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Monday, July 16, 2012

Week in the Life: Delve War V

OK, I know I said I wasn't going to write anything else about Delve War V unless something extraordinary happened.  And this is more like "ten days in the life" than a week, but still.  This is pretty extraordinary:

TEST Sovereignty and Outpost counts as of this morning

During Delve War II, the Goons rather famously took 30 days to conquer the entire region.  In those days, to conquer space, you had to knock down a truly frightening number of towers.  The Goons took a lot of crap for winning Delve by "pushing a button."  After it was over, many of them went to a lot of trouble to remind people that there was the not inconsiderable matter of knocking 500+ POSs down, too.

Since then, each progressive "great war" has been less and less impressive as the sides involved have cared about it less and less.  The NC fell after only a few major super-cap battles.  RA was pushed out of the drone regions in only a few weeks.  The conquest of Branch and Tenal took only a matter of days.  And now the CFC has conquered Delve and Querious in about two weeks and with Nulli Secunda's public withdrawal, Period Basis should be in CFC hands before the weekend.

In short, compared to Delve War II, the CFC will have taken half the time to conquer three times as much space with maybe a quarter of the work.

In the meantime, it leaves a single alliance in control of more than a quarter of the map.  17 days ago during the SOTG, Mittens said that deciding what the next step would be when the CFC was into Catch and on Provi's doorstep was "laughably premature" or words to that effect.  Except that two days ago, the CFC started launching what appear to be major fleets deep into Catch and scoring well against -A- fleets there.

Guess it wasn't so premature after all... time to decide.


  1. God undocks, -A- does not.

  2. And the sov count for TEST went up another 10 since you took that screen shot, as a chunk of systems in Querious rolled over.

    I suspect if the CFC staging system moves to 49-U6U, that will be sign that there will be an invasion of Catch. Like I know what I'm talking about!

    Gents was already chasing Makalu around Stain on the 11th, so they might just be squeezing him for more intel porn.

    1. [10:50:59] Kesper North > http://gents.eve-kill.net/?a=kill_de...ll_id=13973921 archon http://gents.eve-kill.net/?a=kill_de...ll_id=13973928 vindicator

      -A- response:

      [22:00:32] Makalu Zarya > you killed my ship
      [22:00:33] Makalu Zarya > congrats
      [22:00:36] Makalu Zarya > now i kill your alliance
      [22:00:45] Makalu Zarya > u can ask DRF for reference

      ...which apparently means reinforcing our towers then only occasionally coming out to try and destroy them. That Makalu, so cute.

  3. That's fine, let mittens rule null. Just stay out of my WH.

    1. Don't worry I'm sure the Goon DEVs are going to release wormhole stabilizers at the same time Ring mining is realeased so it'll fly under the radar of the Technetium f'ix' and then the drake hoards come spewing forth into your WH ;)

    2. And where do you think the CFC will go once a large part of null is under CFC control?

  4. SoCo could've made CFC life hard by simply defending their cynojammed systems with a (super)cap support. Dominion sov system is extremely biased in the defender's favor after all (when you actually defend it!). CFC would be still struggling in Delve right now instead of gobbling Delve and Querious and preparing to consume PB. Instead -A- decided that they want killboard stats more than their pet regions. Yeah, who cares about pets, let's fill our killboard with useless bomber runs ! And let's not allow our pets to defend their territory, we already decided that goons will disappear soon (if we close our eyes and wish very hard.)

    CFC was prepared for a very long and hard war, logistics were ready to haul enormous amounts of ships to Delve to lose them in massive meatgrinders in cynojammed systems. But...SoCo gave up even before trying. Or rather -A- decided to play k/d ratio games and every other alliance meekly followed. It's not a war. It's a purge with an occasional fight. It really shows how bad -A- is at diplomacy and strategy. #1 PvP alliance my ass. If you don't like sov warfare and empire building then look closely at what Rote Kapelle does. Or Gypsy Band for that matter.

    1. The issue was SoCo organisation. The reason Nulli has pulled out is leadership and members had enough of SoCo lack of coordination. It took ages for anything to get organised, and SoCo leadership (read: -A-) refused to use modern tools like jabber to make sure fleets were at full size, and then they would complain when they weren't...

  5. I would like to see more on the topic you raised here, not Delve War V specifically but the lack of greatness in the latest great wars, and the why.

    1. I'd go read Kirith's post (which I linked). I pretty much agree with his assessment.

  6. The real reason for the rapid takeover of these regions is the proliferation of supers, of course, which in fleets of 100+ can tear down structures at a laughable pace.

    As for that so-called "major fleet" you linked, I can assure it was no such thing, just a roam looking for action that finally got to Catch after ping ponging back and forth between wiping out camps in NPC Delve (I was there, man. I'm telling you, I was there). The WC (I'm just coining this term, but it's both geographically correct and can be used disparagingly by opponents as a double entendre for water closet) has had a few strat ops in Catch, but that is not one of them.

  7. From the perspective of an outsider who has never done more than spectate on nullsec wars (so take it with just a few grains of salt), it seems like the last 'major wars' have been people (well, mostly goons) taking it in turn to topple the rotted husks that had previously been the great powers of nullsec: IT Alliance, the old Northern Coalition, White Noise., Legion of xxDeathxx, and now AAA.

    At least CFC executing IT had some real hate behind it, and the death of the Northern Coalition had a "the last days of Rome" vibe". The remainder have just felt like people going through the motions. Hell, in some of these wars one side couldn't even be bother to even pretend to care.

  8. Ok all these comments let me put in my two cents from being deployed to 319. Whoever thought CFC would not steam roll anything I think is just crazy. 4:1, 3:1 just the nature of fighting CFC and all this talk of "all" the people who would be in the fight freaking please, I see maybe 4/5 constant alliances in my fleets. The rest the numbers are so light I wont bother going into it.

    Now I don't blame CFC at all u got the numbers use em, but being on the other side those numbers yes I support not un-docking over 2:1, it does take time to replace ships. Yes I think CFC is more organized than SOCO at best we are a loose coalition. I can't speak to why Nulli decided to reset rather than crashing in stain and fighting would love to know why. I fully expect to lose Catch if they come and fight a long term war.

    Is the core of SOCO dead? Who knows we were told that for all of 2011 as well, ur crap and don't undock, blah blah blah. I am just going to wait and see a year from now to see how this plays out and who can take living and fighting out of NPC space.

    1. SOCO:s main mistake is there lack of drive on new players
      thoes RIFTER heroes of CFC aka newbee bring numbers and numbers bring fear.
      When im looking at the Nullmap only one side is very Newplayer friendly CFC .... there is where they get there numbers and there is where they gain there upper hand. only way for another powerblock to win over CFC is to get alot more members but instead i can see on eveskunk that they have shut down recruitment for the fear of spies. ... well spie all you want it doesn't matter depending if you steamroll the enemy.
      and putting the newmembers in a new alliance is also an option.
      hell i fear the day SOCO or what ever they will be named once they return if they bring a full fleet of rifters as ablative armor for there main fleet.


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