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Friday, February 17, 2012

Kill of the Week: Must be nice to be rich

Let's go with a pair of pricey kills this week.

Last week, I highlighted this loss-mail from Garmon, the loss of a Alliance Tournament prize Adrestia.  This week, Garmon lost a second hugely expensive ship, this time as his main...

Even worse, this ship probably didn't last long: I've been in a lot of seven-Tornado fleets and I know what they can do.  All I can say is that it must be really nice to be rich.  On the other hand, figuring that the combined Hydra/Outbreak AT teams split up the BPCs for their AT9 winning ships, it's just possible that Garmon built and sold one of each of these ships to collectors.  That would give him enough money to fit the rest of them for PvP...

That said, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have the guts to PvP in a 40 billion ISK Vangel, and I sure wouldn't do it after losing a 30 billion ISK Adrestia five days before.  In fact, if I lost a 30 billion ISK ship in PvP, I think I'd devote the next five days to having a good cry.  ;-)

So, props to Count MonteCarlo/Garmon for not doing that, but dude... you might want to take it easy and fly some T1 stuff for a while.  Let your alliance kill-board recover from these efficiency assassination attempts.

This kill is also worth mentioning, as a learning moment:

After having a stellar 44 billion ISK carrier kill last week, one of K162's loot transports got smited while heading to Jita to sell the proceeds of... what?  Maybe four days of wormhole ops?  ;-)  This one is instructive because the Viator warped to station, landed 1800-1900 meters off, and then had to slow-boat the rest of the way to station while decloaked.  That gave the single Tornado plenty of time to pop it.

Lots of people have "undock" bookmarks that allow them to warp directly off-grid from station immediately after undocking.  This is a great idea when you're undocking while carrying something expensive.  But what if you're carrying something expensive to market that you want to sell?

Well, for that, a lot of players have "redock" bookmarks, particularly around the big markets.  Most of the big market stations have pretty large dock radii and are pretty big stations.  The trick here is to create a bookmark within the station's dock radius that is likewise a goodly distance from the outwarp locations for the celestials surrounding that station.  The Jita 4-4 station is particularly enormous and lends itself well to these sorts of redock bookmarks.  Anywhere underneath and beside the right hand side of the station will do.  Mine's just behind the "tether" on the front right side of the station.  When I jump into Jita, instead of clicking the dock button, I warp to my Jita redock bookmark instead.  When I land, I'm nearly always at 0m and can dock immediately.

But this is a bit tricky because you're going to land 2500m or so from your bookmark and in a random direction.  As a result, pick a location that takes this into account.  Again, Jita's an ideal station for this because it has such a big docking radius.  Some of the other market stations (Amarr comes to mind) are not nearly so friendly to redock bookmarks.  Even if the worst happens and you end up outside immediate dock radius, though, you'll still be at an advantage because you won't land in a predictable spot.  It's a good bet this Tornado was positioned so that his optimal was right where ships were coming out of warp, most likely from Perimeter...

That was another 23 billion ISK down the drain, so 63+ billion ISK between these two kills this week, or more than most Titans cost.  Again, it must be nice to be rich!


  1. "After having a stellar 44 billion ISK carrier kill last week, one of K162's loot transports got smited while heading to Jita to sell the proceeds of... what? Maybe four days of wormhole ops? ;-)"

    Not sure why he would have to travel all the way to Jita to sell the blue loot.

    Also, talking of isk faucets ..

  2. not related to current post...but i finally figured out why your http://www.kugutsumen.com/ link doesnt work.

    your link is https:// which fails.

    i use your blog roll after i read you each day.

  3. Technically not a 39B ISK loss, since 35B of that is an estimated value of selling the ship on the market. So it's "un-valuable" ship plus 4B ISK of fittings.

    Ultimately, what is a PvP player going to do with the shiny prize they won at the PvP alliance tournament? Sit it in the hangar and stroke their ego over their potential net worth? Sell it and realise that net worth? Or fly the damned thing and actually have some fun?

    Yes, it must be good to be rich, but it must be even better to know you blew up a ship that very few others will ever have a chance to fly.

    Fly it like you won it!

  4. It is nice to be rich, but it's all about how you got there. No matter how you get rich, there's a lot of work somewhere being put in to get to that point.

    Pretty much anyone in eve can get "rich" if they want to put in the time/effort, but very few are willing to do this.

    Also, most titans with rigs and hull ONLY are going for 90b+, not counting fits etc etc. 63bil is closer to the build cost of most titans(50-60b), rigs excluded.

    Additionally, it really depends on your definition of rich. If your definition of rich is double digit billions or more, then there's an awful lot of us out there.

    Once you get "rich" you'll begin to notice that you aren't, in fact, particularly rich at all. I have triple digit billions in liquid isk, and still don't consider myself "rich". Until you break the 500b mark (which I'm not quite to yet even including all assets) you aren't really rich.

    Other than that, good info for hisec ppl about avoiding suicide ganks. ;)

    -Lord's Servant

  5. Ripard the difference between "l33t" pvpers and good pvpers is that good pvpers simply do not care about efficiency and keeping it high - if it's high, that's an indication that either you've been engaging in a fair few ganks or that you've simply not challenged yourself enough.

    Example, we (The Tuskers) recently broke 80% efficiency for all time activity. When we noticed you know what our memberships response was?

    "We've been slacking - we've been losing far too few ships"

    Our CEO's response?

    "In an effort to fix our corp efficiency, I hereby direct all Tuskers to put it all on the line this week. I want you guys to take some serious risks, solo or small gang (squad-size or less on the battle report). If you believe your WINNING battle report (a lone killmail isn't enough unless the single engagement was NOT part of a wider skirmish) from now through Saturday, February 4 epitomizes the Tusker value of skill and daring against the odds, link to it in this thread and make your case.

    In consultation with the directors, a winning pilot or pilots will be selected, and he or they will be officially recognized and decorated.

    80%? This shall not be. I expect most of you to seriously mess up in your attempts to cover yourselves in glory.


    For this reason, it always amuses me that some alliances take efficiency so seriously - TeamLiquid and Rote Kapelle for example, where if you lose an expensive ship, you get shamed.

    Also, check out Garmon's Cynabal & Loki lossmails! Good fun had there!

  6. Replies
    1. Garmon is indeed the main. The Count used to belong to me! :)

      Was always finding new and innovative ways to get blown up back then too!

  7. http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=12479975

  8. Worrying about Efficiency or Kill to Loss ratios is a sure way to never take any risks and never have any fun.

    I don't mind losing 10 Taranis if I get one great fight from the exercise.

    That's the best way to think about EVE I think.

  9. On the Viator... As somebody else already said - why take all the blue "tags" to Jita - they're worth less there and there's the additional risk. Plenty of NPC stations all around empire where you can sell those for max price. They also made up the bulk of the value of the loss!

    "Redock" bookmarks... mine for Jita 4/4 is in the middle of the sticky out bit of the structure. I tend to bounce around a bit when I land, but remember it doesn't matter for a "redock" bookmark if you bounce as you're going to manage to click dock before you bounce out of dock range (no session timer to wait out unlike if you jump a ship to a station.)

    For Amarr, undock from the station and do a 180 straight back "up" then bookmark when you bounce off the structure.


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