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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Magic trick

From the text of a petition I just submitted:
Weird one.

I was in the process of dragging three stacks of items from a can in one of my corporate hangars to the corporate hangar itself.  The three stacks were:
* 1000 Quantum Microprocessors
* 155-odd R.A.M. Electronics
* 7160 Transmitters
I selected all three, dragged them from the "Invention" can in my corp PRODUCTION hangar, to the PRODUCTION hangar itself.  Then I clicked the PRODUCTION hangar.

The Quantum Microprocessors are there, having arrived after being dragged safely.  The other two stacks are apparently not.  All three stacks were dragged with the same mouse movement.

I ran an API pull on corporate assets looking for the two missing stacks and it reports that both stacks are in the PRODUCTION hangar (CorpSAG6)... only they're not.

Ummm... help?
Still a few bugs in the Unified Inventory.

EDIT (28/Jun/2012): The two missing stacks reappeared after downtime this morning, after disappearing into the Bermuda Triangle for 24 hours or so.  Now to wait on a response to the petition.  I expect that'll happen around 6 July...


  1. This happened to me right after the patch. The items reappeared in my cargo hold (where I'd dragged them) after a session change.

    1. I saw that happen once or twice after the new UI intro to me where they appeared later... I didn't tie the solution to a session change but it sounds plausable.
      The coded alpha version of the new UI released to us seems to be geting closer to a beta version bug wise is the good news... the bad news: the look & feel is still very much alpha IMHO

      I think the best way to get used to the new UI is to unsub from EVE & come back after a few months: then part of the normal relearning process will mask how crappy an interface it still is.

  2. Please, fill in a bug report :)

    1. lol do that & promise to report the response in comments here immediately after CCP response ( in August ;)
      These bug reports now get you the responce that its a customer support issue and you should file a petition.

    2. I'm sorry but, that is for 1 year olds.

      Everybody that is 2+ years old in eve knows that both petitions and bug reports are useless and bring less than an automated response.

  3. Jester a little off topic but I just wanted to let you know that I took the CCP survey and when asked about any recommendations for future capabilities in Eve that I took the liberty to use your suggestion regarding a destroyer class tender:
    It really is a good idea. Chow.

  4. The logs show nothing

    1. No, the logs, and your own API pull show the items in your hangar. Warning: future use of Tge petition tool to scam moar items from us will be dealt with harshly.

  5. I run into this quite a bit while running a 'stack all' after salvaging sleeper loot. Half of it will disappear, and the value of the corresponding container (my cargo hold) is reduced. If I right-click and 'stack all' again it all reappears.

  6. I bought a skillbook last night, clicked on another skillbook, bought that with the popup correct, and ended up with two of the first skillbook... with two matching wallet entries.

    There are some lag issues. And I have a spare copy of Warfare Link Specialist (or whatever it is called).

  7. My viator disappeared xD I feel your pain


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