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Thursday, August 16, 2012


Just a quickie.

Back in late April when tech was at its OTEC maximum, I calculated that by value tech made up 70% of a Hulk's build cost.  Now that tech is 100k ISK per unit instead of 200k, that is no longer the case.

The new figure is 54%.  It's lower, but the tech in a Hulk is still worth more than everything else in a Hulk... combined.

For this not to be the case, technetium needs to fall to a sustained price of 80k ISK per unit, assuming all other factors remain relatively equal.  That would drive the value proportion of tech in a Hulk to 49%.  And that assumes that you only want one compound to be the major factor deciding the price of every tech 2 item in the game.  Alchemy doesn't fix that.  Ring mining doesn't fix that.  That part is going to require a major effort by CCP to rework virtually every T2 production chain in the game.

The only thing that making tech cheaper and more commonplace can do is slowly drive it from "the most important item needed" to "a major item that's needed."  Like tritanium.  Tritanium remains the second-most needed material to build a Hulk (and virtually everything else).

Just in case you were curious.

EDIT (16/Aug/2012): Oh!  And thanks to Two step for (correctly) pointing out that that 70% number needed a refresh.


  1. Tech doesn't go straight into T2 production though, with alchemy you can now build a T2 ship without tech. So yes if you use a simple reaction 54% of the value is tech, but it doesn't have to be (though it is still better).

  2. Hulks have also dropped in price 45-65 million

    1. That is largely because demand for Hulks is down since Inferno 1.2, and supply currently exceeds demand.

      Mackinaws are now the new pop kings of exhumer mining.

    2. Given the amount of tech in a Hulk, a 100k ISK drop in price of tech per unit results in a 58 million ISK drop in the price of a Hulk.

      So demand probably has little to do with it. It's a straight correlation to the reduction in tech price.

  3. Actually ring-mining can fix that.

    Trit is one of the most-needed materials in the game, the reason that Trit isn't a problem is that it's also the most readily available/abundant material in the game - anybody can go out and mine it.

    CCP don't need to re-work the product lines, they just need to work out what the relative importance/demand of the various materials are - and balance their availabilities to match when they release ring-mining.

    Hell they could fix that with moon-mining if they were willing to do the same maths and re-seed moon materials accordingly...

  4. "...still worth more...", "...not to be the case...", "...to 49%"

    Captain Obvious hits you with a Math Beam doing 19 points of damage!


  5. alright. seriously. so say i own a tech moon. haha. anyways, how much isk will that give me per hour? it's 98.5k isk per unit. times a hundred. soooo... 9.850m isk/hr

    alright, so that about 10m isk. I make that in profit in a week from my PI commodities (taking into account taxes)...that's 4 accounts with all of them into PI at lvl4 for the mains and lvl3 for the alts. That's PASSIVE income

    How much do i make an hour ice mining with the same accounts? with hulks makes 60m isk/hr (for 2hulks,orca and impel) that's ACTIVE income.

    now, take those ratting titans that were making silly amounts of isk per hour with 35m isk sanctums in less than 7 minutes. I'll grant you that if (i suck at math) tech moons across eve made more isk than all those ratting titans it really should get nerfed in the production sequence OR that idiots in CCP up the ratio to 40 units of platinum technite per 1 unrefined.

    1. Your math is quite accurate. A single tech moon is worth about 10 million ISK/hour.

      That said, you make that 10 million ISK/hour while you're sleeping or awake, while you're logged in or not, while you're simultaneously making ISK using other methods. It's nearly completely passive.

    2. A better way to look at profit is isk/hour of effort. In this case your mining is still at 60mil per hour on multiple accounts, whereas moons are in the billions per hour of effort, as the only input required is a freighter every now and then to go sell your goods.

    3. well, i've always loved alchemy and neo mercurite gives me a bit more profit (i make the fuel blocks too) and have calculated i make a billion a week with 4 accounts. so that's...what? 6m isk/hr
      So a tech moon income isn't REALLY all that out of reach of a lazy player. ice mining and PI (i set mine for 14 day intervals) is realllllllllly lazy. lol

      @ Znybar - you are correct, although the 1billion/week profit was just involving 25hrs a week of ice mining (that's 3.5hrs a day)

      But, Jester, were those Titan ratters really making more isk than all the tech moons combined?

    4. Why does everyone compare personal income to tech? Tech is not a one man thing. Holding one with less than a 80 man corp, 500 man alliance isn't reality. So yes 10 mil per hour but how much is that per member 125K? 50K? We are talking about at minimum the combine effort of a corp to continue to produce this tech.

  6. And Tritanium supply has been cut off very sharply... Why? No more drone alloys...


  7. 1. Move moon mining modules outside pos shields, set hps to something like a carrier so that small gangs can disable them if undefended.
    2. Set the minimum proximity of those mining modules to the POS shield at like 200km or whatever range works such that no ship can come even close to hugging the POS shields and be in range to rep the miner.
    3. Enjoy the farms and fields approach to POS mining.


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