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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Unintentional ally of the KOTW

Presented only with the comments of the people behind the kill-mail (sic throughout):

Baron Holbach > lol i just make my biggest fuckup for some tim
Captain Torlek > what u do this time
Baron Holbach > scanned out nice freighter and other side ready to gank and forgot pilot name
Baron Holbach > just type = providence
Captain Torlek > whoops
Baron Holbach > and providence jumped
Baron Holbach > but wront one and we nuke it
Baron Holbach > right one jumped like 30 sec later...


  1. Here's one you might get a kick out of: http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=12332943 I wonder if there's a list of the top 10 isk loss to hull cost going around...

  2. And the right one


  3. That wrong freighter guy said in local:
    [ 2012.02.02 19:51:04 ] Orlando Kinsey > for 3 imp heat sinks, jesus


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