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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Good news parade

The parade of good news for Crucible continues with the full list of features for Crucible 1.1 (release date: 24 January 2012) now being announced and available.

Lots of really good fixes coming, but my favorites:

Shift-click on a module now toggles overheating of that module.  Oh.  Dear.  God.  YES.  This one is covered in a bit more detail in CCP Punkturis's devblog today.  Not only is this change wonderful in and of itself, but we'll also now be getting a visual indicator that the game has acknowledged that we'd like to overheat that mod, or would like to turn overheating off.  That's not something you get today, so sometimes you have to spend several seconds worrying about whether or not you actually hit that tiny tiny tiny button.  No more.

For this reason alone, I can't wait until 24 January.  ;-)

It's really funny how great this change looks in retrospect, too.  It's a great advertisement for letting UI specialists design UI instead of players.  As I've stated a lot, my problem with over-heating was with the tiny, tiny buttons, so my first impulse would have been to make them bigger.  CCP Punkturis's impulse -- to entirely change the dynamic of how the buttons are pressed -- was far superior.  So kudos for that.

As an incidental note, CCP Punkturis and I had a convo about a month ago where she asked on Twitter if players used cans in station hangars to sub-divide what players keep in their hangars.  I told her "absolutely, yes" and provided her with several sample screen shots of them being used, not only in station hangars but in corp hangars as well.  From her comments, I inferred that CCP might be finally looking seriously at doing hangar divisions (and perhaps even wallet divisions) for individual players.  I let her know that if she could make that happen, we the players of EVE would declare her CCP's resident Goddess by acclamation.  Her response: "I thought I already was?"  Me: "We'll make it official."

With this over-heating change alone, we might have to make it official a bit early.  ;-)

Cough.  OK, what else?

Watch lists are getting two big improvements: first, they're being increased to 15, from ten.  That's great news for a variety of EVE players.  But even better, you'll be able to drag and drop people around the watch list.  Logi pilots can keep their cap buddies at the top of the list and sort the list based on whatever priority they set.  DPS pilots can move their scouts and recons where they need them on the list while still keeping an eye on booster pilots and other important members of the fleet.  Good stuff!

It looks like shield bonuses applied by warfare mindlinks and high Shield Warfare spec skills will be applied immediately instead of having to charge up after entering a new system.  This one's fantastic because when you jump into a fight (rather than being in the system a while), you may as well not even have that mindlink since you're not getting the bonus from it anyway until you get some reps.  Null is also getting a range boost.  I may have bitched once or twice about blaster range, heh, so needless to say, I'm quite pleased about that one as well.

Then there are some changes that are both good and bad.

First up on this list, there will be six new dead-space Invulnerability Field modules added to the game.  Now don't get me wrong: as the price of them come down, it'll be nice to finally be able to add a Caldari Navy Invulnerability Field to my more expensive shield-tanking PvP ships, the same way I currently fit Imperial Navy Energized Adaptive Nano Membranes to my expensive armor ships.  Still, the bulk of the high-end dead-space ones are going to be going on super-caps with the net result that shield-tanking super-caps will have a good chance of catching up to their armor-tanking brethren in EHP.  The change should have been mated to another modest nerf of overall super-cap EHP, which I think is still too high despite the recent 20% nerf.  So, net result of this change: Rags and Levs and Wyverns and Hels will be produced in greater numbers than they are today.

In the meantime, those of you with stocks of CN or Dread Guristas Invuls might want to consider unloading a few of them while the prices are high, and before this change gets to be general knowledge.

Session timers are being reduced, apparently to 15 seconds.  I'm of two minds on this one.  On one hand, it's good because it will make shifting around fleet boosters and squad commanders easier in PvP fleets.  It will also make defensive fleets quicker and more responsive because you'll be able to dock, switch to a more appropriate ship for what's needed, and get undocked again more quickly.  On the other hand, it's likely to increase the incidence of station and gate games, and make scouting more forgiving.  Can't tell you the number of scouts I've killed over the years that have burned back to gate immediately on entering a system only to be trapped on the gate by their session change timers.

T2 Warfare and mining links, Triage modules, and bomb launchers are being "tweaked", which is usually the CCP code word for "nerfed all to hell."  I'll have to research this one to see what's changing.

There's a few other changes as well -- the Assault Ship buff I've already mentioned, the ability to compact the list of names in a chat channel, and the new POS fuel blocks among them -- but what's above strike me as the big changes.

Bring on 24 January!


  1. Most of the tweaks to the new T2 modules are actually pretty nice, with Information Warfare links getting boosts to be in line with the other T2 links; T2 bomb launchers getting space for an additional bomb and T2 triage getting -20% cap usage for remote reps.

  2. Incarna was the greatest expansion of all time! Why? Because it failed and now we get all this goodness. I get wood from all this love but honestly, these things should have been in the game already.

  3. They are also changing the naming conventions on modules. Hopefully this will make it easier to see which ones are the meta4 without all the clicking and scrolling.

  4. You going to blog about the missile, module and implant name changes again before they get a dev blog or are you going to wait and see what the Dev blog versions are as they might be changed again. There has been no Dev feed back on the Test server threads to who knows what the final versions will be.

  5. re: mods: Yeah, gonna wait until I see what actually hits TQ before I comment on it.

  6. Autonomous MonsterJanuary 11, 2012 at 6:18 PM

    Current Hyperion setup w/ Null is pushing ~800 gun DPS at 16+30. after range boost, that's out to... 20+42 O_O


  7. Autonomous MonsterJanuary 11, 2012 at 6:57 PM

    Aw, no, those are not the numbers currently on Sisi. That'll teach me to listen to people on the forums. ;)

  8. By the way, I think you meant Crucible 1.1, not 1.5 :-)

  9. No. It hasn't run its course. The addition of a filter box for skills is most welcomed yet we still have no equivalent in the S&I interface (specifically, list of corporate blueprints). Perhaps you could use your weight to make that happen, after all, most corporations with a couple thousand prints have only been asking for it for 5+ years now.

    Possibly suggesting that rather than spawning things, CCP actually have to go through the process of _building_ things (we'll let them spawn their minerals etc - for now) to really understand the issues.


  10. lol, punkturis is such a flirt.

  11. Hey Ripard,

    Do you think the member list change will have an impact on scouting, hunting carebears and pvp in general?

  12. @Cameron: so I did. Fixed.

    @Anon1254: you, sir, raise an interesting point. I have a whole corp hangar devoted to cans full of BPOs of various types. But how BPOs are handled in game is kind of silly in the general sense. I think I shall indeed blog about this.

    @Anon0332: you say that like it's a bad thing. ;-)

    @Anon0447: it'll make scouting a tiny bit easier and make care-bearing safely a tiny bit easier.


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