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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What to do

I'm a big fan of this little site which is a giant clickable graphic of many (most? all?) of the game play options in EVE Online.

This blog has never really been about "what I do in EVE".  Sure, I've written about it when I was running for CSM but this isn't the sort of blog where you show up and find out what I've been doing this week.  Ain't my thing.  There are lots of blogs for that.  Still, I thought it might be amusing to make a big list of all the things in the WTD site and then document the ones I've tried, how often I play EVE that way myself, and when the last time I did this or that thing in EVE was.

So that's below.  Consider this a post that kind of informs my perspective on EVE Online and where I'm coming from.  For reference, I normally operate with one main income source and one supplemental income source.  For the table below, "most recently" represents the most recent time I engaged in that activity.  "For how long" is either how long I engaged in that activity, or for ones I'm doing today, how long I've been doing it for.  For activities I engage in today, "How frequently" is how often I engaged in them.  For obsolete activites, "How frequently" is how often I engaged in them when I did so.

CategoryActivityDone?    Most recently    How longHow frequently
PvEWormhole sitesYesMid-2010Six monthsDaily(1)
PvEExploration/SignaturesYesToday/activeFour yearsEvery few months
PvEExploration/AnomaliesYesToday/activeFour yearsEvery few weeks
PvEFacWar/SignaturesYesToday/activeFew monthsEvery few days
PvERattingYesToday/activeFive yearsEvery few days(2)
PvEIncursionsYes2012One yearEvery few months(3)

PvEMissions/StandardYesLate 2011Four yearsAlmost daily(4)

PvEMissions/Epic arcsNo


PvEMissions/SalvagingYesLate 2011Four yearsAlmost daily(6)
PvEMissions/R&DYesToday/activeThree yearsPassive income

PvEMissions/Ninja salv    Yes2010Few months     Almost never
PvPGate-campingYes2012Three yearsEvery few weeks
PvPRoaming gangsYesToday/activeFour yearsAlmost daily(7)

PvPSuicide gankingYes2010One monthAlmost daily(8)
PvPNinja lootingYesToday/activeThree yearsAlmost daily
PvPContract scammingNo

PvPTrade window scamsNo

PvPCorp theftNo

PvPPsychological warfareYesToday/activeTwo yearsAlmost daily
PvPRatter/bot huntingYes2011Two yearsEvery few weeks(9)
PvPCan flippingNo

PvPCorp spyingNo

PvPScoutingYes2011Two yearsEvery few days
PvPSolo PvPYes2012Two yearsEvery few weeks
PvPWardec griefingNo

PvPRed vs BlueNo

PvPFaction warfareYesLate 2009Eight monthsEvery day(10)
PvPMercenary contractsNo

PvPStructure bashingYesMid 2011One yearEvery few days
PvPHomeland defenseYesToday/activeTwo yearsAlmost daily
PvPSov warYesMid 2011Two yearsAlmost daily
MiningAsteroid beltsYes2012Five yearsAlmost daily(11)
MiningGrav sitesYes2010Six monthsAlmost daily(12)
MiningMission oreYes2010One yearEvery few weeks
MiningIce beltsYes2011Two yearsEvery few weeks
MiningLADAR sites (gas)Yes2010Six monthsEvery few days(12)

MiningPlanetary interactionYesToday/active18 monthsPassive income
IndustryStation tradingYes2011Two yearsEvery few months
IndustryMarket manipulationYes2012Two yearsEvery few weeks

IndustryReprocessingYes2011Three yearsEvery few weeks(9)
IndustryBlueprint researchYesToday/activeTwo yearsDaily
IndustryT1 manufacturingYesToday/activeTwo yearsDaily
IndustryT2 inventionYesToday/activeTwo yearsDaily
IndustryT2 manufacturingYesToday/activeTwo yearsDaily(7)(14)
IndustryT3 manufacturingNo

IndustryCapital manufacturingNo

IndustryCOSMOS manufacturingNo

Industry  Drug manufacturingNo

HaulingNPC goods tradingYes2009Two yearsDaily(15)
HaulingCourier contractsYes2009Two yearsDaily(15)
HaulingLow-sec/null logisticsYes2012Two yearsEvery few months
PlayerCreate corpsNo

PlayerPvP tournamentsYes2012TwiceWeekly


PlayerCreate graphicsNo

PlayerWritingYesToday/activeTwo yearsAlmost daily(16)

Hm.  That was kind of diverting.  It certainly reminded me of a couple of things that I want to try in-game.  It also reminds you just how many options there are in EVE Online!  It surprises me how many things I haven't tried yet.  I think I'll do this kind of post once a year or so and see how things change over time.

(1) In 2010, this was my main income source.
(2) Today, I do this mostly for sec status.  In 2010 and early 2011, this was my supplemental income source.
(3) In late 2011, this was my supplemental income source.
(4) In 2009 and early 2010, this was my main income source.
(5) I've taken a lot of notes on this and plan to try it out.  Just haven't gotten around to it.
(6) With the most recent salvage nerf, I almost never salvage rat wrecks any more even outside of missions.
(7) I'd characterize this as one of my two main EVE play styles today.
(8) I tried this for a month almost every day, got bored with it, and stopped.  I prefer targets that shoot back.
(9) I need to go do some of this again.  It was fun and/or profitable.
(10) For that time period, this was my main EVE play style.
(11) In 2008, this was my main income source.  In 2009, it was my supplemental income source.  I've always found mining very relaxing.  I actually tried this with the new mining lasers early this year, just to see if it still was.  It was.
(12) This was confined to wormhole grav sites.
(13) Did this on Singularity for a while to get a feel for it.
(14) This is currently my main income source.
(15) This was my supplemental income source in 2008.
(16) This is currently my supplemental income source.


  1. Didn't see recruitment scams on the list, selling Bookmarks to WH's & cosmic signaturesis either.

  2. footnote 15. do i detect a Frog?

    1. Red Frog was formed in 2010. I was doing this in 2008 and 2009, as were a lot of other people. At that time, you could make pretty good ISK buying what are now PI products in one region and reselling them in another. As you plotted a route, you could often find player-set courier contracts to add to your cargo. At the time, I didn't have enough ISK to completely fill a freighter without doing this. ;-)

    2. Zaxix here, RFI has been moving packages since 2008. Which is why I asked!

    3. M'uva Wa'eva from Black Frog waves to Zaxix. :)

  3. Try COSMOS missions, full disclosure; I say that because they are poorly documented and if you were to write about them, I would surely come read that (and maybe give them a shot myself).


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