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Sunday, August 26, 2012


These are just funny:

As I understand it, Transmission Lost was working on a POS in this wormhole with three capital ships floating free inside it (here's the POS KM).  Leaving capital ships inside a POS's shield bubble is pretty typical in w-space.  The defending corp apparently wasn't able or willing to defend the POS itself.  Once the POS was down, just for laughs the Transmission Lost guys all acquired and got into Velators to kill the three capital ships.  Why not capture them?  I assume because WH guys are rich enough?  More seriously J111603, where the ships died, is a class 3 WH and to my knowledge you can't remove capital ships from them.  So unless you want to leave them there, you don't have many choices: you blow them up or you self-destruct them yourself.  Besides, capital ships dying to Velators gets written about.  Capturing capital ships?  Not so much.  ;-)

Anyway, the pilot of one of the capital ships apparently arrived and self-destructed one of the ships (a Thanatos) in time to prevent it appearing as a loss-mail.  According to Transmission Lost, the owner of the Nidhoggur and Naglfar also arrived but he decided differently.  He attempted to use the Nag to shoot down the Velators, unsuccessfully.  When the Nag died, he jumped into the Nid and tried to do the same thing and that didn't work any better... because all the carrier had aboard were fighters.


If the story is true, very cute!  Even if it isn't, these are a pair of pretty fun KMs.  Nice going, guys!


  1. The kill mails are true and the thanny was self destructed prior to the pilot trying to escape in an onyx and getting podded out of the hole. The remaining cap ships were destroyed unmanned by the velators for lol`s once the pos had been destroyed.

  2. You are correct, J111603 is a C3 system and thus there was no way out for those capitals ('systemlocked' as I normally say).

    BTW: seems like you folks had a nice little scrap with TALUN in a C3 a few days back: http://talun.eve-kill.net/?a=kill_related&kll_id=14423254

    Does this mean you folks are stretching out a bit, trying some new stuff on for size? :)

  3. The two capitals that died were never piloted while we were there. Wish they were though, that would have been fun. Everything else there is spot on though.

  4. They didn't capture the caps because of wormhole mass limits. Many corps build caps for sysdef, and that's it - they're entombed in home system. Sometimes the ships themselves are sold as part of a wormhole sale, passing to the new owners.

  5. Afaik, you can go C3->C4/C5/C6 with capital ships.
    And then from C5/C6 and to lowsec or nullsec with the capitals.
    But i think its 1 capital per WH.

    1. No you can't. All wormholes that can spawn in a C3 are too small for capitals, even if they lead to a C5/6.

    2. Your first point is incorrect. T405s are 300/2000 holes, and N770s and A982s are 300/3000, which means that no capital ships whatsoever are allowed.

      You are correct that the direct low/null wandering holes in C5/6 space do allow capital ships (1+subcaps RT or 3 one-way as they are always 1350/3000)

  6. The first part of your story is correct with the thanny pilot self-destructing his ship prior to being podded out of the w/h whilst trying to escape the pos in an onyx. The remaining Nidhoggur and Naglfar were destroyed unmanned due to the C3 w/h mass limitation stopping us piloting them out of the system. The use of velators was for lol's and suprisingly effective.


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