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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Censored comment on the QOTW

Just a quickie.

While I've been talking about CCP Ytterbium's post the last couple of days, I've only been talking about one question and answer (that happens to interest me).  Still, the rest of his post and the one immediately afterward, are well worth your time and I recommend you go out and give them a read if you're interested in the faction warfare topic.  Ytterbium has quite a lot to say about it.  But this little quote about the LP store code made me smile:
The main issue with that option is that the LP store is a terrible, confusing, horrible [Censored by the EVE Moderation Team] pile of [Censored by the EVE Moderation Team] dog [Censored by the EVE Moderation Team]. Here, I said it. The code is obsolete and it needs a serious back-end as well as external UI overhaul before we can touch it in such an advanced fashion. For example, clicking the same datacore offer 1000 times because there is no multi-buy option is to put it mildly, annoying. And yes, we know you, you and you over there have been doing it for hours, we have logs.
Yes.  Well put -- that bit about having the logs is priceless. It made me laugh, which is always a plus.  CCP takes itself so seriously most of the time that it's great to see someone that has a sense of humor about the occasional foible.  And that little problem with the LP store is one that I mentioned in my "Just the way it is" post in July and I'm glad to see that CCP recognizes the problem.

I'm sad to hear it's not a quick fix but you can't have everything...


  1. Solid post. I agree with your conclusion, specifically around refining - due to the volumes involved, unless the differential between high and low sec is HUGE, nothing will change and the price will just go up.

    I look forward to tomorrow's post though, as I do think high sec should be nerfed a bit to encourage more industry and markets in decentralized locations. How to do this though, is not an easy question.

  2. I do often feel sorry for CCP DEVs work loads...
    between Bust514 integration issues, pressures to add morefeatures in Winter, and old issues like the LP store interface they got alot on thier plates.

    But when I see the new issues they added with the UI and the NEOCOM I often think they did this to them selves.
    For the most part they are making 2 steps forward & 1 step back lately ( except with INCARNA that was a 2 steps backwards with mabe a half step forwards )

    1. what? feel sorry? for programmers? for game programmers? for game programmers who probably wouldn't give two farts if the real decision makers pulled the plug on eve? for game programmers who just came back from a huge summer vacation who probably wouldn't give two farts if the real de...

      oh wait

      so is this a trick question along the lines of "one train leaves station a at 500 km/hr and the other..."?

  3. holy shit...they have logs? actual working real life honest to god logs that actually exist in a world separate from GM land? *heart attack*


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