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Friday, June 15, 2012

Kill of the Week: Hysterikill

Oh, to be a happy Goonswarm member who never has to leave null-sec.  Goons live in 0.0.  Therefore high-sec war-decs and people who join Jade's little crusade so they can shoot at Goons in high-sec are irrelev-- owait.

If you believe the conspiracy theories(1), then this loss is what prompted the Goons to sperg to CCP that unlimited war allies uniting against them was unfair.

Anyway, needless to say this is a minor loss in the scheme of things for Goonswarm.  The kill itself is routine: a bit of moon-goo from OTEC tech moons on its way to market to feed the great reimbursement machine.  Nagas are a near-ideal platform with which to kill this JF.  As a result, I don't have much more to say about it... but I would have been remiss had I picked something else this week for KOTW.  Fantastic kill for the pilots involved, though!  My congratulations to them!

As a bit of filler, I'll offer this second JF kill, also killed by a small number of pilots (effectively, one):

Rumor has it this guy jumped his JF to a cyno lit at a "safe spot".  Because cyno locations are perfectly safe, right?  I dearly hope this story isn't true, but that's the rumor.  EVE needs more dumb people who play late at night US TZ so I can get a few kills like this.  Again, congrats to the pilot involved!

(1) Again, I don't.


  1. Long time reaader first time poster,
    Love the blog and especially this goon mockery

  2. It appears that Ring mining has been shelved by CCP Soundwave until Soon(TM):

  3. Those are my allies on the second loss. :(

    1. I hope you mean the killers and not the guy who lost it.

  4. just when i thought the "sperg" wave had passed by without it affecting you, it's on full blast this week

  5. Didn't want that freighter anyway... Right,Goons?

    Zerg rush in 3...2...1

  6. actually seen it done in low sec a few times...cyno at a random spot in system...i believe the system actually had at least one station too.
    I didn't see the point then and after years of playing the game, still don't see the logic in that.

    As for the goonswarm kill...Not exactly interested in politics in real life so why should i care about the same kinda drama ingame. Personally, i think politic strategy is more random and whimsical that conspiratorial...politics is like riding the crest of a wave - powerful yet capricious. I doubt KOTW lends itself to insightful political analysis

  7. But But But,
    Suas stopped his syndicate ops last week.¨, you dont have to be so bitter about fact you and your "eleet pvp alliance" was dupstered by bunch of newbies in thrashers and frigates

  8. Out of curiosity, are you stress-testing the Goon's Ministry of Love by trying to get them to wardec Rote Kapelle and apply their death squads to taking down PvP veterans rather than highsec bears?


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