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Friday, June 22, 2012

Kill of the Week: Steamrolled

Living in Syndicate as I do, I'm directly affected by the current Fatal Ascension road-trip into the region.  Nicknamed the "Syndicate Steamroll" by FA, the road-trip currently has a stated efficiency of around 36-40% depending on the day you check it.  And that efficiency doesn't count the FA Wyvern self-destructed early into the trip to prevent it from appearing on a kill-board.  More-or-less quote from FA about that loss: "He was the only one willing to fly it.  He's getting an Aeon to replace it."  True story.

One starts to think that perhaps FA should have specified which side of the steamroller they wanted to be on: the top or the bottom.

While FA has killed a large number of Syndicate POSs and taken over some relatively high-value moons (it's the only thing keeping their road-trip efficiency from being a lot lower), they've endured every sort of embarrassment imaginable.  They've lost major fleets to straight fights, bombing runs, and smart bombs.  They've lost a major capital ship fleet.  And they've lost any number of single-ship and small-gang engagements all over the region.  And of course, we in Rote have done what small things we can do to make their lives a burden to them.

They're coming by that 35-40% efficiency honestly.  The EN24 article estimates that they'll have to hold those moons for several years to pay for their losses.

That said, for my money, this is the Kill of the Week:

Flown correctly, it's nearly impossible to lose a Black Ops ship.  And hell, I know more than one Black Ops pilot that eschews tank entirely in favor of a few Warp Core Stabilizers just to make it even more impossible.  But very occasionally, you get a Blops pilot that does something dumb.  Like sitting decloaked in space for minutes at a time bridging bomber gangs around the region.  And not changing his safe spot after he does it.  And not keeping an escort nearby in case an embarrassingly small number of ships lands on him.  And not fitting decent jammers.  Or an acceptable fit of any kind.

I think you get the point.  ;-)

As I put it myself on EN24, Syndicate welcomes our new pet overlords with open arms.  Stay as long as you like, Fatal Ascension.

I've gone my whole EVE career to date without killing a Black Ops, but I've still got high hopes I might get in on such a steamroll in the next couple of weeks...


  1. Karbox DelacroixJune 22, 2012 at 8:40 PM

    The hubris of alliteration knows no limit.

  2. The one Blops kill I've been involved in was totally random. There had been some light bomber troubles in the north, like maybe 10 guys hanging out hotdropping the odd random person. We were just sitting there camping a gate on the pipe out of Tribute through M-0EEB (don't remember which system, but a couple back from Taisy) when suddenly a Sin and Widow derp through the gate together. Widow got munched, but we missed the Sin. Why they didn't just jump to lowsec confuses me.

    Not long ago I watched a Widow on our side blow up because he didn't realize only the bombers were jumping...we were bored and decided to drop on a (at that time, new to the game) Tornado, a Rokh, and a few tier2 BCs. So 6 bombers and a Widow poop out through the covcyno; bet you can't guess who got primaried.

    Makes me unsure if I ever want to get one; seems like embarrassment waiting to happen.

  3. That blops was caused due to a grid being over 800km long.
    And this was not realised until it was to late.


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