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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Nothing unreal exists

One other topic came up pretty frequently during the Fatal Ascension deployment to Syndicate that I thought was pretty interesting.  But it will need a little introducing before I can really explain it.

An important fact to remember about EVE's Syndicate region is that it's made up of 15 little pockets of between four and ten systems each.  Ten out of 15 of these pockets are easily-defended dead-end pockets.  If someone gets too aggressive in "your" pocket, it's a pretty easy matter to trap them inside.  That's one of the reasons I made the case back in January about how much more aggressively an alliance living in Syndicate "holds sov" than an alliance that actually holds sov.

Syndicate-dwellers live in the region, and if you come by, you'll see us living there.  And when we go out looking for PvP, we don't have to go far at all.  Many of the pockets have corps or alliances living there, and very few of us have positive standings set with anyone else.  A 20-jump roam there-and-back through eastern Syndicate will bring you into contact with three or four different unaffiliated groups, depending on time zone.

But if you don't know that, you might not realize that in this way, Syndicate is unusual.  In most of the 0.0 regions in EVE, the dwellers are friendly with each other.  Again, I'll use the CFC as an example, specifically the Pure Blind region.  The sovereignty map shows four groups living there (including FA), but all four are friendly with the others.  They don't engage in PvP with each other, and cooperate.  They have to go to other regions to find PvP.

A lot of FA players apparently didn't make this distinction, and just naturally assumed that since their region is a mass of groups friendly to each other, our region must be the same.  They acted as if they were fighting a nebulous "Syndicate alliance"... which of course didn't exist.  Hell, we didn't even share intel about FA movements.  Sure, Syndicate-dwellers might temp-blue for a special occasion or fleet fight, such as the pasting FA took from the combined Rooks and Kings/Agony Unleashed gang.  But that isn't the norm and other than that one occurrence, didn't happen here.

Nevertheless, it was fun to see FA members talk to Rote Kapelle members about how many of "our" POSes had been killed.  The correct answer is that zero Rote POSes were killed.  The ones FA killed had nothing to do with us, or indeed with any Syndicate-dweller except the actual alliance that owned the POS.

In the larger sense, it was equally fun to watch FA swing wildly at the "Syndicate alliance" phantom in terms of fleet sizes.  When their Wyvern self-destructed, there were 100 FA members docked up in the same system, likely more than enough to save it.  But that was early in the deployment, when FA was sure that the "Syndicate alliance" would form up to fall on any super-cap or capital fleet launched to save their tackled Wyvern.  It also took them quite a while to realize that the "Syndicate alliance" wasn't going to form up a 150 man Abaddon fleet to contest their alpha fleet actions.  ;-)

And finally, it was also fun to listen to FA smack-talk that obviously nobody living in Syndicate was any good, because if we were "good", we'd obviously be holding sov somewhere, natch.

Anyway, just a topic that I found kind of amusing.  Sov-holders, I realize that independent small-gang corps and alliances have been hunted to extinction where you live.  But outside of sov space there's still a few of us around.  Just... you know... FYI.

Finally and incidentally, if you're in a smaller corp or alliance looking to make that jump yourselves, several really nice pockets in Syndicate are currently unoccupied.  We've had a bit of an exodus from the region lately, which means those pockets are now wide open to new corps or alliances looking to try 0.0.  A pretty nifty unoccupied "starter pocket" is the 59H-0G constellation.  It has a low-sec exit, four dead-end systems for bearing or PI, four cloning stations all with safe undocks, and an ice belt.  Most of west Syndicate is also completely open.  And of course, the region remains the capital of small-gang low-commitment PvP.  Just something to think about for those of you out there thinking about it.  You know who you are.


  1. It is hard to believe that FA would be largely ignorant of Syndicate since I was there when they first moved into Syndicate. Not as part of FA itself, heaven forbid, but as part of another alliance affiliated with FA in some ways. This was back in late 2010 when FA occupied much of northern/western Syndicate. We took A-S as our base of operations.

    Of course, an alliance is made up of many parts and FA has grown and changed much since those days. So it is entirely possible that many of their pilots don't harken back to those days.

    1. Just reporting what actually happened. It actually happened often enough to surprise me.

  2. Things to expect in syndicate.

    1. Decent Solo potential. Don't be stupid you will still be blobbed every now and then

    2. Lots of 10-30 man PvP fleets roaming the region

    3. Excellent anti-ganker training. You will learn to avoid ganks while PvE'ing those nasty rats.....though why would you PvE when you could be SHOOTING PEOPLE....I will never understand.

    4. Smack Talk....if you can't talk the talk....well thats your problem.

    But yea small gang PvP is the heart of syndicate so if your carebear corp wants to learn the ropes syndicate will mercilessly teach you.

  3. Bags EF- pocket.


  4. Hmm, definitely makes me think of things in a different light. Just like the average FA pilot didn't lose a super, or a cap, or more than a couple BSes, neither did I nor anyone in my alliance lose a POS. In that sense, I guess I'm in the same boat as them in this supposed Syndicate vs FA war.

    To add on to your last paragraph, there isn't really anyone living between BMNV and Cloud Ring in USTZ recently is there?

    1. Nope, CAS lives in RF- I think, and UMAD lives in A-S or 2P can't remember. But those latter are EU only pretty much.

      Also Jester, it wasn't rnk&agony vs FA. it was rnk/umad/agony, umad had a much bigger role in that then agony did, heck it was their POS.

  5. Ah, last paragraph is Jester trying to lure fresh meat in for him to attack....

    It is interesting the attitude that large nullsec alliances have that the people who don't have the things they have must not be any good. They also assume that nobody who is in highsec is going to be any good at combat, that it's a bunch of n00bs and/or losers who haven't "graduated" to nullsec. It's pretty universal to think that people who do things differently from you are doing things wrong, but at least those in highsec who pay any attention to the buzz around the game hear all of the celebration of the nullsec alliances and are aware that they are out there. More folks in nullsec seem to have blinders on about anybody who knows what they're doing PVPwise playing the game any way other than the way they pay it.

  6. Is there any way to join Rote Kapelle Jester? I've just been wondering that.

  7. Hey Jester Are you just trying to create a "target rich environment" in 59h-0G for Rote when you guys go roaming are you ?

  8. Thanks for the nod to that wonderful pasting. Wanted to give a shout out to Pure Madness (who owned the POS that FA was going after) for bringing us and RnK in on that great fight. Don't forget about them!

  9. Well, i was in syndicate during this deployment with FA.
    And tbh, more often than not, as soon as an FA fleet entered system, you could bet you're ass on that all the so called "non-blue entities" in syndicate would ball up and go after the FA fleet. (outnumbering FA fleets on more than one occation)
    We had great fun in syndicate, and i mill prob take more than one fleet down there when it comes down to it.

    In regards of the nyx, there is a sentiment in CFC/FA when people have caps/supercaps tackled, if they are retarded, usually people dont come crawling out of the woodwork to come save them.

    As a sidenote, syndicate dwellers really really really need to learn how to bomb properly, im not saying FA is the masters of bombing, and we did see some corps/alliances actually pretty decent at it, but usually we could just sit still know that they would miss us completely.

    And stationgames are as always something that belongs in highsec.

    1. Dradius CalvantiaJune 29, 2012 at 3:47 AM

      That is fucking rich considering the only thing I ever saw of FA durring my timezone was you guys parking 5 seboed maelstroms and 3 chimmys on the EF- undock and refusing to leave to chase my solo Taranis.

    2. Must be the wrong Tz then.

  10. Hey jester! Those of us from 99 that came down to live next to you for a little while enjoyed our time being rotes neighbours!

  11. syndicate is not that special.

    - a curse dweller

    1. Curse is nice. Just not as many defensible little pockets, so doesn't have the potential for as many residents.


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