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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Keeping Score

Did you ever wonder how EVE kill boards calculate points per kill?  Me too.

I can't take credit for this information.  Let me say that again: I didn't come up with this!  But Jev North on Twitter was kind enough to point me at this excellent post written by Mintoko.  The post explains in detail exactly how PvP kill points are calculated.  Sadly, it's on the old forums and that's just the sort of thing that is likely to be lost or taken down, so I want to preserve it here for future reference.

So one more time, I didn't write what's below.  I just simplified it and published it.  This is listed as an "EVE Guide", but it's not one of mine.  Ready?  Warning: scary math follows.

Each ship either killed or involved in a kill has a point value.  Here they all are:

Ship typePoints
Drone, Unknown0
Capsule / Rookie Ship / Shuttle5
Exhumer / Barge / Industrial20
Transport ship30
Interdictor / Interceptor / Destroyer         60
Covert Ops / Assault Frigate80
Electronic Attack Ship200
Battle cruiser250
Recon Ship350
Heavy Assault Cruiser400
Command Ship450
Heavy Interdictor600
Strategic Cruiser / Battleship750
Black Ops1800
Jump Freighter2000
Industrial Command Ship2500
Capital Industrial5000
Super Carrier6000
POS Small750
POS Medium1500
POS Large2250
POS Modules500
Infrastructure Modules500
Territory Modules500

Find the number of points the victim is worth.  This is now recorded as "VP".  Find and total the points for all ships involved in the kill.  This is now recorded as "KP".  Do not count any rats or gate guns involved in the kill.

Here is an example.  A Hurricane battle cruiser (250 points, VP = 250) was killed by two stealth bombers and an interceptor (80+80+60 = 220 points, KP = 220).

Here's the math:
Maxpoints = ROUND(VP * 1.2)
Gankfactor = VP / (VP + KP)
Points = CEILING(VP * (Gankfactor / 0.75))
And the most points you can get for a kill is "Maxpoints", 300 in this case.  So in our example, Gankfactor = 0.53, and Points = 178, exactly what is reported by the kill board for this Cane kill.

Here's some more examples:
  • A Tornado (250 points) pops a cyno frigate (50 points).  GF = 0.167.  Points = 12.
  • A titan (20000 points) doomsdays a carrier (3000 points).  GF = 0.13.  Points = 522.
  • 20 Tornadoes (5000 points) kill a freighter (1500 points).  GF = 0.23.  Points = 462 each.
  • 200 Maelstroms (150k points) kill a titan (20000 points).  GF = 0.11.  Points = 3138 each.

Some random thoughts that caught my interest that have no place in an EVE guide:
  • If you want points, it's better to be a Goon than an elite solo PvPer.  You will get more points.
  • The value of the ship's modules and cargo, despite popular belief, doesn't matter in the slightest.  You get the same points for ganking a shiny battleship as you do an unfit one.
  • Flying faction ships is far better than flying T2 ships if you want points.  A Vagabond that kills another Vagabond 1v1 will get 267 points.  A Cynabal that kills the very same Vagabond will get 427!
  • In a 1v1 fight of matched opponents, the winner will get 2/3 the point value of his kill.
  • In a 1v1 fight, you max out -- points-wise -- if you kill something worth about five times as many points as you.  A frigate killing a battle cruiser, for instance, will net 278 points, near the Maxpoints value of 300 for killing a BC.
  • That said, 20 frigates that kill a battleship get 429 points each for the kill, so having friends along is generally a good idea...
  • ...and even if the battleship is killed by 20 cruisers, that's still worth 273 points each.
  • As a result, people who think solo PvPing will gain them the most points are -- in general -- wrong.
  • If what you want is points, frigate roams are where it's at.  Which brings me back to my first random thought.  ;-)

All in all, quite interesting stuff, I thought!  I hope this information is useful.  Thanks to Mintoko for posting it, and thanks to Jev North for pointing me at it!

EDIT (7/Jun/2012): Oh, one more thing.  This isn't how Battleclinic calculates points.  They seem to have their own calculation for "Gankfactor" that factors in the number of ships involved in a kill and how powerful those ships are.  A 1v1 kill is worth the same or nearly the same number of points on both eve-kill and BC.  For instance, if a battle cruiser pops a cyno frigate, that's worth 12 points on both.  But if there's a lot of ships involved in a kill or several powerful ships, BC will give you many fewer points than eve-kill will, for the same kill.  Just FYI.


  1. Nitpick, but: being a Goon and an elite solo PVPer aren't mutually exclusive. The Tiberizzles and jm24s of the world definitely beg to differ.

    1. Looking at their KBs in detail, they don't look very elite to me. Efficiencies are too high (really).

  2. Also there was a time when battleclinic rewarded noctis solo kills with 40 points. Preposterous...


  3. Battleclinic's corp ISK killed is also current utterly broken, leaving it useless as an intel tool:



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