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Monday, July 30, 2012

Quote of the Week: About damned time!

There's really only one thing to choose for the QOTW:
Ships that self-destruct whilst under aggression will now generate a regular kill-report.
And there's only one thing we say about that: about damned time!  That only took about five years to make happen, heh.  8 August can now not come fast enough.

That said, I think we can expect one unintended consequence of this one.  I know there's a class of EVE player out there that will only commit their super or capital ship today because they know their opponents won't or don't commit enough DPS to kill them in 120 seconds.  This class of player will now likely no longer commit their super or capital ship.  You know who you are.  As a result, we'll see a smaller number of small-scale capital ship engagements.

That's it, though: one small down-side in what is otherwise a long-awaited positive change.  Needless to say, the thread for this change is now up to nine pages of "thank you, CCP!" as I write this.

This change does suggest a second, related change: CCP, how about making the self-destruct timer 60 seconds instead of two minutes?  Sixty seconds is the traditional length of time for this, after all...


  1. According to that video, twenty minutes is also traditional.

    1. Technically, I think "setting your own self destruct time" is what's traditional. But none of those self-destructs were actually *implemented*. ;-)

  2. There is more to it. According to the EN24 article they drop loot, you get the KM and it has a "coward" banner on it. So with this change it becomes more satisfying to force them to SD (if conditions favor it) than to kill 'em.

    1. The only reasons for SD'ing was to deny a kill-mail and deny loot. With both of those gone, I can't see any reason why anyone would SD ever.

      Can you?

    2. No, not for the tacked pilot, but the "coward" written on the KM is a nice incentive for the attackers to try to force him to anyway.

      That's where the conditions come into play. If you know there will be no chance for him to escape or be popped by anyone else, just hold him in space and try to use some psychology to make him do it.

      Either way these fights will take a lot more time.

    3. Serpentine LogicJuly 30, 2012 at 7:51 PM

      Yeah, imo self destructed ships should drop no fitted modules (cargo should drop as normal)

  3. haha...i love the top comment on the video: "password strength: weak"

    1. That was exactly what i thought as well when i watched the video :D

      Read the comment after it and laughed in real life.


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