anything with four wheels

Just a quickie.

JetCord was kind enough to point me at the following:

Read it, and you'll find that an EVE pilot named -- heh -- NoNamium has completed Level V of all 60 Spaceship Command skills.  Yes, even the racial Titans.  He has Level V in all of them, with 117 million SP in Spaceship Command alone.  Reportedly, his motivation?
So if I see a ship anywhere in the galaxy unattended I can steal it - no matter what ship it is.
Hee!  I encourage you to go out to the thread and offer him some congratulations.

After that's done, you can check out his skills profile here:

It's lovely proof that all the Spaceship Command skill points in the world (literally) are not everything.  Support skills are also very important.  If you catch this guy solo in an armor-tanking ship (like this Cane), you can probably have your way with him.  ;-)  Without the relevant support skills trained, he'll lack both some tank and some speed.

Congrats to NoNamium on this very interesting achievement, and thanks again to JetCord for the pointer!

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  1. http://eveboard.com/fullranks/28-most-sp-in-spaceship-command/p1/

    Yeah, even Dr Caymus congratulated him on the thread.

    On a side note, please keep in mind that not all characters listed on eveboard.


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