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Monday, August 6, 2012

We didn't listen

Just a quickie.

EVE News 24 has published the link to a long "State of the Alliance" meeting for NCdot now that they're facing eviction from the north by the CFC.  It's not really worth your time to listen to in full.  There's a few interesting tid-bits.  For instance, NCdot currently holds "80 or so" tech moons.  How is NCdot going to respond to the CFC eviction?  They're going to see if the CFC brings fights they can respond to.  If they do, NCdot plans to fight them.  If the CFC brings "a thousand dudes", then NCdot is going to ignore them (or perhaps harass them with bombers or nano-gangs).  NCdot expects to be hit by Goons and their pets, but they equally expect that TEST and PL will stay home.  We'll see.  Again, not really much to hear.

The interesting bit -- at least to me -- is that the NCdot response is actually a little bit... well... call me crazy, but their response is a little bit old-fashioned.  For instance, they provide instructions to their members about what ships should be kept in their home systems in H-W9TY and two other locations.  It's mentioned that if their home systems come under threat, only then will there be major evacuation ops.  A couple of NCdot members ask if they should move Titans and there doesn't seem to be much concern about that.  Hell, there's much bragging that they'd like to see the CFC come fight them and their Titans in a cyno-jammed system.  And sure, that's how things were done in the old days of a year or eighteen months ago.

You know, the last time NCdot fought a sov war.

What isn't mentioned at all is what happens if the CFC has a director-level spy in NCdot and simply flips the sovereignty of H-W or other NCdot home systems.  That is, after all, how several recent stations fell.  I've written about that before.  It also isn't mentioned what happens if the CFC decides to hell-camp the H-W station 23.5/7 with dozens of large tech 2 bubbles.  That's been done several times recently as well.  At no point is it mentioned that maybe NCdot should stage their stuff in the NPC system H-PA29 only a few jumps away from H-W9TY.  At no point does anyone wonder what happens if the Goons bring in 500 Tengus and blap all the cyno-jammers in all of NCdot's systems in one night.

As I said, the NCdot response is rather old-fashioned.  That's all I have to say about it.  I don't expect this is going to be much of a war, but maybe NCdot will surprise me.


  1. Having watched Tribute fall out from under us in Morsus, I definitely enjoy seeing the same uberblob threat rearing itself against NCdot. Excepting that I wish such blobs didn't exist in the first place.

  2. Ah, that explains the recent jump freighter convoys evacuating assets to Otsasai.

  3. ;) Look at the fights they brought to RvB because of the Mate wars ... a RR BS Gang first and after the ganked roam they send like 50 Tengus and 20 Logis ... little strange .. Greetings Lasse

  4. I can add a bit of information on the old fashion tactics from NCdot.

    In "Mate Wars" with RVB they brought a RR BS fleet to fight this month.

    Everyone in RVB was with a feeling of being back to 2010.

  5. I'm not really expecting it to last long either. Probably going to move onto other things (in eve) after this all wraps up. We'll see though.

  6. I don't think that TEST and PL will come to help.
    They have their hands more than full in Delve. Maybe noone noticed yet...but that is how it is. I guess they will have to batphone the CFC too, to help them out (yet again).

  7. I think it's a bit harsh to rag on someone for an old technique. If they fought the whole war with RR BS fair enough, slate them. But if someone tries an unusual doctrine for just one or two fights props to them.

    As for RvB I think no one from nullsec would have done well against them. The game quite rightly gives some utility to newbies so that a vast swarm of newbies with a core of expert vets is dangerous to any out-numbered subcap fleet.

    In some ways the 50 tengu and 20 logis (which is completely in line with modern fleet doctrines, goons have similar doctrine as does -A-) was more risky. If RvB had dropped a fleet full of frigates plus a fleet full of Blackbirds they could have killed a much more expensive fleet.

  8. Yesterday we (cfc) tried a frigate gang bubling some of their stations. They immediatly undocked 5 carriers. Was the same thing on delve4 last year wuth nulli and co.

  9. NCdot is well infiltrated and will be coming down soon enough. Patience. It is a matter of waiting until the optimal amount of assets can be effectively concentrated and seized.


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