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Friday, January 13, 2012

KOTW: Why were you curious

Why was I curious about the losses in the Lossless post below?  Because of this week's Kill of the Week, of course.  There's really only one kill I can pick:

Yep, you bet I'm going to pick that even though no humans were involved.  No other ship loss this week comes close to being this interesting.(1)

First, let's drive right past the question of whether this guy was botting.  I don't know if he was botting.  You don't know if he was botting.  Your corp-mate who says he knows this guy was botting doesn't know.  So let's put it aside as academic.  The pilot claims that he came home drunk, started ratting, and fell asleep.  He doesn't have any other big losses, so barring evidence to the contrary, we have to accept that.

So, fine, he lost his Nyx.  What's it doing on the kill-board?

Easiest explanation: his corp director did an API pull of all loss-mails in the corp and posted them without even looking at what they were.  After all, why would you expect to see a super-cap loss to rats?  ;-)

The fit itself is kind of interesting to me, too.  That's the least expensive super-cap I've ever seen.  Are we really to the point where super-cap users can be so relaxed about super-caps that they can easily afford a hull and practically T1 fit the thing exclusively for late-night ratting?

Sigh.  Don't answer that.

(1) OK, maybe this one does, but I've talked about using bombers to move expensive stuff around before.  The Manti pilot this week made exactly the same mistakes that I listed in that previous post, though, so it's not worth repeating myself.


  1. Ripard, looks like he sold about 9 gtc's and a few chars to afford his nyx, based upon his posting history.

  2. There is only one word for this. Only the solitary syllable screamed, the single-utterance question torn forth from the throats of the massed crew as said ship dissolved into the inky black void before erupting into a blase of gasses and torn molecules.....


  3. 16bill loss = 160 game hours assuming 100mil/h incursions = 32 days of game time if pilot plays 5h/day.

    So yeah, supercarriers are new carriers.

  4. I know he was botting


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