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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Exploration Tengu revisits the KOTW

So, back in October, I linked this goofy little Tengu fit that I tagged as being useful for "exploration."  But of course, the 410m3 cargo bay and the various advantages the Strat Cruiser class ship has make it ideal for running gate-camps into ORE space in Outer Ring.  Once there, there are a number of BPOs and skill books that are only seeded in the ORE stations there that you can run back to Empire for a nice profit.

When it was announced there would be two specialty ice-mining rigs as part of today's Inferno 1.2 patch, I speculated to my alliance-mates that the BPOs for these two rigs might only be seeded in Outer Ring.  After all, they were mining-specialized.  Why not make them ORE BPOs?  So a bunch of the EUTZ Rote Kapelle guys decided to camp the Outer Ring entrances this morning.  When I woke up, I was sad to see that the rig BPOs were not ORE exclusives and are seeded across Empire.  No worries, said the EUTZ guys, we're already here and camping anyway.  Rote Kapelle almost never camps gates and I guess they were having fun at the diversion.

"OK," I told them.  "Who knows, maybe someone will try to get in to get a Procurer BPO now that they're actually worthwhile.  Catch a cloaky Tengu for me."

So they did.

And I've got to say that I was sad to see this very low-budget version of my fit.  Shame on you, Harzinn.  ;-)

Teasing aside, this version leaves out the most important part of the fit: a 100MN Afterburner.  If you're going to try to run gate-camps, it really is essential.  And this kill-mail proves it.  If you come through the gate and find it camped to this extent, don't try to cloak and don't try to slip away.  Just crash back to the gate first on MWD, then on that AB.  That's what it's there for.


  1. Laughs, yes I want to try the 100mn AB as well.. maybe even tonight. Not that i got the rocket fit but otherwise great.

  2. I'm sure there's a lesson in there for tl;dr and FOTW, but sadly this lesson is in the last paragraph of the post :D

  3. http://www.rotekapelle.com/killboard/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=71818

    This was the more impressive kill. 2.8 Billion is always nice. Especially when the retarded faction strip miners drop.

  4. Yeah, figured this sort of thing would happen after Inferno 1.2 went live and all of the Hulk pilots who don't read Jester and don't follow the devblogs/forums went "WTF happened to my Hulk?"

    We picked up our Procurer and Retriever BPOs a month ago, guessing that plenty of folks would now be camping gates from ORE space to high sec.

  5. The ecm burst did work though, and it gave us a good 'WTF' moment. Fortunately we had fast locks with tackle plenty.
    I agree that had he combined that with a 100mn AB he probably would have made it back to the gate, as it took quite some time to eat through the buffer.


  6. this is what I like best about Jester's posts. His fits. Not that the other stuff isn't entertaining however the fits are were it's at.

  7. I was thinking about going to these ORE stations myself & exchange my Incursion LP ( think its a .4 conversion though ) to get some stuff... do people have alot of ORE LP or is it now mostly Concord LP exchanges?
    FYI the Wall of OTAs seems of have been broken I hope lo/null sec starts investigating the profitability of Incursions again
    ~Darth Nefarious

  8. I was planning a Tengu like that so I'm happy it came up on your blog.

    I put the dead Tengu to EFT and it says 3.5sec align time, 4 secs warpout time. I guess the round number comes from the 1 seconds update interval of the server.

    It's not at all easy to create a 3 secs warpout Tengu, that provides much smaller window for being decloaked. I *assume* it's much harder to catch it as it gives less time for decloaking and taking point. Is that true?

    Taking it to extreme, can a 2 sec warpout Tengu be captured at all?

    1. Yes - align speed won't matter if it jumps straight into a bubble.

      For this particular kill I have no idea whether a bubble was used - no interdictors or HICs on the kill, but that wouldn't rule out an anchorable bubble - or if the RK team was good enough/the pilot was bad enough to get decloak and tackle on him before he entered warp. With that short an align time though I'd lean towards a bubble.

      In general if you do find yourself jumping into a bubble camp with interceptors with drones out then even in a cloaky your best bet is to dive back to the gate and try and get out of the system that way, hence the 100mn AB (won't shut down when you get warp scrammed, which the MWD will do)


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