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Friday, August 24, 2012

Kill of the Week: Perfect storm

I hate to pick on my old alliance, but this one really is a perfect storm.  Of dumb:

Let's see if we can catalog all the mental errors involved in this loss mail.  Because there's several of them.

We'll start with this thread on the EVE Online forums.  Homo Enigmaticus, the pilot involved in this loss mail, was advertised there as a near-perfect Titan pilot.  Gallente Titan V, Doomsday Operation V, JDC V, Capital Hybrid Turret V, and lots of very nice Leadership skills, including Fleet Command IV.  80 million SP all told, and if the buyer over-paid a bit at 35 billion, it's a dumb but forgivable error.  There aren't a lot of near-perfect Titan pilots for sale, after all, and it's a purchase you only have to make once.  But then the buyer, Anoxim Acore, makes the dumb and unforgivable error of buying the character with his main.

Guys, when you buy a super-cap pilot, use an alt.  You're not required to advertise to your enemies exactly who your Titan pilots are before he even sits down in the thing.  Needless to say, any serious potential enemy FC of LAWN likely logged this transaction right away and added the pilot to their watch lists.

Amusingly enough, Hellakhanasos in that same thread predicts the future (edited for clarity):
Don't sell to CFC scrub, dishonour will come to the character & character's family and it will be used by a noob =(
Good call.

Next up, it seems clear from what I've heard from a couple of old LAWN friends that this guy was on public comms declaring his intent to jump his Titan into supposedly friendly space.  Next pro-tip: if you're not part of a fleet, nobody needs to know you're moving your super-cap but you.  If you can afford a Titan, you can afford a cyno alt to scout out the system and there's no need to tell everyone what you're planning.  It's now also pretty clear that LAWN's comms were compromised and the moment this pilot declared his intent to jump his Titan, NCdot started putting together a tackle op.

Had this guy scouted the system in question himself, he might have noticed that the system was badly compromised.  Apparently, he didn't bother.  It's OK, it's not like he had any warning, like another friendly Titan dying in supposedly friendly territor-- owait.

So, why was it so important to jump into this compromised system?  themittani.com's coverage of the incident says:
He actually jumped into the system deliberately to bridge 13 bros in subcaps out. It was not a misclick.
Gods, I hope that's a troll.

If you're curious which news site has the better coverage of this incident, that would be EVE News 24, which has not only the art and the key details, it has a video of the kill.  It also has a bit of Local chat porn:
[00:26:06] anoxim_acore> IM TAACKLED
[00:26:09] anoxim_acore> IN QPO
[00:26:13] anoxim_acore> NEED HELP
[00:26:32] Venetian Tar> ping the dudes with stars
[00:26:33] anoxim_acore> please
[00:26:36] anoxim_acore> HELP
[00:27:53] anoxim_acore> HELP
[00:27:57] anoxim_acore> IM TACKLED
[00:28:16] anoxim_acore> IM IN QPO
Everyone, warp to anoxim... owait.

Congrats on the very nice kills, NCdot!  I'm very jealous.


  1. There is one thing about your reasoning I don't get. Mind you, I've never done character trasnfers, so maybe there's a detail there that I don't know.

    You said that it's an unforgivable error to buy the character via your main. I agree that it's probably an error, just because it's always better to leave as few tracks as possible. But, you say that Titan pilots of that caliber are so rarely up for sale, and that an NC. FC surely added the character to their watchlist. If those types of character sales are so rare, wouldn't a good FC watchlist any such potentially important character anyway? And just check a couple of days later in which alliance it ended up? In which case it wouldn't matter whether a main or alt bought it?

    1. You generally limit your watch lists to the Titan pilots of your enemies. You can't have EVERY Titan pilot on your watch list.

      Granted, the buyer of this Titan pilot wouldn't have remained obscure for very long, but if it buys you a few days or weeks, it's worth it to run the sale through an alt.

  2. Now I can die in peace. Despite the countless comments on my titan plans, I'll definitely hadn't be the dumbest titan pilot of history.

    Just someone please explain me how could this *creature* get 100B for titan and 30B for char? I can't imagine him trading profitably.

    1. Don't worry Gevlon once you get your Titan we're sure you'll somehow out dumb this guy due to your years of Eve inexperience ;)
      PS: I hear Mittens is a great 'third party' for the purchases of Titans due to his luv for all Pubbies

    2. The obvious answer Gevlon is then that he doesn't trade, and has made hundreds of billions in other ways. Blows your mind, doesn't it?

    3. Anoxim was very active in the various Incursion fleet channels. Blitz Fleet and Ditanian Fleet. Possibly ISN as well. He was running them virtually every day that I saw for around a year or so.

    4. Don't be ridiculous Znybar - the only wan you can make money in eve is to trade. Gevlon says so. All other possible modes of generating profit are sub optimal. His 100b makes him the most experienced and successful eve trader in history.

    5. Yummy Tears the original anoxim_acore I flew with ( and talked to last night though an alt ) sold anoxim_acore toon after the Escalation nerf. I think the guy that bought her bought it with TECHnetium ISK so he's probably some rich CFC director. anoxim_acore's alt told me his char he sold was around 180 days from properly flying a Titan

  3. I am curious. Did a little bit of calculations and it seems that a perfect Titan pilot would be worth 21.5 bil only in skillbooks and PLEX invested (a little over 1293 days of training for perfect leadership skills + elite certificates and stuffs) and clocks at about 65.6m SP.

    So why is 35 bil a rip-off from the part of the seller?

    I don't fly caps at all, but I love theorycrafting. Don't really see anything wrong with the kill either, the more caps die, the better imho.

    1. The buyer only got 2.28m skill points per billion spent. That's pretty low. Three to four is more typical. Five is a good deal.

    2. The buyer was using TECH ISK so he could throw it around like a space rich CSM7 member

  4. Hurry up and get your Titan so you can show us all how it's done instead of talking about it.

    1. The day I have a Titan is the day someone likes my blog so much they give me a Titan. I'm not going to buy one.

      That day has not yet arrived.

    2. Jester, apologies, the comment was not directed at you, but at Gevlon. I must've derped on hitting the reply button on my iPhone.


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