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Friday, February 24, 2012

Kill of the Week: Gank the gankers

This week's KOTW is a quadruple feature, but they're all in the same "battle report":

Uedama, a 0.5 system on a direct line between Jita and Amarr, is becoming a common spot for suicide-ganking, even more so lately than Niarja.  Pass through Uedama and you'll see a variety of battleships, Thrashers, nano-fit haulers, and Remote Sensor Booster-fit ships all waiting for the big prize to go by.

But increasingly lately, I'm seeing another two other varieties of kills happening in this system and other suicide gank friendly systems.  The first are kill-mails generated by tossing a bullet or two into a suicide ganker as he gets blown down by CONCORD.  It's a perfect crime, after all.  You can sit at one of the gates in Uedama, and while you yourself wait for whatever it is you want to suicide gank, lock up the other destroyers and battleships in close proximity to the gate.  If they find something worth ganking before you do, you get a swell consolation prize: free and legal fire on a flashy red target, risk-free, as CONCORD ends him.

You get a kill-mail.  He gets the annoyance of seeing his kill-board efficiency drop because his suicide gank losses are showing up next to his PvP losses.  It's an amusing and perfect crime.  Ask your corp or alliance director to do an API pull to your kill-board so you can see it.

The second type of kill that's becoming increasingly common is the sympathy gank.  In this scenario, you warp to the gate with the suicide gankers and when you see them start to gank something... help them!  This is most amusingly done with a frigate or even a noob ship.  Of course, you're going to take the sec status hit along with them, and you're going to lose your ship along with them.  That's why you should make it a cheap one.  But of course, your kill-board gains the amusing spectacle (and increased kill-board efficiency) of you helping gank a freighter with an Ibis.

If your sec status is 5.0 already and you're at all interested, there's just honestly not that many reasons not to do this.  ;-)  Go out, get yourself on a kill-mail, watch your sec status drop back down to mere human levels, and grind it back up again...


  1. Would also point out that Uedama is on the direct route from Dodixie to Jita, making it a good bottleneck system in any direction.

  2. Most of the time if you see a single n00b ship or frigate on a killmail its done to grab aggro on the freighter before the rest of the gang arrives so he can't logoffski.

    1. Logoffski? To avoid a high-sec gank? Tell me more.

  3. Well in the case of suicide ganks, obviously not since its usually too late by the time things are in motion...any other freighter kill though and you can almost be guaranteed its to grab aggro. For people that complain that highsec war dec mechanics are built in favor of the aggressor, there are still so many tactics that carebears can use to essentially be untouchable, ie: freighters jumping through a gate, seeing reds, logoffsking, then having someone kick them from corp before they log back in.

    Anyways, I somehow missed the mention of suiganks on the second type of kill or that the entire article was about suiganks... read the article right before I went to bed...herpaderp. >_<

  4. http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=12564692

    Here is something awesome :D ... that char is 1 1/2 months old btw

  5. And how about the logonski? There is a wardec on. You scout a hisec system to make sure no wartargets are around. Just a few noobs passing by. Bring the freighter in and those innocent noobships lock and tackle you one at time as they get popped by CONCORD. Suddenly a gang of wartargets logonski and drop right on the gate. BAM! Noobships on a killmail.



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