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Monday, January 16, 2012

Quote of the Week: Hope

This week's QOTW comes from Lana Torrin, one of the most prolific posters on Failheap Challenge, who writes (edited slightly):
You know what this is though right?  This is hope...  It's the hope we used to have about EVE and its future coming back to us.  CCP has shown us they can actually do something without fucking it up and now we all want to see the potential of EVE filled.

It's the setup for all the disappointment we have had in the past...
You gotta love a post that gives you equal measures of hope and fatalism.

Needless to say, Malcanis -- in the very next post -- summed up all the :words: with a simple image:

Count on an EVE player to portray himself as a sad sack lovable loser full of hope, but beset by the evils of CCP.  ;-)


  1. Jester, in a previous blog post, you made a statement about 'older players wanting to make things increasingly difficult for newer players...and the resentment building on both sides'. I found that to be a very interesting statement, and if possible can you please expand on that a little more, in your next blog update? thx

    1. In due course, yes. In my very next blog update? No. ;-)

      But I will throw out a hint: I think you're going to see a lot of newer player resentment thrown Mittens's way when he begins his CSM7 run.

    2. Cool. Oddly enough it appears that the incursion issue has reached a boiling point. One example of vets attempting to make things difficult for the new players..


    3. Malcanis, as retarded as he is at times, is unfortunately right...

    4. "So we made a fake logi fleet and got @15 BS killed by luring them and not repping them once aggro came in."

      [cynical comment]
      - bittervet wants incursions isk/hr nerfed.
      - bittervet makes a fake logi fleet and let a bunch of carebear to die by rat fire.
      - bittervet just proved that incursions are indeed very dangerous and have a very balanced isk/hr, so no nerfs are needed.
      [/cynical comment]

  2. @AjentSmith:

    Do you really think the players rolling Incursions in officer-fit Nightmares are new players?

    No, they're the ones trying to get into Assault fleets in tech-1 fit Ravens.

    Killing the mothership early griefs the OTA-blitzers and other PvE elitists but I doubt anyone in BRICK would mind seeing the low-level Incursion sites continue to spawn for a while after the mom dies.

    1. Fair enough. On that point it's highly likely that the officer-fit Nightmares/Vindicators/Machariels are not 'new' players.

      If memory serves, I believe there was an outcry when wh's were first introduced. Complaints of isk being too easy too make due to a.b.c ore, etc...

      There is some sort of psychology behind it (I can't think of the word right now), that makes an older player want the newer player to 'pay his/her dues' like the older player may have had to do.

      There are also other hidden reasons for griefing hi-sec incursion runners (i.e. low alliance attendance for CTA's, low/null politics, nobody wants to shoot a POS all day, etc....)

      Oddly enough, I don't see any fleets being formed to stop the botters or RMT'ers. There is a sort of mass hysteria taking place.

      It will be very interesting to see how this turns out.


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