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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Stealth blapper

What do you get for the EVE player that has everything, such as Elise ("Three Titans") Randolph?  How about a Titan fitting that can warp cloaked?

Let's go to the video (sort of):

I apologize for the extremely low resolution and quality.  It's an animated GIF.  I hope it's on Singularity, but who knows.  ;-)  The theory behind this ship, so far as I can tell:
  1. Jump it into your enemy's system.(1)
  2. Warp it to an on-grid tactical 240km off their home station undock.
  3. Wait for a capital to aggress on the undock.
  4. Decloak.
  5. Blap.
  6. Grin for 30 seconds while your enemy can't do much more than say "What the hell?  What the hell?  What the hell just happened?"
  7. Recloak.
  8. Warp off.

As a bonus, it can serve as a staging point for an ungodly number of stored bombers, Recons, and cloaky T3s behind enemy lines.  Feel free to fit some off-lined mods to those empty slots if you care to.  Or there's just enough CPU left to trade a Sebo with a point, heh.

I'm sure there's a reason this fitting won't work I'm just not seeing.  Sure of it.

(1) Maybe even Covert Cyno jump it.  Dunno.  That would have to be tested.


  1. "Notes: This weapon can only fire on ships that are capital-sized or larger. After firing, you will be immobile for thirty seconds and will be unable to activate your jump drive or cloaking device for ten minutes."

    No cloaking for 10 minutes after a DD. Guess someone forgot to read that part.

    1. Ah, of course! Good call. Having never flown a Titan, I'm obviously likely to miss these little details.

  2. Interesting idea, but has a painful flaw:

    From the description of Aurora Ominae:

    Notes: This weapon can only fire on ships that are capital-sized or larger. After firing, you will be immobile for thirty seconds and will be unable to activate your jump drive or cloaking device for ten minutes.

  3. Even if a Titan could use a Black Ops portal (fairly sure this is impossible since Dominion made it so Capitals can't use Jump/Titan Bridges), it would require way too much fuel that would have be consumed in one usage. Fuel usage scales with mass and a Titan is heavy.....

    Oh and if the Titan can cyno in, the system is not cyno jammed, which means that the enemy is free to jump their own capitals in. And regardless of how many Carriers that PL jumps in, 3 Doomsdays or 10 Moroses will drop this paper thin Titan if it hasn't refitted ASAP.

    Oh and it can't cloak if it's being targeted, which is what everyone on grid will do.

    1. The thing that intrigued me was the combination of the 249 km lock range and the DD. I believe Titans can DD at that range which means counter-locking it would be tough, but see above.

      Good point about the covert cyno, but I obviously wasn't serious about that. ;-)

    2. It wouldn't just be fuel considerations that would prevent it. Just fitting a covert ops cloak is NOT the price of admission to using a covert ops portal or jumping to a covert cyno. The ship must have the miscellaneous property "Jump Harmonics: 2" to use a covert bridge or, in the case of a Black Ops, use its jump drive to jump to a covert cyno. Without that property, you can't do it, even if you can somehow shoehorn a covert ops cloak into the fitting.

      You can't see this property on the in game info window but you can see it in the wiki at Evelopedia.

  4. CCP should seriously consider just removing rig slots for capital ships...its silly..

  5. Eh. I don't see any problems with this. It would be insanely retarded to fit your titans like this.

  6. You can also fit for bridging instead of having the doomsday. Not sure what purpose this might serve, but it's a possibility.

  7. Both the Avatar and the Erebus can fit cov ops now, but I'm not sure if there would be any practical use at all.

  8. How would it be able to warp cloaked?

  9. Just posted a question "how can it warp cloaked" only to discover they can now fit cov ops cloaks. So, let me get this straight, black ops can't warp cloaked and there have been extensive posts on how incredibly bad that would be. But the most powerful ship in eve can do it? Huh?

  10. This would be a great toy to own. Go to any hostile system, a few hundred km off the station, make sure they see you, cloak, and warp somewhere else on grid. Watch and laugh for hours as they try to decloak empty space.

    Get two of them, then use them to refit one another when the need arises. Combine with conventional cloaking fleet to do tackle and ewar.


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