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Friday, August 31, 2012

August junk drawer

Welcome to the junk drawer, part of a series of monthly posts in which I dump all the stuff that I couldn't develop into full blog posts this path month...


First up, an announcement: I'm no longer going to be as active a presence as I once was on Twitter or on the #tweetfleet.  I might use Twitter to announce the odd tent-pole post every now and then, but I'm not going to monitor tweets or respond to them like I used to.

This has been building up for a couple of months.  I'm finding that the level of dialogue available in a 140 character tweet just isn't conducive to real communications.  In fact, it seems to be most useful for announcements and for sarcasm.  Attempts at anything more meaningful are often misunderstood by one side, the other, or both.  The net result is that a Twitter conversation tends to be more adversarial than the alternatives.  I also find that Twitter directly reduces my productivity.

Don't get me wrong: the #tweetfleet community -- though small -- is a positive bunch.  But there's no moderation to it either because of the design of Twitter.  As a result, it occasionally gets co-opted by a less positive element (impostors of better-known EVE players and personalities, for instance) that I'm just not finding that appealing.

So, don't expect a lot of tweets from me in the future.


I'm sure there's a full post in this question somewhere, but I can't quite figure out how to write it, so I want to throw it out there.

I've been spending more time than I usually do lurking in various EVE fora and reading the suggestions of EVE players to the developers.  And in honor of some of these suggestions, I want to throw out a little reminder which is really probably a good first test of whether your suggestion makes sense or not.

Does your idea still work if I bring 200 of them rather than one?

For instance, a pretty common suggestion is that some sort of kamikaze attack be added to EVE.  In other words, if you're a frigate in a fight with HACs, you're clearly so outmatched that it only makes sense for you to find the closest Zealot and slam your ship into its hull.  For an individual ship, this sounds really cool.

But if 200 frigates can do it and by doing so destroy a HAC fleet one hundred ships strong, suddenly the idea isn't so cool any more.  ;-)

So if you have an idea for improving EVE, apply this test to it.  If the answer is "no", the idea needs more work.


Footnote that may be interesting to some of you.  The number of pages of the May Summit Minutes generated by each member of CSM7 is: Trebor, 66 (41 of which are the first two sections).  Hans, 36.  Elise, 19.  Two step, 17.  CCP Xhagen, 8.  Aleks, 7.  Issler, 6.  Dovinian, 5.  Seleene, 0.  Greene Lee, 0.*  Kelduum, 0.  UAxDEATH, 0.*  Meissa, 0.  Darius III, 0.

About the asterisks: apparently Greene Lee and UAxDEATH wrote fairly extensive Russian notes about the Summit this time.  But I've only managed to find bits and pieces of it so far.  Anyone have a link to the whole thing?

Expect to see more of a push to get Two step writing more.  He's the Secretary, after all.  More about this on Monday, most likely.


Several short ones.

Congratulations to Featious from Rote Kapelle for winning 250 billion ISK from Blink!  Very, very cool.  I'm insanely jealous.


Want to know how the CFC Jump Bridge map is laid out?  Here's one link to the map:

Other links in two other formats (PNG, PDF) are provided at the bottom right corner of the graphic.  The old Northern Coalition used to maintain this sort of public map.  Guess Krakizbad who maintains this map decided that was convenient.  The numbers in each connected system represent the planet and moon where the Jump Bridge can be found.  So 10-1 means the Jump Bridge is at planet X, moon 1.  CFC isn't quite up to the insane standard of the old NC, but they're getting closer.


I'm never going to be a fan of Tim Buckley, but I have to admit this comic is both funny and (mostly) true.


Finally, when mentioning all of the interesting character-related EVE websites, I intended to mention eveskunk.com.  It's not strictly character-related, but it does have one function that I find quite useful: alliance standings information.  Want to know who Goonswarm has set blue at any given moment?  That's the place to check.

For instance, if you see two fleets in the same system and both belong to large alliances, that website will tell you if they're likely going to cooperate or fight, if the two alliances are big enough.  It's quite useful!


And that's all for the junk drawer this month.


  1. Speaking of useful EVE websites, evewho.com used to be incredibly useful but has become less useful lately. A few months ago you could look up the membership of an entire alliance, and investigate everyone's employment history pretty quickly. Recent changes restrict your ability to click on links to once every 30 seconds. The site accuses you of "hammering the website" if you click more frequently than that. Not sure if they are having bandwidth problems with their hosting provider or some other issue. Whatever the reason, evewho.com is now a whole lot less useful than it once was for doing research.

  2. "Does your idea still work if I bring 200 of them rather than one?"

    This needs to be said to CCP just as much as to players suggesting new things. Supercarriers and Titans would be in a very different state if CCP had asked themselves this in the design phase.

    1. This particular quote reminded me of a direction of thought I try to remember to apply whenever I get exposed to new business ideas in RL; namely: "What Would the Goons Do?

      Even if it's only to figure out the weaknesses of an idea.

  3. 250 billion isk, wow. That is like what, two months of ships for Anderson Williams? ;-P

  4. I am disappointed that you didn't write more about how I need to write more yet.

    I'm also not sure that measuring by page count is at all meaningful, but whatever.

    1. Does someone have a guilty conscience, Mr Secretary? ;-)


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