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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday definition: Disco

And now, an EVE term definition for the newer EVE players.  You vets can move on to the next post.

From time to time, you'll hear people talking about "disco tactics."  The term refers to using either a single or a small group of smart-bomb fit battleships as the primary damage to a target.  The reference is to the rotating mirrored balls that would be mounted to the ceilings of 1970s dance clubs.  Alternately, you'll also hear about "disco fitting."  This one is similar, and refers either to fitting a ship for disco tactics or fitting a support ship whose role for a PvP fleet will be to sweep hostile drones off friendly Logistics or specialty ships (such as Bhaalgorns).

In high-sec, smart-bombing is used with good effect against mining operations, particular ice-mining ops using Retrievers.  These ships are almost literally nothing but tin-foil wrapped around their mining lasers and fall swiftly to even a single smart-bombing battleship.  This was demonstrated admirably by fmercury a couple of years back when he wiped out dozens of Retrievers (and more than a few Mackinaws) using a single smart-bombing Armageddon.  This is why you should spread out your mining fleet.  ;-)

In low-sec, smart-bombing battleships sitting at the out-warp locations on the system's star-gates are what make the Rancer system practically a no-travel zone.

A pretty common null-sec disco tactic is the use of Abaddons with EM damage-dealing smart-bombs.  The Abaddon's high base resist can be supplemented to make them all but immune to EM damage, allowing a group of these monsters to sit in close proximity to each other.  A bubble or two is then added to force the target ships out at ideal range of the smart-bombing battleships and off you go.  This was used to good effect last year by AGONY Unleashed against a group of hostile HACs.  It was also used two weeks ago by Rooks and Kings against a RvB destroyer fleet with rather spectacular results.

Let's go to the video:

(It's not typical with disco tactics to jump in a couple of carriers to provide reps, by the way...  ;-) )

Occasionally on Sundays, I will be defining a common EVE term for those who might not have heard it.  If you have a suggestion for such a term, please drop it into the comments.


  1. I still don't understand why it's called a disco fit. For quite some time I thought a disco fit was a laser fit, because there are lasers at discos.

    1. It is called a disco fit because if you watch a number of BS's smartbombs going off, the scene flashes and strobes as if you were at a disco. Hence, the name is a disco fit bs.

  2. Well europeans call clubs, disco techs or something like that. So maybe that is why its confusing. Normal discos have a crystal ball (hanged from the ceiling) that spins and colors come off of it. Its from the 70s or so.

  3. The term can also be used to describe if a player disconnected (*** discoed, or the fleet pulled a disco on us)
    Altho not as commonly used, ive heard it more than once from several different players.
    "I dc'd" can be used to this effect, but due to different accents it can make it harder to figure out the correct wording on comms.

  4. Wiz, that bmombs like a dance room balls - that is the point. An we had it in 90s...

  5. Hahaha! That first video was hilarious. Listening to the vent conversation was even better because it becomes clear that they also broke the #1 rule of EVE. Don't fly what you can't afford to lose =)

    Also, I was in that RVB gang that was smartbombed to hell and back. "Hey, we got a cyno in system" says the scout. "Warp to the cyno!" says Mangala. Then the carriers jump in with some of us still in warp. "SMARTBOMBS!!", then the hilarity ensues =)

  6. I thought a Disco fit involved tracking computers or sensor boosters. Those two both have a disco graphic to them.

  7. One term that I was wondering about is the 'Welpcane' and 'Welpfleet'

    I *think* I know, but that isn't the same as actually knowing. Y'know?

  8. Agreed with the different types of fleet. And what is a Hellcat?

  9. Hellcat: http://jestertrek.blogspot.com/2011/04/kill-of-week-evolution.html

    Welpcane is basically the standard Hurricane I posted last year: http://jestertrek.blogspot.com/2011/01/fit-of-week-standard-cane.html

    Though yeah, it might be interesting to do a post on the different (easier) standard fleets.

  10. what rnk are doing is pipebombing, so they're not using bubbles to keep ships at range; rather they are portalling to the edge of a bubble which the fleet is already in warp to. by the time they see rooks and kings in local it's too late.

    for the low-fi approach, PERVS video is worth checking out too.

    Old smartbomb animation was more 'disco' than the new one, imo. its more like fire now.

    1. Second this. The PERVS' "Low Sec Doomsday" group - showing whelping a 30-or-so man Gallente FW fleet - was for the longest time the definition of mass disco hilarity. The commentary as it's happening is priceless.

      Disco fits like this, properly applied, are quite entertaining.


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