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Saturday, July 21, 2012


LOL  Great troll, PL.  Fantastic troll.  Everyone in Rote Kapelle had a heart attack, I assure you.  Great, great match.

On to the octo-finals!  Our first match is tomorrow at 1640 EVE time against Verge of Collapse.  I'll try to put up some kind of battle report for our match today at some point this evening.

EDIT (21/Jul/2012): Aaaaand CCP has randomized the octo-finals, so we're actually fighting Verge of Collapse at 1640.  If CCP had stuck with last year's matrix, we would have been fighting Shadow Cartel at 1600 instead, which is what I originally reported.  The brackets are now up and available for viewing at the AT Community page.


  1. I'll take Option four for 1000 Alex.

  2. "Oh, and while the King was looking down The jester stole his thorny crown"

    Hoping you guys make PL regret their clean victory.

  3. We were CERTAIN that when PL pulled damage on the Eos, they intended to self-destruct two of their AFs before killing it so that RvB would advance instead of us.

    We collectively breathed a massive sigh of relief when damage on the Eos resumed.

    It seems clear that PL wish to avenge themselves upon us in the finals for beating them. We'll be happy to meet them there. ;-)

    1. You seem to be implying TEST won't faceroll PL.

    2. GO GO Team Retard Strength!

  4. Ahaha I would've laughed so hard if RvB got through instead of you guys... no offense.


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