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Friday, June 22, 2012

Stand alone

Another quickie.  More like an aside, really.

Stuff like this is why I've only bought two stand-alone video games so far this year, and I didn't buy the PC versions of either of them.  I have not bought, nor will I buy Diablo III.  I don't care how fun it is.  I don't care how good it is.  I'm not going to support these business practices with my money, and that's that.

Put very simply, game designers: people are going to pirate your games and there's not a hell of a lot that you can do about it.  Chances are pretty good that anyone who would pirate your game would not have bought it anyway.  So, while you might think you're losing a sale, you're really not.  But in the meantime, as long as you treat legitimate customers like criminals, you're not getting a sale from me, either.

One of the two I have bought was Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.  I suppose I should go ahead and write a wrap-up post on that situation at some point.

I'm haven't bought Mass Effect 3 either, but that was for another, equally well-documented reason.  If that well-documented reason is fixed with an expansion pack, I might pick it up later in the year in a combined version that includes said expansion pack.

Overall, it's been a pretty disappointing year for stand-alone video games so far in my view, and E3 didn't make me all that excited for the rest of this year, either.


  1. lol, you sound like an old man complaining about how great things used to be back in your day. Far be it from Blizzard to try and protect their product from theft. By your standards they may as well just give it away. I guess you better quit Eve too since that's "always online" and has a real money market place. Oh noes.

    1. Bah, that's unfair. I have a large discretionary budget set aside just for buying games and my other hobbies. It isn't being used on games because there haven't been a lot of good games this year, IMO. In 2011, I bought a stack of console games alone that was at least a foot high.

      Instead of insulting me and white-knighting Blizzard's bad policies, you might mention some of what you thought were good games released this year.

    2. Sorry to barge in but:
      Just to name a few.

    3. Things WERE great back in the day. I remember when companies didn't charge cash for new maps (MW3), when editing tools were made available and people would make custom maps, guns and mods that were free to download, when an arena style shooter (a la Quake 3) still existed and skills like timing and map control was important before the ADHD crowd took over and everyone spawned with a full loadout, or when sequels weren't released in under two years and expected another $60, or FPS games were a PC Master Race exclusive.

      Fuck, I miss the old days.

    4. Alberthus: all three of those games are 2011 releases. I bought Skyrim and Bastion. I'll look at Terraria.

  2. D3 is a wonderful single player game if you disregard the fact that D2 was better in character, itemization, skills, and story.

    The online requirement is transparently built on the idea of fleecing as much money out of the RMAH as possible and hiding the outrage that would occur in games like EVE by forcing the players themselves to engage in the practice and insuring themselves a huge middle-man cut of the action. There is essentially no strategy beyond endless grinding with low payout to utilizing the gold AH for gear and the gold AH is now intrinsically tied to the RMAH.

    The reason there is no PVP isn't balance .. its the fact that this system would be the ultimate pay to win beyond anything anyone has done before.

  3. You're missing out - the ME3 multiplayer is really good.

  4. You didn't buy ME3 because of the ending?

    1. I don't reward lazy. Had the Internet been as quick about reporting what a disaster the rushed KOTOR2 ending was, I wouldn't have bought that, either.

    2. I figured it was Origin. I refuse to download EA's service for any of their games. I can live without.

  5. What was the other game you got?
    And you still think about getting EA´s games?
    Now that's is a company that treats costumers well."end sarcasm".


    This year, so far I bought 8 indies games, and among those, where some of the ones that I enjoyed the most playing, even more then Skyrim,Deux EX and so on.

  6. Agreed. Dishonored is the only bright spot this year.

  7. Actually, I am looking forward to the XCOM re-image in October.

  8. I know the feeling.

    I bought an year-old game on Christmas on Steam, but didn't bother to start it.

    I was considering buying the sequel, so I decided to play the one I have first and just discovered I get a blank screen upon start.

    I contacted customer support and ... didn't receive any answer whatsoever.

    Since my rig is well beyond the minimum specs, I'm quite sure the problem is the securom that comes with the digital copy.

    At least this made it very clear to me whether I should buy or not the sequel.

  9. Isn't the 3 day cooling off period talked about in that article the same as the 3 day wait that CCP imposes on rewards given out from the buddy invite system by people who subscribe using paypal? Something to do with waiting for the funds to clear to protect themselves from being ripped off?

  10. You wrote: "So, while you might think you're losing a sale, you're really not."
    But, in the news article you linked,
    "This follows this morning's news that the South Korean government is twisting Blizzard's arm to make the studio issue refunds for dissatisfied customers."

    So, yes, they really are losing a sale. Much like a thief who goes into a physical store, steals something, then returns it for refund.

    Let me spell it out:
    1. Thief steals Diablo 3
    2. Thief demands a refund
    3. Blizzard loses money equal to one sale

    As if it weren't bad enough that you argue "people are going to pirate your games and there's not a hell of a lot that you can do about it." Is it also your conclusion that stores should not use security cameras, or install anti-theft devices on high price items?

    I suggest you reconsider.

    1. I saw nothing in that article or in the one it linked to to suggest that the South Korean customers in question had downloaded the game illegally. All I saw was legit customers pissed about a broken product compounded by crappy customer support. Am I missing something?

  11. I've bought several games this year - but they were all from Good Old Games.

    1) I am a grumpy old man gamer.

    2) Things were better then.

    There is only 1 game I play that requires a constant internet connection, and that's EVE. And to be honest, at times I've 'played' EVE offline (fitting, reading, posting, organizing, plotting) almost as much as I've been online.

  12. Jester, I find it interesting that you take issue with the UP TO 72 hour wait for a full unlock of D3 as opposed to many other (in my opinion) more game breaking and long term issues for the industry at large. Are you just not explaining the others, or is that really your only issue?

    The RMAH, always-on connection, dumbing down of the Rogue/Diablo/Dungeon Crawl system, the sudden changes to abilities and stat values, for example, are all rife with ugly implications for gaming.

    Waiting up to 72 hours to get past L13 or part of Act I, due to payment processing, is like complaining about banks warning you it may take two business days to clear a check. And it discourages certain nefarious RMAH practices.

    Maybe I just don;t have enough time to play games?


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