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Friday, January 20, 2012

Hive mind

I seem to have stirred up a bit of a hornet's nest.  That's OK.  I'm good at that.

When I made a lot of references to "the CSM" and a bit of group-think/group-say in terms of the December minutes, I thought it was a fun way to point out that while CSM6 has overall done quite a good job, the fact that they closed all daylight between individual members for communications purposes made accountability a bitch.  It became very difficult to see where the seams were between individual members and what this or that member thinks about the game.  Coming into a CSM7 election where the bulk of CSM6 is likely to seek re-election, this struck me as a bad thing.

And happily, despite this assertion being written on "a shitty blog" (to quote Comrade Chairman), a growing number of CSM6 members agree with me.

Seleene, Two step, and Meissa Anunthiel have specifically come out of their non-blogging hibernations to blog about the "hive mind" issue I brought up and their specific positions on the issues I raised.  I do recommend you go out and read them.  I know that Trebor Daehdoow has read my post as well and I suspect he'll be weighing in in due course.  The Mittani has also read my post, but I suspect he'll be otherwise ignoring it.  ;-)

EDIT (21/Jan/2012): Trebor has posted his responses to my questions.

What the other CSM6 members think, I couldn't tell you, but the other nine CSM6 members have been non-entities all year from a player-base communications stand-point so I don't expect responses from them, frankly.(1)

By the way, Meissa's post is particularly and remarkably candid for him.  If you read only one of the three posts, read Meissa's.  It also seems to strongly imply that Meissa will be running for CSM7 without him coming right out and saying he will.  ;-)  As of today, every CSM member mentioned in this blog post has confirmed a re-election run except Meissa.  Every other CSM member is silent on the topic.

More to come on this, I'm sure.

EDIT (20/Jan/2012): Meissa confirms he is indeed running for re-election in the comments of his blog post.

(1) The one semi-exception is UAxDEATH, who recently started a thread on Failheap Challenge as an obvious pre-cursor to his re-election campaign.


  1. To be fair, I think death posts a lot on eve-ru (or has people post for him :) )

  2. Meissa's blog post all but confirms another run. As far as the non-speaking members of the CSM, many of which haven't been able to fulfill all the duties we should fire their ass in the re-elections. If they never spoke out about anything then they were just a part of the hive mind and therefore useless or so socially dominated that they were useless.

  3. vile rat posts some on kugutsumen and more on goonfleet forums which you probably have access to

  4. > What the other CSM6 members think, I couldn't tell you, but the other nine CSM6 members have been non-entities all year from a player-base communications stand-point so I don't expect responses from them, frankly.

    Actually, Prom's also been pretty vocal about the things he was elected to batter CCP about, on a variety of forums.

  5. Agreed - the hive mind needs to go.

    CSM isn't a managing or political body - it is an advisory panel. It should be representing differing POVs, and not some collective or minority group opinion on how everyone should play the game.

    Transparency, to see exactly what each individual CSM member has been doing for us (or against us) - or neither - for the past year, is also essential. This means that CSM meetings should be recorded and made available to the general player base. Editing to remove NDA content, ofc, is reasonable; editing to remove disagreements and idiocy is not.

    Comments from each CSM member should be posted on the Eve public forums - not just on kugutsumen and other private forums/blogs. Even if the public has access to the private forums/blogs, they probably don't frequent them. If a CSM member insists on posting to his/her private forums/blogs, ok - but he/she should also be required to cut-and-paste these comments to the Eve forums, as well.

    If the current CSM members disagree - or even say they agree, yet are not willing to edit the recently released meeting notes to show who said what, then I suggest that we simply treat the current CSM as if it were a single candidate and vote it out.

    Corruption in government is apparently a necessary evil. Corruption in a game is not. See the history of the NFL, NBA, and MLB for more details.

  6. Well to be fair CCP doesnt show alot of different personality and people in the minutes much like the CSM. I read it mostly as a report and it seemed normal to me, But from reading Selene's blog on the december meeting before the minutes release and then the minutes I can see what ya mean by hive mind. Unfortunatly most CSM propably dont want to blog so it will be hard for them to communicate.

    Also the way this post starts seems highly insulting, but then I saw you meant it for re -election and trying to help them, so its not so insulting.

  7. Having read the 3 responses you linked, I still don't have any idea what CSMs supported and opposed what topics, and to what degree. Its pretty depressing.

    Each blog reads like "These are the things I have experience with" while glossing over how much they supported or opposed the minutes' points.


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