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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July junk drawer

Welcome to the junk drawer, part of a series of monthly posts in which I dump all the stuff that I couldn't develop into full blog posts this path month...


I got some questions last month about some of the character tools that I reference from time to time, so I thought I'd point to them and give a shout-out to each.  This is mostly for you newer players, though the vets out there might appreciate these links as well.  These are great tools: bookmark them!

First up is eveboard.com.  Sign up for this one and you can put your EVE character sheets on either public display for all to see, or you can password protect them so that only the people to whom you give the password can see them.  This is quite useful when you go to buy or sell a character.  But it's even more useful for asking about skill training advice from corp- or alliance-mates.

Related to this is this character appraiser tool, which is the best tool for buying, selling, or apprasing EVE characters that I've seen to date.  It does a great job of estimating not only the value of characters based on skill-points, but also incorporates adjustments for security status, how the SP is spent, value of the skill books purchased, implants, and a few other factors.  It's a great piece of work, and I've found it to be quite accurate!  And happily, if you want you can push an eveboard character straight into it.

Last in this category is evewho.com.  Anyone who ever wondered who was in the corp that just war-dec'ed them will find this tool to be a life-saver (maybe literally).  Search for characters, corporations, or alliances in this one and you will be presented with accurate character lists as well as character corp histories that are very useful for cross-referencing.  It really is a "must-have" link for any situation where you want to know more about a given character, corp, or alliance in EVE.


Whew!  That's the only big item in the junk drawer.  The rest are small notes, mostly unrelated to each other.

Message to Kil2: I've said this before, but you need to internalize it.  You compete by being better, not by bitching that you're being competed with.

I found this "blog" rather hysterical.  Go read it if you want a laugh.  Casinos make a profit?  Rilly?  On my planet?  Whodathunk it?  I'm shocked... shocked!

Status of the CSM Minutes?  Well, they're supposed to be released "this week" and "before the weekend".  That last is from Seleene.(1)  Needless to say, I'll likely be covering them pretty extensively.  Word has it they're up to 165 pages!  Sheesh!

Kind of a one-off, but blogger Tippis has done a great study on CONCORD response times under a variety of situations.  Interesting stuff!  Go read it.


Two random Alliance Tournament notes.

Are you interested in how much ISK it takes to make a serious run at the Alliance Tournament?  The Rote Kapelle AT10 guy that handled our finances and logistics, Namamai, agreed to make our particular finance spreadsheet public.  So there you go if you'd like to check it out.  All told, our budget was about 80 billion ISK... which incidentally is about half the ISK that Pandemic Legion put into that match against us.  ;-)

It's depressing to be poor, I guess.  Happily, we didn't spend it all.  Thanks to Namamai for doing all that work!  God knows I'm glad I didn't have to...

Second AT note.  For those of you that remember that classic Finals Day match between Exodus and Agony Empire... you know the one with the ridiculous Agony shield spider... here's a video that has Exodus comms for the match.  It's really quite amusing!  The video, unfortunately, is from the Exodus Damnation pilot's perspective, so there isn't much to see.  But the audio itself is rather classic.


And that's it for the junk drawer for the month.  Not a whole lot in there.  Most of it went into actual posts.

(1) As I was doing the final editing pass on this post, I noticed Seleene wrote a blog post.


  1. The gemblog site actually has an older version of jacknife. There's more recent versions around.

  2. Good Junk Drawer entry. Only have 1 issue with one of the character tools you advertised.

    Gemblog is nowhere near accurate on estimates of character value. Nowhere NEAR accurate unless you have a very low SP character.

    I have sold off several pilots I have trained and run up some standings with over the last year or so. Gemblog gives an estimate of around 4.5B for 22M sp for a tengu pilot.
    22M sp is roughly a years training with, say, +3 implants.

    Now, the value, IMHO, of a pilot is the actual ISK value spent on training. A years worth of training at PLEX value is roughly 6B, then add in the cost of skillbooks. Then add in the cost of learning implants. Factor in any DPS or Grid or "fitting CPU" implants. You have over 7B in cost.

    Thats actual ISK spent. Next comes the bit of a rough part in determining additional value. The Standings of a pilot with various NPC corp's has to have certain value. I don't have a mathematical computation on how to figure that but there should be. None the less, the value of the standings the pilot has should raise the value along with the actual isk spent.

    Gemblog takes NONE of the above into consideration when calculating the "value" of a character.

    Too many players are underestimating the value of their pilots and the player who knows what a pilot is worth won't say anything about it.

    So far as I am concerned Gemblog is a noob scam tool for the pilots "in the know" to use against those who don't

  3. Correction on my previous post. Gemblog DOES take into account the learning implants slots 1-5.

    However it does NOT recognize slot 6-10 implants. Nor does it take into account Clones and any implants in them. All of my clones have a total of 4B in implants not assessed by Gemblog. I have 5 clones all with various DPS and other implants in them. Gemblog says NOTHING about them.

    My 40m SP character is assessed at 7.5B by gemblog. THATS a JOKE. I have standings and access to L4's with at least 4 NPC corps, multi billions in implants...etc. Yet 7.5B? I think NOT. Too many things it doesnt look at means it's not worth it

  4. I'd love to hear the comms from Agony

  5. About the Blink tinfoil hattery blog, I pretty much agree with your dismissal completely. I did find the % that gets converted back to credit interesting, though with no source (in fact the site links to an EVE-O thread in which one of the Somer guys say it's the work of someone who basically tried to blackmail them which calls into question everything on there) it's hard to say whether it's made up or not.

    The one thing I'd like to chip in as a blinker is that I do suspect that Somer have bots playing as well, as there seem to be 2 or 3 characters around at any given time who will enter blinks for pretty much anything regardless of cost. Their profiles show lots of blinks along the same lines, IE totally random.

    What I haven't seen is any sort of evidence that their system biases itself in favour of those characters - you're just as likely to win whether all the other slots are purchased by humans or if some go to blink bots. As such even if Somer are using such a method to increase their profits (Obviously bots aren't going to cash out prizes) I have no problem blinking myself.

    It's also possible that the players I assume to be bots are just addicts who've dumped lots of ISK into Blink and buy in on everything because they're junkies, but given the choice I'd actually prefer they were AI rather than people who're that badly hooked.

    1. hahaa...reminds me of the popeye movie with robin williams starring. had this mechanical horse racing betting scam that was hilarious

  6. thanks for the concord response times. yeah, i've noticed in a 0.7 system with concord pulled i have a 15 second window of opportunity.

    course, it's a bit different now being -3.5 sec status and that adds the sarum police into it too. gonna have to test that. makes hotboxing real sketchy

  7. This just happened but I think it deserves your attention if for no other reason than its a CSM member cheating


    1. Just because the lemmings at Reddit say Hans is cheating, doesn't mean he is cheating. Turns out they just don't understand game mechanics. But if you try to point that out to them, you'll get immediately downvoted so most of them won't learn the truth.

    2. http://www.eve-search.com/thread/1337444-0/page/1

      I'm having some difficulty seeing how taking advantage of a long-standing game mechanic is "cheating".

  8. Thanks for the evewho shoutout :)
    -- Squizz

  9. You should not have included the character appraiser. If you spend some time (i.e. a month or more) closely monitoring character sales, you'll note that the appraiser consistently undervalues characters. It's a tool invented and promulgated by several of the older character sellers. You can think of it as similar to generating a buy order, rather than a sell order. They're looking to restrict value for a better buy.


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