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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February junk drawer

Welcome to the junk drawer, part of a series of monthly posts in which I dump all the stuff that I couldn't develop into full blog posts this month...

Back in January, Kirith Kodachi of the Inner Sanctum of the Ninveah blog had himself a "Redesign the Eagle" contest.  The premise of the contest was to see who could come up with the best redesigns and tweaks both for the Eagle's mechanics, and for the look of the ship itself (which he finds obnoxious).  I actually kind of disagreed with his assessment of the Eagle in the looks department.  I think it has a Serenity from Firefly vibe going for it which is appealing.  I noted that I'd mostly make cosmetic changes to the design, mostly around the engines (which have always struck me as unbalanced and asymmetrical) mirroring what was done with the Raven's engines last year.

For my changes themselves, you can read the rest of my entry in full.  Short version, though, I bemoaned the fact that the new Oracle outshines the Eagle in its own role far more inexpensively and requires fewer skill-points.  Then I pointed out it was measurably inferior to every other HAC, and proposed a series of changes on how to address that.  For my entry, Kirith awarded third place in the contest, which was good enough to win a pirate faction frigate (I chose a Dram).

I have to admit, though, that I had a bad few minutes when I realized that had I come in second in that contest, Kirith could have easily said "You win a pirate cruiser. And since you like what the Moa looks like, you win a Gila pirate cruiser. :-P"  Heh.

Thanks for running the contest, and thanks for the Dram, Kirith!


Reading this article on EVE News 24 about a recent Titan "abortion" -- the word used when a POS and CSAA with a suspected super-cap under construction within is destroyed -- it occured to me to wonder something rather simple.

Given the proportionately high number of 0.0 bloc candidates on the CSM this year, why haven't any of them proposed that CSAA kill-mails show what was under construction within?  Seems like a simple enough thing for CCP to implement.  Mittens, get on this.


I forgot to include cynos in my Utility High Slots guide.  This has been corrected.  The Overheating Guide has passed 5000 page-views, which isn't the most page-view of any of my guides (the Incursions Guide holds the record by a wide margin), but it is the fastest any of my guides have hit that milestone.  The Overheating Guide did it in a little under 60 days.

Next guide will be part four of my "Moving to Null-Sec" guide.


A bit of a follow-up on my comments about "Absurdist Theater" vis a vis the CSM7 elections.  There have been various articles and posts in the various fora about Darius III's and Riverini's campaigns with regard to the non-disclosure agreement that CSM members are expected to sign.  How can we expect these candidates to keep to the NDA, particularly when "everyone knows" that Darius III already violated it?

To the latter question, CCP Diagoras simply said "We have not seen evidence of any NDA breaches. Should you have any, please feel free to contact us via the petition system."  As for Riverini, the topic came up during his participation in the Lost in EVE CSM debates.  (I'll have more to say about those when I've listened to all four of them.)

The underlying assumptions in the question are just funny to me because we currently have and have had EVE bloggers and EVE news writers on the CSM before.  I myself was concerned about the NDA when I was thinking about a CSM7 run, but I was more concerned over the fact that the NDA might prevent me from writing about something that was public knowledge, not that I would have trouble with breaking the NDA over something private.  Nobody's asked Riverini that one yet that I've seen, and to me, it's the more interesting question.  Could CCP use the CSM NDA to keep something damaging, but public, from being widely disseminated?


The Eat the Minmatar blog's inaugural post was an interesting look at a possible Caldari ice interdiction that's happening under everyone's noses.  Go out and give the piece a read.

Additionally, I've had to bounce a couple of blogs out of my "Must Read" list due to inactivity so I'm again looking for very active blogs to advertise.  If that's you, post your blog in the comments and I'll take a look.  You don't have to be e-famous or anything.  You just have to blog frequently about EVE or MMO topics, and by frequently, I mean every day or two.


Finally, a short one about CCP.  Mike Tinney, President of CCP Games North America, resigned his post this past week.  Tinney was previously with White Wolf Publishing and was hired by CCP when they acquired White Wolf in 2006.  I assume he was the most senior executive at CCP's Atlanta facility.  Given the impact of the lay-off and the fact that we won't see a World of Darkness MMO until at least 2013 (if not longer, or ever), it's not surprising that he decided to step down.  I doubt there's very much more going on with this than that.

His final statement seems to imply pretty strongly that he's going to jump into the "gaming + exercise = achievements" craze that's so big right now.


And that's it, junk drawer is empty again.  ;-)


  1. Given the preponderance of "ISK Guides" out there and your ability to write guides. How about writing one on how to make ISK and no your http://jestertrek.blogspot.com/2012/02/risk-free-isk.html doesn't count) ;)
    You've covered Missions, Incursions, Mining (enough for me at any rate), how about T2 production? In the a fore mentioned article you speak of your manufacturing. How about that, for a start?

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Re Tinney going into fitness-gamification:


  4. Forgot the link,derp, sorry for double post :\


  5. We did actually ask for what was in build on CSAA mails.

  6. While I cannot comment on the contents of the CCP NDA for NDA reasons, the following article about the typical contents of an NDA may be helpful:


    Of course, any CSM who feels the CCP NDA is overly broad can decide to not sign it, and forfeit his seat.

  7. I'd recommend Random Average - All about life in a wormhole.


  8. And if any CSM feels the NDA is too small and light, CCP can easily broaden and make it harder.

    Is it against NDA or breaking company rules to tell us the brand of alchohol they normally drink over there?

  9. Is the eagle really worse than all other HACs?
    The Gallente HACs cannot even fit weapons and tank, because of missing cpu...

  10. As this is the latest post taged with csm7-election...

    When do you think you got your 3 endorsements ready for the new faces? A few days is a variable time definition. ;-)

    1. As soon as the three are on an official, approved candidate list. No point endorsing people that aren't candidates.

      I expected Diagoras to post that list yesterday, but it didn't happen that I saw.

    2. "The final candidate list is as follows, you can click the character name links to go to that candidate’s campaign thread."


      As far as i understand this is the final list. But since I always mess up with time zones this post might be done after your blog time. :)

  11. I find your comparison of the Eagle/Moa model with Serenity to be both shocking and horribly insulting to Serenity. It's like buying a deformed turkey from the supermarket, running over it, and then saying that it bears a resemblence to an actual eagle. Yes, they're both technically birds, but that's about it. Since the un****ing of the Scorpion my list of the 5 ugliest ships in Eve goes: Moa, Eagle, Moa, Gila, Moa. The Vigil comes in at a distant 6th, but really doesn't belong in the same conversation.


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