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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Distant voices

I enjoy following the work of my fellow EVE bloggers, and lately there have been several posts, plus one new blog, that have caught my fancy.  As a result, I thought I'd highlight them so that other people can enjoy them too (in case you've missed them).

The new blog first: Diaries of a Space Noob.  This is one that Fiddler's Edge pointed at a couple of days ago and I have to say that I'm intrigued.  The premise is an experienced World of Warcraft player who is documenting, day by day, his experiences with EVE Online.  The whole endeavor is so charming and well-intentioned that my suspicious EVE player nature makes me wonder if it's not an elaborate troll of some kind.  That said, it really is rather charming.  God knows that I can't read about Space Noob's early adventures without thinking "yeah, did that" and "oh yeah, I'd forgotten about that..."  Even if it does turn out to be a troll, it's a funny reminder of early EVE career topics.  Go check it out.

Second up, I've crossed swords with Poetic Stanziel once or twice, and been caught by her particular prejudices.  That said, I have to admit that her recent post there about future development of Incarna generally and Walking in Stations in particular is both really intriguing and really well-done.  In the CSM Minutes, there was a presentation given to the CSM about future Incarna development.  As part of that presentation, they were apparently shown a prototype of game-play elements that CCP is working on.  However, the specifics were NDA'ed on page 50, apparently by CCP Manifest:
[["Sorry", declares CCP Manifest, "it’s hot-drop NDA o’clock on this prototype!"]]
But Poetic managed to dig up a video that was apparently shown to a Russian player get-together back in May:

The interesting bit starts at 9:06, so jump forward to there.  More detail is available on Poetic's blog, but the basics is that the demo shows a very primitive avatar exploring what is apparently a Sleeper station in wormhole space.  It's an intriguing idea!  And it'd be one hell of a buff for w-space.  Go out and read Poetic's post on the subject.

I've been chatting with another player -- and I'm not going to release her character name at this time, just in case -- that blogs under the name Mary Titor.  This player used the API to really dig into how many players are taking advantage of the faction warfare profits I wrote about last week.  When she asked me how many people I guessed were doing this, I ventured the guess that it was "low-three figures per faction" and that turns out to be pretty accurate.  Fair warning: Mary's document is long, but the overall analysis is very interesting stuff.  And that would be good enough.

But then she takes it a step farther and lays down a plan wherein a corp or small alliance could really game the system to make some pretty serious LP profits.  I don't think that any corp or alliance will actually take the advice: it's hard to follow someone else's dream.  But the premise sure is interesting!  And the document ends with a few suggestions for how to get this LP feast under control without hurting players too much.  Interesting stuff!  If you're at all interested in this FW money-maker, I suggest you go out and read it.

Finally, the Nosy Gamer, who alternately goes by NoizyGamer when blogging, has shown himself to be the blogging expert for analyzing CCP's actions with regard to botting.  He's written a whole series of posts on this topic lately.  But for my money, one he wrote on 9 August is one of the most interesting, looking into how CCP uses hardware-level bans to keep the same player from simply starting up the botting train with a new account when the old one gets banned.  Again, quite interesting stuff and if you have an interest in the topic of fighting bots, I suggest you add the Nosy Gamer to your reading list.

There have been lots of interesting blog posts in August, I think, but those were the ones that have really caught my attention lately...


  1. I've been reading a bit of the Space Noob's early stuff and it seems rather fishy. In his Day One post he refers to all sorts of mechanics that most new players wouldn't initially pick up on like falloff.

    It wouldn't surprise me if this was a CCP marketing blog, but I'm optimistic since his story with EVE closely mirrors my own experience.

    1. Hey! I'm Space Noob, not Space Daft. In any game with guns you are going to learn about range soon enough. I'm a Space Noob, but not a noob gamer.

      Day One is also a compilation of two days and some poor writing. One of my first blog posts ever (I can't remember what order I wrote that and the Preface in). It was all a bit sketchy at the start.

      Jester, thanks for the nice review by the way!

    2. To be fair, he didn't write the day one post on day one.

    3. to be honest, the troll got me baited and hooked. I went to check out his first day blog and wondered "well, if it is going to be fishy space noob would have 'taken something for granted' in his stats"

      What i did read was some numbers that checks out ingame as just being 'optimal range' and nothing fancy nor was there anything taken for granted by someone pretending to be a n00b (and lord knows we know of amateur spies/thieves who win bad acting awards)

      "all sorts of mechanics," eh? thanks ANONYMOUS troll. *rollseyes* It pays to take someone with a grain of salt but PLEASE try to be a bit more exhaustive in your 'proof' space n00b's faking it. lol

      btw, i just happened to find a really cool video about
      "guns" and "range" yesterday:

    4. who cares if hes fishy or not
      his blog is entertaining, should be plenty for anyone

  2. One of the reasons I'm such an ardent fan of EVE is that I suffer from motion sickness in first person games, even gently paced ones like the Hitman and Thief series'. The thought of EVE being contaminated with first person elements makes me nauseous. -- Although, thinking on it, extra vehicular exploration was alluded to in the Fanfest Cinematic trailer.
    I guess I'll just have to chalk it up to the new developments column that I'm not looking forward to.

  3. I knew this was what CCP has been working
    towards. A real immersive multilevel game. 1st, 2nd & 3rd person immersion...

    Very ambitious... =]

  4. Fascinating, FPS in EVE makes me think about squads of dust514 people being brought up and attacking and conquering a POS anchored around a planet in null defended by EVE players, automatic guns and AI guards... The possibilities are endless... :))

  5. Jester, please give my regards to Mary Titor. Please invite her to get in touch with me as soon as possible, I very much would like to hear what else she has to say about Faction Warfare in particular. I'd be happy to speak to her anonymously as Mary, I don't care what she calls herself we can still talk shop. Thanks for the wonderful links! If you need any contact info for me to give to Mary, let me know.

  6. Huehuehue you called Poetic a gurl. He's a dude, dude. #unimportant

  7. Jester, would you mind to do kind of Eve blogs review, say, every month or two weeks? With notes on the blogposts that caught your attention?


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