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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday definition: Death cloning

"Death cloning" is the act of instantly teleporting yourself across the galaxy by self-destructing your pod while in open space.  You will awaken in whatever station houses your medical clone.  You will have lost all of your implants.  Don't forget to immediately pay the fee to upgrade your clone to hold your full set of skill points!  If you do not, the next time you are podded, you will lose one level off one of your highest level skills and will have to retrain it.   This skill loss is permanent.

Why death clone yourself?  There are a couple of common reasons.

The most common reason to death clone is because your ship has been destroyed in PvP combat and you believe it not worth the trouble to fly the clone all the way back to one of your home bases.  This is a choice most often made with a non-implanted clone, which are quite common in null-sec PvP combat.  If your fleet had to travel several dozen jumps before finding the fight in which you lost your ship, and you do not have implants in your PvP clone, then it might be worth the cost to simply reappear back at home rather than taking the time to travel all the way back home (and perhaps get podded on the way back anyway).  Time is money, as they say.

Still, there are common ways to use death clones strategically or tactically.  As I said in a previous definition, many players have cyno alts that they use to light cynosural fields for the capital ships owned by their main pilots.  If this is the case and you previously spread cyno ships across stations where you commonly light cynos, you can immediately death clone your cyno alt's character to one of these stations.  To do so, you just dock at the closest medical station, reset your medical clone to this distant station before death cloning.  You can often set your medical clone to quite distant locations.

This is even more convenient if your cyno alt is in a corporation with offices spread around the galaxy.  You can reset your medical clone to any station where your pilot's corp has an office.

Death cloning is also occasionally done with trade alts, in the same way.  In this case, the purpose to death cloning is to determine the prices in the market system jumped to without having to fly all the way there.

In both of these cases, it is advantageous to use clones with 900,000 SP or fewer.  These clones pay no medical fees for upgrading their clones to hold all of their skill points since the free clone can hold this many skill points.

Occasionally on Sundays, I will be defining a common EVE term for those who might not have heard it.  If you have a suggestion for such a term, please drop it into the comments.


  1. The rest of Eve calls this 'pod jumping'...

    1. Must be a cultural thing: I hardly ever hear the term 'pod jumping' used.

      But then again, I recently had to explain the term 'yarrbear'...

  2. If you have the ISK, it's an easy way to get to null sec after joining a null sec corp. If you are in a sov holding corp, you can usually jump to their market hub and ship up. You would only be able to set your clone when you are actually in the corp, of course.

  3. Nice write up.

    Around my corner of new eden we call it "pod jump"

  4. Can a cyno-capable alt train the necessary skills and still be < 900K skill points? Can't recall. I always kept my cyno alts in the same small holding corp. That corp had offices in stations with medical services in every system on my Jump Freighter's standard routes. However, that wasn't always the system best to light cynos at, necessitating an undock after clone upgrade to go to the station where the cyno ships and fuel were located. I spent a long time scouting and selecting cyno-friendly stations that would require the least amount of alignment for my slow-aligning and retardedly expensive JF. Was enjoyable...akin to exploration in a way. Was thrilled when I found the low sec system a few jumps from Jita with a station whose undock is perfectly aligned to the first high sec gate enroute to Jita...

    And fwiw, always called it "pod jumping" too.

    1. Yup. You can even have a cyno alt with the skills to light cynos from rookie ships; requiring only power core auxiliaries, cynos, and LO to be trucked out to your cyno stashes.

    2. it only takes 660k SP to get all racial frigs to 3, and Cyno and Infomorph to 4.

      I also have always heard it as "pod jumping" I've never heard death cloning before.

  5. Just in support, in my null-sec corp we also call it death cloning

  6. Another use of death cloning is when you get stuck in a WH.

  7. Around my area its either pod jumping or the 'pod express.'


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