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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fight us maybe?

I think DavidKMagnus must have had about eight million skill points when he was accepted into Pandemic Legion, which rather famously has a 25 million minimum... and more realistically probably won't consider you seriously if you have less than 40 or 50.  There's also a rather onerous application process even before the interviews that are a part of life trying to join any null-sec alliance.

But DKM short-circuited all of that with a brilliant "arts and crafts" project.  And since then, he's one of PL's most famous (and most friendly) members, active on the forums, Twitter, and -- from time to time -- with new arts and crafts projects.

Here's his latest.  It takes a fairly common EVE meme from the last few weeks and formalizes it to professional, brilliant, and hysterical effect.  It's a bit repetitive, but then again, so is the source material.  ;-)


  1. honestly, how can you not want to play eve now that you've heard that?

  2. Oh cool, Neil Patrick Harris is in Pandemic Legion.

  3. You are very kind! I'm glad it was appreciated, it was a lot of fun and it seems very well received. Also, my mom found this post from the youtube traffic sources and was very pleased to read that I am known to be friendly.


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