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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Kill of the Week: Jackpot

Number of dead super-caps this week: 2

Again, two super-caps dead this week and again both of them died in ganks rather than in real fights.  First to die was this AAA Citizens Nyx in Querious.  That one died to a TEST gank.  The pilot managed to use fighters to clear three hictors.  But there were two other hictors and two dictors and TEST brought in two Titans and seven super-caps to finish the gank.  Then on Saturday, this Goon Wyvern died in UMI as part of the Vile Rat tribute (most of its killers are blue, fittingly enough).

That brings me to this week's KOTW, and there's really only one thing I can pick:

There's not really anything else I can choose.  The value of the ship and the value and the highly salable nature of the drop probably makes this the kill of the month.  Still, there's not a lot I can say about the kill itself.  Under normal circumstances, Blockade Runners are all but uncatchable in low-sec.  This pilot made a pretty big mistake trying to move this large of a load in an non-nano-fit BR.  As I've said repeatedly, if you are getting ready to un-dock and you're not willing to lose your ship and everything in cargo, don't un-dock.  There are a half-dozen other ways to get this load to where it needed to go.

As to the loss itself, I'm sorely tempted to believe that this is a corp- or an alliance-level loss, not a personal one.  Overseer Effects of that level are dropped as the basic loot associated with mid- and high-level null-sec sites.  Almost a thousand such drops means a lot of these sites.  ;-)  The person doing the transport did one thing sorta right: 0920 when the gank took place is a pretty quiet time in EVE (though I can attest that 0430 is better).

But the remarkable thing about the Loki is that a cloaky-fit Loki can be fit in such a way as to have an extremely high Scan Res (1600 to 1800, depending on how many sacrifices you wish to make).  It can also easily be fit to do 450 DPS, which is far higher than the other cloaky ships and cloaky Strategic Cruisers.  While the ship won't have the best tank ever, it will have one sufficient to gank a high-value target and then get off the gate.  That makes such a ship an ideal low-sec assassin.  In this case, this person was in a pipe which makes this sort of kill easier.  Use neutral alts to see what's coming from both sides, the Loki gets on the appropriate gate, and you cross your fingers.

Sometimes you hit the jackpot.  ;-)  Congrats to InspireOne on the excellent kill!


  1. Good Lord!

    How on Earth could a group trust 47B worth of loot to this failure?

    It's really true that industry is so undervalued in low/null that every retard who cares to learn the related ships gets the job due to lack of competition.

    1. pretty sure jester's never posted a smuggler fit. here's mine i've been tweaking for years and it's survived gate crashing a bubble camp in curse:

      [smuggler, any type]
      covert ops cloaky (duh)
      10mn afterburner tech2
      adaptive invuln tech2
      large meta4 shield extender (or tech2 if you can)
      damage control tech2
      2 'halcyon' warp core stabs
      1 medium polycarbon rig
      1 medium anti-em screen rig

      That's about my standard fit...i'm really kind of semi positive that armor tanking bonus is CCP being DERP

  2. best quote from evekill comments: "how to cloak even with lag!

    SPAM WARP BUTTON, when it says 'CANNOT DO THAT WHILE WARPING' PRESS CLOAK. The way the timestamps work it is virtually impossible to get locked this way."

  3. "It can also easily be fit to do 450 DPS, which is far higher than the other cloaky ships and cloaky Strategic Cruisers"

    Psst: Cloaky proteus >550 DPS. Not for catching cloaky ships on gates though due to lack of mids for SeBos.

  4. btw, i know about (1) max speed (2) microwarp (3) cloak technique, but i've found that's great for covert ops stuff but professional gate campers are really REALLY good at uncloaking these days and they get lots of practice.

    It's just that after the nanonerf MWD became vulnerable to scrams - and every gate camper has a damned scram if they're good at their jobs (if they're useless you've already gotten away from the camp laughing) ...and if you're intelligent you plan your fit based on the best they can throw at you (and still hope to live)...I find gate crashing to be my number one survival trick against competent gate crashers when i fly cloaky transports (which is alot cuz i'm a griefbear)

  5. I recognise that Loki. I got aggressed by the same guy in the same ship on the same gate in a Prowler with a nearly identical fit. The difference?
    1) My cargo was only about 100 mill - I was flying what I CAN afford to lose
    2) I had a second Invuln II instead of the Cap recharger
    3) when I got decloaked I burned for the gate instead of trying to warp off

    What difference did that make? I got out at 25% shields.

  6. The funniest fact is that he most likely passed three concord stations in Aridia which all have NPC buy orders for that stuff.


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