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Monday, June 25, 2012

Quote of the Week: It hurts!

I've been far too busy the last week with Rote Kapelle preparations for the Alliance Tournament (which starts this week) to do all the reading that I normally do.  As a result, I feel like doing something completely off the wall for the QOTW since I finally saw Prometheus over the weekend, too.

Here's the QOTW itself, which is more or less spoiler-free:
The trick, William Potter, is not minding that it hurts.
One of the characters in Prometheus is obsessed with the movie Lawrence of Arabia, which is probably a pretty obscure flick for most EVE players.  So even though you've probably seen Prometheus, you probably haven't seen LoA so you might not understand the subtext of this scene or how it relates to the movie as a whole.  Interestingly enough though, the subtext also has some applications to EVE.

First, it's instructive to explain the LoA scene itself.  It comes from a bit relatively early in the flick where we're establishing Lawrence's character.  The details aren't important.  But what is important is that Lawrence has a bar trick wherein he can slowly put out a lit match between his thumb and forefinger while showing no apparent discomfort at doing so.  Two other characters (including Potter) are amazed at the trick, but Potter thinks Lawrence is crazy.  Still, Potter can't resist trying to do the trick himself... and finds it extremely painful, says so, and asks what the trick to doing it is.  Lawrence responds with the quote above.

And throughout the rest of the flick, we see that as a running theme in Lawrence of Arabia: can Lawrence put aside his personal discomforts and sacrifice his own desires for a cause?  Initially, the answer is "no".  Later, that changes.

The next two paragraphs have minor Prometheus spoilers, so if you haven't yet seen the movie, you'll probably want to skip them and rejoin me lower down.  That said, if you haven't seen Prometheus yet, do.  The visuals alone are worth the price of admission (particularly in IMAX 3D) and the movie itself has a lot of interesting things to say.

Self-sacrifice is also a theme running through much of Prometheus, and all of the major characters can be measured based on their willingness to make sacrifices.  The very first scene and the penultimate scene both deal with great sacrifices.  Some characters are willing to make sacrifices, including the ultimate sacrifice.  Others initially aren't, but change their minds as the movie progresses.

And some in the movie make the ultimate sacrifice for the direct benefit of others.  The trick is not minding that it hurts.

Which brings us back to EVE.

When a fleet fight in EVE goes against you badly enough, the FC will throw out the "everyone get out" call.  At that point, 97% of the time things degenerate into an "every man for himself" with everyone trying to get their own ships out of harm's way by warping out, jumping through a nearby gate, or docking.  Still, about 3% of the time, there's a fourth option: being willing to sacrifice yourself so that some other ship can live.

Most often, this comes into play with e-war ships, Falcons, Rooks, and Curses most particularly.  There's absolutely nothing wrong in this situation with getting yourself out of trouble as quickly as possible.  But it's truly heroic to be able to leave at any moment and yet still sticking around long enough to make sure everyone else gets out, too.  If someone else is tackled, can you jam out or neut out the tacklers?  Alternately, if you have capital ships tackled, can you bring in neut battleships or Blackbirds to break the tackle?

And sometimes -- not often, but sometimes -- the proper decision is to sacrifice your own ship so that someone else or everyone else can make it out.

You don't have to be dumb about it.  Keeping a Falcon on field to break tackles on a few cruisers is not a good use of resources.  But throwing a neut battleship at a hictor or a smart-bombing battleship at a dictor to save a dreadnought, or hanging back in an insured T1 BC to kill tacklers chasing a more expensive HAC gang can turn you from a great EVE pilot into a hero.  And if you lose your own ship in the process, well, the trick is not minding that it hurts.

Anyway, I'm sure there were better, more EVE-related quotes this past week that I missed, but that's what I was thinking about over the weekend.  ;-)


  1. So rare that it's worth commenting on. Good post.

  2. After reading your post what came to my mind was :

    All heroes are in the graveyard.

    But this is a game, you can buy another ship after right. But still there must be very few people capable of doing that even in a game.

    1. aye. here's to the "batmans" of eve. getting the stranded stragglers home safe

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IKBAMZT9w-4

    1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xyjkrYHxuA4

      Because I realised too late that the other does not include this.

  4. Jester Jester - I know what you went and did there ;)

  5. Establishing Davids character you mean?

    I think it speaks highly of an FC that can organize a disengage from a route to an orderly retreat where such heroics are not possible.

  6. Well at least in EVE I dont start my starship with a freakin penny whistle

  7. The big question is "will the owner of the saved ship pays for your lost ship?"

    If the answer is "no", then you made a very stupid call saving him.

  8. I take offence good sir that you would think us ignorant regarding one of the best films ever made! And the wonderfull actor Teter O'Tool.

    Not minding that it hurts is terribly poignant in terms of the character of lawrence, especially after his torture by the turks when he was captured it is even more relevant.

    PS: The book T.E. Lawrence wrote after the wall "seven pillars of wisdom" is quite the read!

    PS: I'm one of those guys that prefers to stand and die to try and get others out, mostly the dying though.

  9. Off topic, but thought I'd make sure you'd seen this: http://www.dust514.com/mercpack/

  10. I personally unsubbed because of the pile of shit CCP DEVs threw at the Incursion community which sunk it. It hurts but I did it in the same way I unsubbed last year for 6 months due to Incarna... Check out the forum thread lock war last night that ISD started waging? Tensions seem to be pretty hot around the aniversary of the old Jita Riots

  11. CCP's ISD has actually started censoring thread names & banned people whom object with spurrious violations:
    From: Trader Lilly

    I took part in the forum Riot for threads being locked and without ever recieveing a warning, since i never did anything bad on the Forums before i recieved a permanent ban for excessive spamming. (Maybe 15 Posts all together). I was kind a mad that ISD Stensson changed the headline of my thread from "CCP is bad at math" to the headline it has now and with editing the rest of the post completly changed the context and rather makes it look like i am whining about the 1% that is missing in the payout than the simple fact that ccp is unable to perform simple tasks like using a basic math formula.

    I was not even rude or anything in the post, i did not use any offensive language or anything. All i said was that ccp is bad at Math.. exactly those words which Stensson then edited and made it look like i actually just insulted them, while in reality i only pointed out a fact and that made me a little bit mad so I was one of the few guys raging against the stupic Stencorship and got banned for it.

    check out the name this 'moderator' chose lol

    1. To be fair, we totally earned the ban (per the rules) for the riot. I knew I was gonna get myself banned from about the second thread into the whack-a-mole game.

      The riot was worth it though, since hopefully we'll get the CCL reformed and we'll get some halfway decent moderators. But I'm perfectly ready to try to make the next one an effort organized in advance, rather than something spur of the moment if the CCL ISDs start being shit at their jobs again.

  12. @Ciar Meara

    Small correction: Peter O'Toole.

  13. A great lesson, and a great post that everyone _should_ be able to take something meaningful from.

    Sadly, the world being what it is, and EVE players being what they are, they'll take from it what Gevlon said, while snorting in derision at someone who's not "smart" enough to "GTFO while the gettin's good".

    Sometimes playing EVE makes me think the Jockeys had the right idea, just with terribad execution. ;-)


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