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Friday, January 6, 2012

KOTW: Eggs, meet basket

So, here's an interesting one.  I don't know the whole story, but we can make some educated guesses:

In early December, the owner of the Tarik ThundersStorm character decided to sell.  Starting bid, 16 billion.  Eventual selling price, 20 billion.  The eventual buyer was a character named Henry Alleile.  The sale wrapped 7 December.  At that time, the character could fly a Wyvern and had the support skills for it.

Fast forward a month later, and the very same Henry Alleile advertises a Wyvern for sale, travel fit, but with a combat fit in the ship's corp hangar.  On the third of this month, PL pilot Jack bubu asks if the ship is available.  A day later, a deal is apparently struck.  Maybe Henry was a little too open about where this sale would happen, or maybe a PL pilot himself made the offer.  What's clear enough is that a PL set-up took place.

The exact details don't matter much, because the result was the same: dead Wyvern, Tarik flying.  There's a friendly carrier that died with it.  Given that ship's pilot has few kills and no EVE-O forum posts, we can reasonably assume that it's another of Henry's alts.  The carrier was likely there so the Wyvern could use its CHA for refitting purposes.  As a result, these two kills are probably more expensive than eve-kill shows because that combat fitting was either in the Wyvern's CHA, the Chimera's CHA, or a mix of both.  Ouch.

So, thanks to a little spy scam, Henry/Tarik loses his super-carrier.  What was his next move?  Yep.  He sold the Tarik character.  For 17 billion, an additional loss of three billion ISK.  Given the speed of the sale after the Wyvern died (about two hours after) and the hasty language in the thread, I think we can safely assume that the Wyvern and the pilot character represented the bulk of Henry's ISK at that point.  There's a saying about eggs and baskets that's coming to mind.

While we're on this topic, I would be remiss if I didn't also highlight a big hauler kill this week.  I speak from experience when I say that Ammatar space is almost ideal for beginners to EVE looking to make money with missions.  Just don't pack all your LP into a single T1 hauler the way this guy did:

And if you do, don't bother sending an EVE mail to the guy that tried to cure you of your stupidity.
fuuck y fuucking gay
From: Verdervan
Sent: 2012.01.04 14:37
To: harogen,

u fucking gay, i was fucking your mother and whole your family
Yes, well, harogen wasn't the guy that put all his eggs in one basket, was he?


  1. Ah, the drama in this game is so so sweet!

  2. Haha that hauler kill was posted on Reddit as well, it was hilarious

  3. "Yes, well, harogen wasn't the guy that put all his eggs in one basket, was he?"

    I don't know. Was Verdervan fucking someone else's mother?

  4. This is so funny. This very thing (not nearly that much isk, though, since I've almost never had that much isk) happened to me twice in my first year of EVE, and so I avoided lowsec completely for over a year after that. Lesson learned. I've probably moved 100 billion in merch in the last 4 years in my T2 haulers, lowsec and 0.0, with nary a loss. :-)

  5. So, do you think the final message was a beard to cover embarrasment?

    "Ship Sold B/O Accepted

    Ship delivered succesful and money transfer complete

    Also Closed"

  6. @Anon1336: Yep. I don't think the average EVE player would connect Henry and Tarik. If Henry applies for some corp in the future and his recruiter searches for Henry on the EVE-O forums, all they'll see is a "successful" supercap sale. They won't see Tarik or his loss at all.

  7. WoW, just WoW! The drama and tears in EVE can be unbelievable at times.

  8. Jester, you're saying that after the Wyvern loss, the Henry character was out of isk, needed some immediately and therefore decided to sell his most precious item: the Tarik character?

    I'm still confused at the speed of the sale. Why did he have the time to auction of the Wyvern but needed to sell the Tarik immediately? Or was simply to save face and distance himself as fast as possible from what has happened? But this begs the question, why? People have lost supercaps and billions of isk before, for much more stupid reasons. So is this really worth 3 bil?

  9. @Anon1045: I don't think it was so much "I need money" as "FUCK! I'm NEVER going to have enough money to get another Wyvern again. Fuck this Wyvern pilot."


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